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The Importance of On-time Order Delivery For E-commerce Business

Perhaps the most important issue that customers concern about is time. A company’s adherence to delivery dates is an essential factor that decides the success of the company in an industry. Those who cannot meet their delivery date have little chance of long-term success. Just as important as in Magento e-commerce companies, the obedience to the delivery schedule is one of the most imperative factors influencing the success of the companies’ reliability, reputation, and prestige.

Simply speaking, on-time delivery is the ability of businesses to meet the customers’ demands and deliver the services or products to the customer punctually.

No one can deny the definite benefits that the on-time delivery brings about. "You have to deliver on your promise," said Clarus Marketing Group CEO Tom Caporaso. "Regardless of all the benefits that might be in the program, you say it’s going to be there in two days, it's got to be there in two days. You start to disappoint your consumers, they're ultimately not going to retain." Thus, the significance of on-time delivery cannot be denied.On-time delivery has become a key principal of a company because of many reasons.

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Increase reputation

The so-called “brand image of the product” can be more beautiful in customers’ mind when the product is delivered to them on time. The constantly promises gradually build up on customers the trust on the company. Their satisfaction tends to drive them to share their trusted products with on-time delivery on the network. Overall, the prestige of the company is upgraded.

Broaden relationships

With new customers, they can easily switch their buying power to other companies if they are disappointed with one e-commerce company’s offerings. Punctual delivery is extremely important, as it is the first impression, which is fundamental in any circumstance. The first direct interaction between a new customer and the company is the delivery. The e-commerce company that fails to keep the promise to give the products to customers on time finds it difficult to carry out other transactions with the customers because the buyers already have a bad impression of the company’s late delivery. Meanwhile, qualified products and services going along with on-time delivery help e-commerce companies to turn them from potential customers into true-friend ones.

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Encourage customer confidence

When delivered shipments are late, e-commerce clients automatically fall into skepticism and doubts referring to the troublesome delivery date schedule of the company. Worse still, the late delivery affects company business or reliability to someone else. The customers then lose confidence in the business that fails to deliver their shipments on time. In the meantime, with strict schedule obedience, the e-commerce companies gain more customers that have trust in these companies and tend to practice more transactions down the road.

Raise profits

The broadened relationships and the increase in customer confidence in the companies definitely promote the business of the companies. As a result, the revenue and profits are on the upward trend.

Improve efficiency

The on-time delivery helps the e-commerce companies to stimulate liquidity process and get customer equity that feeds up cash flow within the companies. One e-commerce company that always keeps delivery promises assesses that the company is using its resources efficiently. When all resources are totally used with minimum costs and customer equity is early achieved is when their company performs effectively.

The bottom line

To keep up good business relationships with their customers and to avoid unexpected chargeback fees, e-commerce companies, in general, Magento businesses, in particular, should recognize the essentiality of ensuring that their shipments are delivered on time. It is recommended that e-commerce companies should build up a clear and detailed delivery schedule or set up a schedule software and programs to manage deliveries effectively. Magento Order Delivery Date extension will be an idead solution in this case when it helps customers to flexibly select their own delivery date and time. Let's checkout how this extension can function for your website!

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    I like how you mentioned that the first interaction between a company and customer is with the delivery. That would make it all the more important to give off a good impression. That would definitely improve the likelihood of the customer using the service again.

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