World-Class Brands Use Magento Websites. Should you do so?


World-Class Brands Use Magento Websites. Should you do so?

Get inspired by world-class businesses that make a success with their Magento website and prepare to build your own one. 

For future online merchants, choosing a suitable ecommerce platform is important like building a solid foundation for a new house. However, many may feel confused at this very first step because of the development of too many ecommerce platforms.

Learning from the following world-class businesses may give you inspiration and ideas to start. The noticeable similarity is that all of them have succeeded with a Magento website. In the range of this post, let’s talk about them and simple steps to build a Magento website if you want.  

I – What Create Magento’s Popularity


Magento, as mentioned in the post of Magento 2 Tutorial from beginner to advanced, is an open-source platform using PHP scripting language on Zend Framework. First launched in 2007, Magento has continuously developed into various editions and versions. 

Over the development, Magento has always been one of the most commonly used ecommerce platforms with a significant market share in ecommerce. Optimal scalability, multiple customization options, and SEO-friendliness are the key features that lead to its popularity.

  • Optimal Scalability: In general, Magento is more scalable than others, so it’s a choice of many large-scale businesses like Coca Cola, Ford, etc. Store owners can start from a very simple and small shop. But as the business grows, the platform offers great scalability to fit any expected scale. 
  • Multiple customization options: Featuring the modular construction, Magento provides users with a simple interface, various customization options with the ability to adjust the raw HTML/CSS codes and organize the design. 
  • SEO-friendliness: In comparison with others, Magento wins the first rank to be the most SEO-friendly ecommerce platform. Shopify and Woocommerce are respectively put in the second and the third positions. 

In addition to those superior features, the platform is loved for other noticeable advantages, including great support related to SEO and marketing. 


Magento offers two editions and each one is suitable for a specific type of business. Besides, merchants also have a cloud hosting option called Magento Commerce Cloud.  

  • Magento Community Edition (CE): This is an open-source version that everyone can use with no charge and suitable for small to medium online businesses. 
  • Magento Enterprise Edition (EE): Unlike Magento CE, Magento EE is a paid version with premium features. Therefore, it can satisfy merchants of medium to large-scale businesses. 
  • Magento Commerce Cloud (ECE): The edition is a combination of an Enterprise Solutions license and hosting in a single fee structure to level up Magento experience with additional features. 

DON’T USE MAGENTO until you READ Magento 2 Community vs. Enterprise

Pieces of the content may make you overloaded, but they’re still not enough if you don’t see these 5+ real examples of Magento websites. 

II – World-Class Brands Also Use Magento Websites 

1. Coca Cola


No need for an introduction, we all know this global beverage brand. Not only use the universal offline distribution system, but Coca Cola also takes advantage of ecommerce by offering their products on a Magento website in 2014, from soft drink products to fashion and technology items. 

The website was developed on Magento Commerce edition, which gives it more functionality, including advanced marketing features. The platform has proven its advantages in sophisticated order management and fulfillment of the giant business. Over the innovations in the ecommerce platform, Coca Cola has been successful in making customers engage more with the brand.   

If you visit the website, you will find it an example of the best UI design that impresses and inspires visitors at first sight. 

2. Big Bus Tours


Big Bus Tours is an address for those who love traveling on bus tours to discover the great cities of the world. With the vision to give customers a far richer experience than a pure bus experience, the brand decided to start the digitization process with Magento Enterprise edition in 2015. 

Here are awesome improvements the brand experienced with the new Magento website: 

  • +70% improvement in mobile revenue
  • +24% improvement in mobile traffic
  • +50% increase in mobile conversion
  • +20% increase in SEO year-over-year

Visitors coming to Big Bus Tours can navigate the Magento website via multiple store views serving customized languages. Not to mention, the website is also one of the best well-designed ones that everyone will love to see. 

3. Cox and Cox


Cox & Cox is the UK-based online houseware, furniture, and textiles retailer. Their website initially was built on Magento 1 EE, but they decided to upgrade it to Magento 2 EE in 2017. Since then, it offers enhanced user experience to customers with advanced filter options, beautiful visuals, and a strong layout. 

By showing the decent navigation panel with multiple filtering options on every page, the website helps customers to find desired products as easily as possible. Additionally, they offer a unique cart to door shipping experience for their customers. 

Accordingly, the new Magento experience brought an improvement in average session duration and a 36.5% increase in pages per session.

4. Canon   


Canon Australia is an 80-year-old brand well-known for digital devices, such as cameras, printers, projectors, etc. The business allows customers to shop directly from their online store with Magento. In this way, they add more value and convenience for customers who want an online store for all their photography gear. The website has a traditional but effective page layout of product pages and category pages, which makes it easy to navigate.  

As Canon offers a wide range of products, Magento Commerce edition is a suitable choice for large catalog management. They also implement rewarding loyal customers to increase their engagement and create more repeat sales. 

5. Tom Dixon 


One of the iconic designers in the UK, Tom Dixon’s official website was developed using Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 to deliver standout user experiences to its customers. The concept of their website is made of high-quality content and imagery, which create a chic overall look and improve the visuals of their products. 

Like many world-class brands, Tom Dixon’s Magento 2 website offers their products cross borders with customized store views serving customers from different countries, including the UK, EU, China, France, Italy. Magento Commerce gives them rich out-of-the-box functionality related to global currency, language, and tax. 

III – Prepare to Build A Magento Website 

If you have been inspired by Magento 2 websites of world-class businesses, there is no limitation to make the same. Don’t worry about how to start. Our series will give you the comprehensive knowledge and guide not only to create a Magento 2 website but also to optimize it to drive sales.   

Specify your expected scale & choose a Magento edition  

Specifying the expected scale of your Magento website means so much because you need that to choose a suitable Magento edition. Looking at the current situation of the business is not enough, but it’s necessary to have a further vision of how far it will grow in the future. 

There’s no doubt that Magento brings great scalability to help businesses adapt to the growth in demands. However, choosing the right edition from scratch will allow you to cut down significant effort while running your online store. 

For medium to enterprise-level businesses, Magento Commerce or Magento Commerce Cloud brings a lot of benefits over Magento Community edition, such as: 

  • Larger catalog management
  • Faster re-indexing
  • Full-page caching
  • Enhanced tax calculation
  • Advanced marketing and segmentation
  • Faster checkout flow

Estimate Magento costs 

As soon as you specify a Magento edition, you can start estimating how much your website may cost, including core costs to build it, costs for additional integrations, and maintenance costs. 

TAKE IT EASY with details of Magento Costs for both basic to custom Magento 2 websites. 

The cost to build a Magento website usually covers: 

  • Magento edition annual fee (EE and ECE version)
  • Domain establishment 
  • Hosting service 
  • Web design & theme: The post “Magento Web Design Ideas for Homepage” may give you handy notes and tips.  
  • Development cost 
  • Data entry/migration (if you have had existing database) 
  • SSL certificate 
  • Magento extensions 

The cost for important integration may include: 

  • Analytics tools 
  • Shipping & payment-related 
  • CRM 
  • ERP 
  • Content management system (CMS) 

As your Magento website runs for a time, it may potentialize bugs or contain out-dated components. To update or fix both found or hidden bugs, you can get help from certified developers or a reliable agency. 

JUST FOLLOW 12+ Best Practices of Magento Website Development to avoid unexpected mistakes.  

Choose a trusted Magento development agency 

(CONNECT WITH the leading Magento Website Development Agency)

Finally, a trusted Magento development agency is all you need for a specific aspect or full Magento development service. One note emphasized here is to choose agencies who are certified Magento partners as you have more reasons to trust them.  

STILL CONFUSED? 9+ Tips to Choose Magento Website Development Agency will have to choose a suitable one. 

Start Now! 

Not only you, but many merchants also get inspired by the mentioned big names and their ecommerce performance, and then grow their ambition with Magento. Besides those names, others also known with their Magento website are Ford, Christian Louboutin, Land Rover, Jaguar, etc. 

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