Top 10 Best-seller Extensions of BSSCommerce in 2017

Top 10 Best-seller Extensions of BSSCommerce in 2017

Top 10 Best-seller Extensions of BSSCommerce in 2017

The year 2017 is coming to an end. This is time for BSS Commerce to look back and summarize our business after a year. In today articles, we would like to show you our 10 best-seller Magento extensions in 2017 which were picked up based on transactions and customer reviews. We hope you enjoy it!

1. Defer Javascript Extension for Magento 1

Loading speed of a page leaves the first impression on visitors, making them decide to stay longer or not. However, the default Magento 1 is known for having problems with speed and performance degrading over time. Therefore, this bestseller Magento extension by BSSCommerce is undoubtedly the preferable choice for any stores as it handles all these problems well.
The main features of this extension include:

  • Automatically put JavaScript files to the end of the page after loading all HTML and CSS.
  • Delay loading Iframes of embed sites until finishing loading your site.
  • Boost site ranking.
  • The site is more attractive with high speed of execution and rendering.
  • Work well with Full Page Cache module

2. Multiple Store View Pricing Extension for Magento 1

This Magento extension by BSS Commerce is perfectly designed for any store owners who are running multiple store views. This helps manage price policies easily by showing different prices and currencies for each store views or even customer groups. Consequently, businesses can improve customer experience on their sites as well as increase revenue.


Let’s see how this extension works in your Magento stores once installing:

  • Easily customize different prices and tier prices for the same product in multiple store views.
  • Set up a base currency for easy checkout.
  • Allow customers to check out by the base currency.
  • Show product price on both category page and product page.

3. Checkout Custom Field Extension for Magento 2

Knowing customers’ insights has always been a big concern of any store sellers. Therefore, this extension for Magento 2 stores is a useful tool to collect customer feedbacks, information which helps build up a better marketing campaign and improve their current services.


This extension comes with:

  • Easily create custom fields in any step of the checkout page and to any specific store view to let customers fill in.
  • Modify these fields with different types of questions and its display on the checkout page.
  • Show custom field results in email and PDF document after checkout.
  • Conveniently manage custom field in backend grid.

4. Wholesale Fast Order Extension for Magento 1

Simplify your buying process by reducing your time and effort on adding each product to cart manually with our Magento Wholesale Fast Order extension. This enables your wholesale customers to save time on this action, which increases conversion rate and minimizes abandonment carts.


Some of the main functions of this extensions are:

  • Creates a popup or a CMS page where wholesale customers can easily search and add their desired products into cart.
  • Provide ajax searching by names or SKUs.
  • Show popups which purchasers can easily edit their custom options.
  • CSV import file is acceptable in this function.
  • Automatically update the total amount of order.
  • Easily choose customer groups to enable Fast Order function and see specific products.

5. Wholesale Fast Order Extension for Magento 2

If the previous extension is for Magento 1, this extension is designed to work with Magento 2 stores. Therefore, it is undisputedly that this extension present in the list of BSS Commerce best-seller extensions in 2017.


Like the Wholesale Fast Order extension for Magento 1, this extension also has main functions like:

  • Allow mass order via a popup or CMS page.
  • Easily find wanted products by names or SKUs.
  • Display product details to avoid confusion between similar products.
  • Buyers can select product attributes as they wish in a popup.
  • Automatically calculate the total amount of order when a change occurs.
  • Allow CSV quick import.
  • Enable Quick Order function for specific customer groups.

6. Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2

If you are running multiple store views based on Magento 2, you should never miss this extension of BSS Commerce. Once installed, you will no longer have to configure prices and currencies for each store view manually. Instead, you will only make some simple configuration to set up price policies.


With this extension, Magento 2 admins can:

  • Customize different prices and currencies for the same product in each store view.
  • Set up a base currency which customers can use to check out.
  • Apply price policies for all type of products in your Magento 2 stores.

7. Pro Configurable Grid Table View for Magento 1

The main purpose of this module is to display configurable product in a table with all necessary details about price, size, color, status, etc. Therefore, customers can easily pick up multiple desired products and add them to the shopping cart at the same time, which helps save a great deal of time and effort.


Besides, this extension also provides:

  • Automatically calculate the total amount of order.
  • Allow tier prices for each product.
  • Display price range of each product on the category page and product page.
  • Show color swatch for child product.

8. Defer JavaScript for Magento 2

Like the default Magento 1, Magento 2 users are usually annoyed about its slow speed. Therefore, we had come up with the idea of Defer JavaScript for Magento 2 extension. As its name, this extension improves site loading speed by prioritizing HTML and CSS over JavaScript files. By this way, user experience in your stores will be enhanced dramatically.


The primary features include:

  • Automatically defer parsing of JavaScript and Iframes until other contents finish being loaded.
  • Manage conveniently in the backend configuration.

9. Ajax Add To Cart for Magento 2

In the Magento 2 default, the add-to-cart function is quite simple and basic because users cannot add products from category page to cart if they need to choose custom options. This is also time-consuming when they are redirected to the product page and need to go back catalog again. All these problems can be addressed easily with this extension of BSS Commerce.


Ajax Add To Cart for Magento 2 extension will optimize your Magento 2 stores by:

  • Display a popup when customers choose “Add to cart” function with all type of products.
  • Easily choose appropriate custom attributes right in pop-up windows.
  • Boost sales of related/up-sell/cross-sell products.
  • Modify display of popup in the backend configuration.

10. Configurable Product Grid Table View for Magento 2

Instead of showing a drop-down list of product attributes like default Magento 2, this extension provides a neat table where customers can easily see product details. This extension is extremely suitable for wholesales and B2B businesses that need mass order at the same time.


This is the must-try plugin with these following functions:

  • Show product attributes in a clear table which buyers can easily choose quantity.
  • Enable color swatch function.
  • Quick order summary at the bottom of the table.
  • Enable/disable this function for specific customer groups.

The above list already gives you a quick view of our bestseller extension in this year 2017. If you have any confusion about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please Like, Share and Subscribe to follow our upcoming useful extensions!

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