Limit Order Quantity Per Category

Magento® Limit Order Quantity Per Category enables admin to set both minimum and maximum order quantity of all products in a category for specific customer groups, which can effectively cut down costs in shipping, storage management and package.
  • Set minimum and maximum order quantity of all products in a category
  • Limit order quantity per category for each customer groups
  • Show product category in shopping cart
  • Apply min/max quantity rules of all categories for product belongs to multiple categories
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Key features:

    • Set up both minimum and maximum quantity of all products per category in an order that each customer group has to meet before successfully checking out


    • Display product categories in the shopping cart. If a product belongs to multiple categories, all those categories will be shown in shopping cart regardless of where the product was added to cart.
    • Show notification and hide button “Proceed to checkout” when order quantity requirements are not met


  • In case the product belongs to multiple categories, its quantity has to meet the requirement of min/max quantity of all categories it belongs to.

Why Magento® Limit Order Quantity per Category is your must-have extension?

As online store owners might concern, an increase in marginal sale revenue does not necessarily lead to a rise profit due to high costs they have to face. Since order quantity of products directly relates to shipping cost and other related costs like storage management and package, it is essential to give the store owners the right to set up limit on order quantity of products in a category.                                    

  • Save costs effectively, especially shipping cost

From shop owner’s viewpoint, there are many products in some sort of categories that cannot be sold at certain quantity due to the difficulties in delivery process as well as high costs in package and shipping. Thus, by allowing admin to set up maximum and minimum order quantity of products each category, Magento® Limit Order Quantity Per Category would be the solution for all above obstacles. Customer groups now are compulsory to order product quantity within the limitation range set up from backend.

  • Customize customer groups for quantity limitation

Magento® Limit Order Quantity per Category is an ideal choice for Magento store owners to put a limitation on quantity of products per category that a particular customer group can purchase. This function is especially advantageous for a business which focuses on different target markets since it gives the admin more control over ordering process of each customer group.

  • Easy configuration from Magento backend

Magento® Limit Order Quantity per Category is very simple to configure from Magento backend. Users are also provided with enclosed detailed instructions and user guide that are very helpful in understanding more about the module.

  • Enthusiasticsupport and free installation

For any purchase from BSSCommerce, you are always supplied with free installation as well as enthusiastic and professional support from our certified team. You can contact with us every time you are in need via Skype, Email support and Live chat.


  • v1.0.0: First Release
  • v1.0.1: Fix JS issue when having an apostrophe in customer group name

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      • excellent
        This module is very easy to use, also its configuration is very simple. The functionality is straightforward, this extension gets the job done as described above.
        What I love more is the support is very responsive.

        28 June 2016

      • Must-have extension with great support
        Your extension is very excellent. It helps me so much in setting the required order quantity for each category. Especially, I really appreciate customizing the minimum and maximum order quantity for certain customer groups. After installing this module, my sales increases considerably and I think that it will continue to go up in the future.
        I am also extremely satisfied with your support team. They are very enthusiastic and willing to solve my problems every time. This is really the most professional team I have worked with.

        22 April 2016

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