Why haven’t I received a reward yet after referring a friend who has placed an order?

There are some cases that you (brand advocates) haven’t received their rewards: Your friend may forget to apply your referral code to their recent order (accepting your referral invitation); Your referral code is invalid, due to some violations or expiry

Can my coupon codes be changed to my store name or other names?

To be honest, you cannot change your coupon code name yourself. For a specific one-time coupon link, it is automatically encrypted and unchangeable. However, you can quickly contact us for free support via email at sales@bsscommerce.com or chat with us on

Referral Reward Types offered by BLoop: Rewards & Referrals and their benefits

BLoop: Rewards & Referrals app (ver 1.0.1) is now offering 2 main reward types: Fixed-amount discount: Customers (Referrers/ Referees) quickly perceive their fixed discount disregarding their order size. It is beneficial for orders which are smaller in money value. Cash

How to choose a suitable reward policy for referrers and their friends

Based on your store’s branding, needs, and resources, four steps are recommended when choosing suitable referral incentives: Step 1: Choose an incentive structure that fits your goals and budget Friend reward: make the friend offer more generous than the welcome