Top 5 awesome ideas for amazingly displaying Configurable Products in Magento

Top 5 awesome ideas for amazingly displaying Configurable Products in Magento

As you know, there are a lot of Magento extensions to optimize displaying configurable products. However, your customers sometimes have many other requirements for better presentation. So on this blog, we will show you 5 most brilliant ideas collected from customers for this favorite kind of products in Magento



There are several kinds of products having 2 attributes like clothes, shoes, etc. However, as you know, the default display of Magento 1 only shows attributes as a drop-down list, which cannot show all associated product details and requires customers to select each children product to purchase separately. However, this kind of display is just suitable with normal customer groups buying a small number of products but improper for wholesale customers with ordering in bulk at once. Therefore, a matrix view can be an ideal solution to resolve both the display and purchase experience issues of a configurable product.


Configurable Product Matrix View Extension displays configurable products in the matrix form table with a maximum of 2 attributes for a quicker ordering of products. Here are outstanding features of this module:

  – Show all options of attributes with a stock number on this matrix table.

  – Customers choose quantity than can add all chosen items to cart by click Add to cart button.

  – Automatically update subtotal when changing quantities.

  – Work well with 2 attributes including unlimited custom options.


Another idea to optimize configurable product display is using images of children product for an attractive performance of configurable products instead of a normal color swatch. This solution will help the display of configurable product become more attractive.

change color swatch into children image

As we know, this idea is not offered in an available extension, so if you want this become real, contact us if you want to customize your site like this.


The default of Magento does not allow showing tier price of each child product, so this can be solved as follows.

Here are 3 optimized ways to show tier prices for each child product of configurable product:

   – Show tier price with unit price. This will be suitable in case we offer tier price rule individually:

Show tier price with unit price   – If you feel this way inconvenient, we offer another one  to display tier price and even special price as an amazing way:

frontend Grid View M1

With this solution, we provide an extension named Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View. This extension not only optimizes showing tier price for each simple product but a display of configurable products as well. However, it will have a small problem for performance if there are too many items.

   – Another way to have an awesome display for the configurable product that can show tier price is using Configurable Product Table Ordering:

Magento Configurable Product Table Ordering in the frontend

Display advanced tier price in a separate table

This powerful module can be configured to show tier prices in the separate table or grid table as wish. Also, Configurable Product Table Ordering helps customers add multiple items to cart. The ideal reason why you should get this module is that it will show as many as items as wish with no doubts, because of its feature showing the first attribute separately.


If the fourth idea is showing tier price for children’s products, the last suggestion will be about tier price for each pack as you wish. Admin can set up tier price for each pack.  This idea is often suitable for wholesale paper business. Have a look at this:

tier price for pack



Look at this image below as an example for this customized module:

demo image customized module frontend

As you can see, the second idea serves wholesalers and B2B businesses with ordering in a pack or piece as wish.

Especially, there will be 2 options to order: in a pack and in a piece, which is suitable for merchants and B2B businesses.

  – Within pack option, an admin will set quantity size as the ratio, so that when buyers choose the quantity, it will automatically calculate quantity as a configured ratio. For instance, if admin set quantity size S-M-L as following ratio 2-2-1, when a customer chooses 2 in quantity box, the quantity of each item in this pack will be 4-4-2 respectively. Have a look at this image:

demo image customized module order in pack

  – With the order in a single piece, customers can choose the number of items freely and checkout as usual. Look at this image:

demo image customized module-single piece

This solution for configurable products obviously can configure to choose which customer group to be applied to this function. Besides, the total quantity and total amount will be shown below the table. Moreover, customers can add all chosen packs or items to cart by one click; then they can edit these packs (quantity for each pack) or items in Shopping Cart page.

So these are 5 ideas for display optimization of configurable products in Magento.

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