>Welcome BSSCommerce as The Official Magento Business Partner

Welcome BSSCommerce as The Official Magento Business Partner

One of the greatest news has come to BSSCommerce. We are very proud to announce that BSSCommerce has officially become the new Magento Business Partner.

This news has spread the joy and excitement among our members. Every member of BSSCommerce has worked hard to diversify the number and quality of extensions. During the last 6 months, the total number of Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions has growth 1.5 times while the number of Magento 2 extension is double.

BSSCommerce new magento business partner

With the young and energetic team of 25 developers and other team members, BSS store has now been filling up with almost 100 extensions of various categories, including Wholesale, SEO, Site Optimization, User Experience, Order Management, Admin Support, Payment & Shipping, and Pricing Management.

BSSCommerce certified developer

Earning the title Official, Magento Business Partner is indeed the achievement of a whole group with the contributions of excellent individuals. Recently, there are two new certifications: Magento Solution Specialist and Magento Developer Plus along with other previous awards such as Magento Frontend Developer and Magento Developer.

We will continuously provide the best success solution for you, just like the promise we give you in our name. BSSCommerce – Best Success Solution!

We won’t be on this day without you – our dear and loyal customer. So please keep updating for more news, we will send you our humble gifts on July 18, 19.

BSSCommerce is The Official Magento Business Partner