Reorder Product

Magento Reorder Product Extension allows customers to quickly reorder their previously chosen products and make any necessary changes as they wish!
  • Separate reorder product section on customer account page: My reorder product
  • Display all previous orders with product name, image, price, quantity and Add To Cart button in My Reorder Product section
  • Display Out of stock status for no longer available products
1.4.x.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x

1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x, 1.14.x.x

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sales off weekend and multiple discount

Magento Reorder Product Extension allows your customers to reorder their bought products in your site at ease. In "My Reorder Product" section added in "My Acount" Page, your customers can see all their previous orders with full details and decide to order again. 

This Magento extension is beyond any doubt your essential extension, which raises customers’ satisfaction and keeps the prissiest ones.

Key Features

    • Automatically add a separate section called “My Reorder Product” in Magento customer account page
    • Display all bought products with product name, image, price and quantity in My Reorder Product section


In My Reorder Product section, customers can easily find out all details of their previous product and add to cart quickly and conveniently

  • Display "Out of Stock" status in case products are no longer available

Magento Reorder Product Extension displays “out of stock” instead of “Add to cart” when a product is not in stock anymore. By displaying “out of stock”, customers are informed about the product status and motivate them make another choice.

    • Display products' details when hovering product's name

  • Flexibility with any Magento Themes
  • Support Multi-stores
  • Well compatible with all product types supported by Magento

Why Magento Reorder Product is your must-have extension?

    • Enable customers to continue to purchase without wasting time and effort

Instead of finding a previously ordered product in product list and add to cart again, now customers can save much time and effort. They only need to go to their "My reorder product" section, check their previous order and add their desired product to cart. The purchase process will be shortened a lot and more convenient for customers

    • Highly customizable and easy to use for admins

This extension is developed with familiar setting and mechanism. Clear configuration will help you easily take total control of the Magento extension and use up its powerful functions.

    • Its flexibility with changes in Magento themes save your time

To make the best convenience for Magento owners, Magento Reorder Product extension is designed to auto – flexible with any Magento themes. Any changes in Magento themes shall not affect the functions of our Magento Reorder Product extension. Hence, feel free if you want to change themes for your store. Our Magento extension still works well.

  • v1.2.2: Allow reorder cancelled orders
  • v1.2.3: Fix error when Manage Stock is set to No

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      • My site neeeds it
        I'm finding suggestion for out of stock problems, and luckily, I see this extension. It helps me reduce customers' waiting time and make them happy too, thanks!

        08 October 2015

      • Impressive extension
        This extension runs great and I caught no problem into running it. Easy to install and use!

        29 September 2015

      • It saves time and money
        It can save time for both customers and managers to order out of stock product, then order immediately. Thanks a lot!

        27 September 2015

      • A must have extension
        "A must have extension for every online store. It engages more customers and helps them have new experiences.
        I can see incredible change after installing this. Thanks!"

        03 September 2015

      • Excellent!
        Excellent in everything, from quality of service to product quality. I'm happy to become BSS's customers.

        14 August 2015

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