Useful Extension for Magento 2 to Add Size Chart Popup to Products

Are you selling products with various size options? You have to answer tons of questions about product size every day, don’t you? It might waste your time and make the conversion rate reduce. Hence, installing a size guide module can help you resolve the sizing issues perfectly.

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1. The Limitation of “Product Size Chart Showing” in Default Magento 2?

Although size is one of the most important product attributes in Magento 2, it’s a pity that both Community and Enterprise Edition doesn’t support the size chart popup function to guide customers pick product size easily. Due to the non-basic selection of size, customers might not buy this item or return products, which can reduce your store sales.

2. An Essential Tool for Magento 2 to Add Size Guide Popup

Magento 2 Size Chart extension is an excellent sizing solution for all Magento 2 sites. You can freely design and edit a chart with the size measurement, the international conversion sizing for different regions and more information. By presenting size chart clearly on the product page, customers can find out the products that fit them perfectly when shopping online in a Magento 2 site.

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3. How Does Size Chart for Magento 2 Extension Work?

Firstly, let’s see how the size chart will be shown in the Magento 2 frontend for buyers:

The size chart can be displayed responsively in an eye-catching popup, right on the product page or on a separate product tab. There is a small text along with the icon for the size chart popup link in frontend product page if the admin set showing the size chart as a popup.

In the backend, the admin can customize unlimited interactive size charts and configure the display at ease.

  • Design various size chart templates

The admin can create many size chart templates and edit the content creatively with images, text to clarify product size options. Magento 2 Size Chart extension allows you to design many flexible layouts for the chart by an HTML editor.

Create a new size chart template
  • Add a size chart to multiple products in 2 clicks

With all the available size chart templates, you can assign the suitable one to multiple products in a click via a grid.

  • Enable size charts in specific store views

  • Configure size chart to be presented as popup, tab or content in the product page

Show the size chart as a popup
  • Easily manage created size charts as well as the size chart attribute

4. Conclusion

With the help of Magento 2 Size Chart extension, customers can decide product size to buy without hesitation. It is useful for Magento 2 stores that sell clothing, footwear, and other wearable products.


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