[NEWEST] How to Promote Referral Program: 11+ Best Practises for Small Businesses

Are you seeking a form of marketing that can x10 your customer base as well as increase customer lifetime value at the lowest costs? And you found referral marketing as a solution to your pain points?  Yes, it’s true that

Best Practises For Referral Program Marketing To Grow 10x Customer Base

There are some practises for referral program marketing to help you launch a successful referral marketing campaign. And in this article, we will talk about them. But first, you need to understand why referral marketing is so powerful? The most

Referral Program For Small Business: Is It Really A Must?

If you have a small business, whether a local shop or a start-up company, it is always essential to get more new customers as fast as possible. And as traditional advertising is losing its charm, referral marketing is probably the

11+ Benefits of Referral Marketing and How to Take Full Advantage of them

Referral marketing, or Word-of-mouth Marketing, is a marketing strategy that encourages existing customers to become brand advocates who recommend your products/ services to their friends and family. So, many merchants wonder about the benefits of referral marketing.Take full advantage of

Referral Marketing – Everything You Need To Know To Master It

A report of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association points out that every day, in the US alone, there are over 2.4 billion brand-related conversations. And do you know that, on average, two-thirds of customers make their purchases because someone