Top Reasons Why Conversion Rate Optimization is so Important For Online Businesses

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation is so Important For Magento Business

Some people think that Conversion Rate Optimization is not required for online retailers since customers are simply looking for a specific product on a site and they want them to be in their budget. You might think that if someone is directly on your web page, he/she is certainly willing to purchase from your site. Sadly, this is not at all true. E-Commerce retailers need more CRO than other kinds of websites.

The importance of conversion rate optimization in the E-Commerce business, especially Magento is that it creates an adequate market for site owners in the middle of such a huge competition. Moreover, it is easy for Magento e-retailers to get new customers through conversion rate optimization without spending so much on paid services.

Here, I will be discussing some more reasons why Conversion Rate Optimization is so important for your Magento online business.

Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC) are getting costlier


There is no doubt that Pay- Per- Clicks can get you high traffic, but the same doesn’t mean high conversion rates too. The ever-increasing rates of PPCs have made them such a luxurious entity for smaller e-retailers who have just come into existence and are not capable of spending big bucks. PPCs were once the best way for new or small start-ups to get attention but now they are becoming less critical as not all the clicks are mostly converted into sales.

It is where the CRO activates its role when you want to build a brand identity without actually paying for it.

Increased competition from the rival sites

You can find hundreds of online retailers into the same business you are in, and so it requires an excellent and enduring website to stand against so many competitors. Otherwise, you are going to lose your sales to someone who was not even in the list till now but could steal away your customers resulting in a wasted opportunity.

A better CRO strategy would certainly help you get your customers among the vast crowd. The more the competitors are, the more emphasis you need to give on CRO strategy of your website.   

Huge investments in digital marketing

Digital marketing is a boom of the internet, and with such a huge extent of the social media network, a new form of digital marketing has been born which is known as Social Media Marketing (SMM). However, digital marketing is not just about Social Media Optimization (SMO), but it has everything to do with print media, television marketing, and other on-air marketing tools.

The whole point of discussing all these marketing tools is that they purely work to drive your customers towards your site, but what after a customer comes to you? Is there a guarantee that he/she is surely going to buy from you? That’s where CRO comes into action. By increasing the number of visitors on your page, CRO can ensure improved conversion rates when you emphasize more on providing deals and offers to the customers instead of spending on rising costs of digital marketing (DM). However, that doesn’t mean you should completely take your hands away from digital marketing. Digital marketing with CRO provides excellent results by converting the site traffic you get from digital marketing into final buyers.   

CRO improves the look and feels of your website

While applying the CRO tactics, you need to make sure that you can gain more and more traffic on your site. For this, you have to make several changes to the look and feel of your site by using various other A/B testing and multivariate testing tools. Evolutionary design of your web pages gives higher chances of conversion with an improvement in the layout of your website.

You can apply this revolutionary CRO methodology for real-time testing and modification of your already hosted website. This can result in an immediate improvement of your site’s performance, unlike an SEO campaign which takes a longer time to reveal its impact.

The very much desired outcome of CRO is that it helps your online business to drive its sales in a shorter span of time. It improves the performances of other marketing techniques and campaigns you have applied for increasing your sales. CRO just not aims to increase the number of visitors, but it works to get you an improved number of customers out of that increased traffic.


Magento conversion rate optimization is a necessary task every business should to carry out, always optimize, and change for the best outcome. When the conversion rate of your website is higher, it means that your sales are going up and your business is performing better and better. Hence, let’s do the right thing and make a detailed strategy to have an effective conversion rate optimization plan.

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