Top 5 Magento Configurable Product Extension Reviews

Top 5 Magento Extensions for better Configurable Products

Top 5 Magento Configurable Product Extension Reviews

In this article, we will introduce you to some useful Magento configurable product extension review to help all users and shoppers to manage and extend the configurable product’s functionality most conveniently.


Let’s CHECK OUT the below list of 5 popular Magento Extensions for configurable products and their usage.

Must-have Magento Configurable Product Extension Reviews

1. Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension – $39


Developed by BSSCommerce

Usage: enable to display associated products in a neat and professional table, showing specific information of each children products, notably including color-swatch function built-in and tier price display.


With this Magento configurable product extension, all of the items in that selected configurable product will be displayed in a table along with all of its necessary information such as price, size, color, stock status… which is very easy to follow.


The products are shown in a completely different and professional way rather than displaying the inconvenient drop-down boxes in the default Magento. The subtotal and total price is automatically calculated, and customers can add multiple products to cart at once when selecting quantity for each children product.

Key features:

  • Display different attributes of the configurable products in a professionally neat table;
  • Allow selecting and adding multiple products with different attributes at once into the cart;
  • Display different prices and tier prices of each simple product;
  • Automatically calculate and display the subtotal and total price;
  • Display stock availability status;
  • Display configurable product‘s tier price with any quantity range set up in Magento admin in the table view;
  • Display the price range of configurable product on the category page and product page as well;
  • Color swatch function for each child product.

This Magento configurable product extension helps to enhance customers’ experience by providing them an effective way to select among different products’ attributes; to estimate the total price; to review product’s colors to save time from reducing various steps of order for the same products with different attributes.


Therefore, it is reasonable with $39.00 to improve the user’s experience.

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2. Configurable Product Table Ordering Extension – $59


Developed by BSSCommerce

Usage:  Allow displaying attributes of configurable products in a table accompanied by a tab.


Here comes another Magento configurable product extension suitable for a product with a small number of options in each attribute, a tab table view can display a large number of options logically.


Because it displays one attribute in a table and the other attribute in a tab, there is no need to worry about the too large table which can make customers confusing.

Key features:

  • Easy for selection: one attribute in the table and one attribute in the tab;
  • Easy to follow: display unit prices, tier prices, subtotal, stock status and stock number in the table;
  • Convenient for the buying process: customers can add many items at one time;
  • Display advanced tier prices in a separated table for children products with similar tier prices;
  • Visual support: Color Swatch function.


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These five Magento configurable product extensions are essentially recommended into your list of “must-have” extensions for configurable products. You, all the customers should consider taking a look at those to help your Magento store more full-equipped, powerful, and attract more customers.

3. High Import Configurable Products – FREEHigh-Import-Configurable-Products-by -WebuddySoft

Developed by WebuddySoft

Usage: Easier to import various configurable products at once.

The convenience of this extension is that the configurable product can be imported using the CSV file. Associated products are no longer required with this extension, which allows the user to upload more quickly and easily.


To use some file after installing High Import the Configurable Product, an admin must set the profile and edit CSV file. However, attributes of the configurable product (‘Size,’ ‘Color’…) must be set before importing the configurable product.


If the size attribute is a configurable attribute, it should contain in the attribute set.High-Import-Configurable-Products-by -WebuddySoft-backend

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4. Appollo Configurable Products – FREE



Developed by Anes Hacisic

Usage: Manages Configurable Products more easily.

Thanks to this Magento configurable product extension, there are many advantages for the administrators in the Magento admin panel, all the information of the simple products such as name, review, description, image, additional info… will be automatically updated and the customers can customize them on a product level.


You can also do that in the panel regarding adding some additional features such as different Ajax loaders, text glow effects, customize lightbox to enhance customers’ experience.


With the assistance of this extension, the admins will find it easier than ever to manage the configurable products in the backend.


The only critical issue of Appollo configurable products is this extension only works smoothly in Magento 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7. Therefore, it could not work seamlessly in some new Magento versions as 1.8.1; 1.9; 2.0 without fixing some code.

5. Simple Configurable Products – FREE


Developed by Matt Dean

Usage: Uses simple product pricing for the Configurable Product.

Simple Configurable Products changes how to price Configurable Products in Magento.

Frequently, in the default Magento, we see the price of the configurable products plus the additional price of that specific product. However, with this Magento configurable product extension, the price assigned to this configurable product will directly appear.


The site owners will have direct control to set every configurable product’s price while still letting shoppers feel the flexibility they usually get with configurable products as well. There are no longer complex rules for you to set for each associated product. It will now automatically calculate for you the price for a small-blue-leather product, and that’s all the customers want to know before paying for the products.


SCP fully supports special prices, tier prices, catalog price rules, custom options…. Furthermore, the product’s image, name, associated image gallery, and even a description of the associated product can be changed when the customer decides their selections of the configuration of the product’s option.


For instance, when buying a dress, the customer selects a blue one, then they can see the blue dress before paying money. The main plus point of this extension is that it enables admin not only to select the price of each configurable option but also to assign different tier prices, custom options, special prices,… on a similar basis.


Meanwhile, when an admin wants to apply the change as a discount in each configurable one, it requires manually updating for each product, it is considered as the big minus point of SCP.


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