>Unwrap Xmas Gifts from BSSCommerce to Get UP TO 25% OFF!

Unwrap Xmas Gifts from BSSCommerce to Get UP TO 25% OFF!

Ho-ho-holiday is coming! Xmas is already around the corner. To celebrate this festive holiday, BSSCommerce is excited to offer you the BIGGEST discount – UP TO 25% OFF on ALL Magento extensions in store, only from 20th to 25th December 2016.

Let’s see what Santa brings to BSSCommerce on Xmas by participating in a fun game called “What’s under the chimney?”

The rule is straightforward: Santa will regularly drop presents through the chimney, and your mission is to catch the present with code inside. Remember that each code has a different value. Now let’s start!

Here are two ways to play “What’s under the chimney?”

Option 1:

1. Stop any time to catch the present.

2. Each present has a coupon code with a random value of UP TO 25% OFF.

3. Enter the obtained code during checkout to get the HIGHEST discount.

Tip: Play the game to get a code and try entering each code during checkout until you get the biggest discount of 25% OFF

Option 2:

If you find the first option a bit too difficult, we can offer you all the codes: XMAS, SANTA, GIFT. The only mission you need to do now is finding the highest value code by entering directly in the checkout process.

Please note that the promotion is only valid from 20th to 25th December 2016 and is not combined with other promotions in the valid period.

Hurry up and join us to celebrate a merry Christmas! Unwrap your presents now!