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Pro Tips To Take Full Advantages Of 3+ Official Magento Channels

When your search ends here, you might be the readers of our recent post “Everything You Need to Know about Magento.” In case you haven’t digested this fantastic article, remember to check it later. With significant efforts, we have gathered all the necessary knowledge about Magento under one place for you to refer. Hope it help!

Back to our topic today, we will discuss 4 must-know Magento channels where you could find almost everything about Magento.

1. Magento Websites

This channel is the very first destination for online merchants who have the intention of running stores on Magento platform. Developers can also get reliable resources to learn Magento as well as stay informed on the latest trend in ecommerce. That way, they can come up with the best solutions to meet customers’ need.

We’ll take a tour around!

Magento channel

  • Products: All paid products of Magento are listed. They include Magento Commerce, Magento Order Management, Magento Business Intelligence. Drive your way to each of them and find the best to start your business. Another most famous product of Magento is Open Source version, which can be freely downloaded by navigating to Community ⇒ Connect ⇒ Get Open Source.

In case you have already used Magento and want to expand the reach of your stores, employ well-coded extensions and themes from Magento Extension. We have the further discussion about this channel in the next section. You will not want to miss it!

  • Solutions: Without doubt, Magento is for any business, from small to large-sized stores, from B2C to B2B needs, and from fashion to automotive. You can get the shortcut to figure out the solutions fit your scale and requirement here.
  • Community: Community Hub is the home to anyone – developers, innovators, and contributors as long as they are interested in Magento. Please scroll down to dip down to this vast global community.
  • Resource Library: Here you can drown in the ocean of knowledge shared by Magento experts in the form of videos, webinars, and publications.
  • Blog: Another must-read source to stay updated with the best practices, events, as well as Magento news to address your business needs and possible solutions.

Pro Tips:

  • #1: Wade through as many as documents related to your desired Magento product as possible to make the right choice. Products category and Resource Library should be your bookmark!
  • #2: Before contacting sales to purchase any products, schedule a demo first. You can also download the latest Magento 2 demo here without filling in the subscription form.
  • #3: It is easy to become a member of the Magento Community, so join definitely. If you have a concern, ask, and the community will answer. “Two heads are better than one!”
  • #4: Visit Blog frequently to stay aware of news, release notes, tips, recommendations to push your store performance and boost sales. We also instantly update the hottest news and most useful knowledge about Magento on our blog. If you read it, you will love it for sure.

2. Extension Marketplace

As its name, this Magento channel is the official store for Magento and Magento 2 extensions and themes provided by reliable Magento partners. Magento Marketplace has received a wide range of positive feedbacks on its user-friendly interface. Online merchants can quickly search for extensions, vendors, and themes.

Pro Tips:

  • #1: Use the search box is the quickest way to find a Magento extension and theme. The possible matches will display in seconds.
  • #2: Sort by Categories under Extensions to find the suitable solutions fitting your requirements such as
  • #3: Choose extensions by following Partner ⇒ Partner Type to employ well-coded Magento extensions and premium supports. About Magento Partner, there are ranging from top brands to new innovators. Learn how to choose or become a partner, here.

Magento channel

  • #4: For a more personalized experience, log in your Magento account, then browse through Marketplace. The roadmap to follow is: Find solution ⇒ Evaluate a Product ⇒ Make a Purchase ⇒ Download the Software ⇒ Install the Extension ⇒ Enjoy the Benefits.

3. Magento Community

Formed in 2016, Magento Community rises considerately in quality and quantity and becomes the global home to contribute, learn, and connect with Magento advocates.

Magento channel

From our experience with this Magento channel, the community is much more suitable for developers or online merchants with a decent knowledge of technology. It doesn’t mean that you can’t join the community without code understanding. Almost every Magento project is inspired here, so if you are an online merchant, you can search and hire the suitable projects to improve your stores.

Pro Tips:

  • #1: Github:  It is safe to say that each professional developer has one GitHub account. This is the cloud of code for programmers to download freely. Let’s make most of our well-coded file sharing to relieve your work.
  • #2: Magento Stack Exchange: If you are in the process of developing any Magento project or you get stuck in running and features, just add a question, and the community will answer. Two head are better than one!
  • #3: Stack Overflow: Besides helping developers out of whichever stage of their careers, this Magento channel also provides dev with promising job opportunities. Just scroll down to the end and click on Developer Jobs Directory. Grab the chance!
  • #4: People can also learn Magento here. Resources of tech, security, training, certificate, and other documents are available to access. However, it is hard to reach your desired knowledge since the information is enormous. We do such a task for you by issuing “Everything You Need to Know about Magento.”

4. Magento Forum

Another ideal place to spark up a conversation about Magento and get connected with the Magento community. Hence, this Magento channel is for both online merchants and developers, as well as Magento contributors.

Here are various categories for you to explore:

magento channel

Pro Tips:

  • #1: Like any forum, Magento Forum includes open groups and closed groups. To meet with people who shared your interest, you should create an account and send the request to join groups.
  • #2: If you want to add questions, we strongly recommend searching the existing topics first. There is a big chance that your concern has been asked already.
  • #3:  Remember to read the Magento Forum guideline carefully to make out what and what not to post. Otherwise, you can be banned from this Magento channel.
  • #4: Submit a brief introduction about yourself. Let other members know about your work, your experience with Magento, and many more. Honestly, this is kind of a sales pitch, so why don’t you try?

Final Words

We have shown you around each official Magento channel based on our real experiences. What about yours? Leave comments below to contribute to our topic.

P/S: Keep updated with our series of “Everything You Need to Know about Magento.” and with BSSCommerce also. Thanks ahead for your support.magento channels

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