Configurable Product Table Ordering

Magento® Configurable Product Table Ordering Extension allows displaying attributes of configurable products in a more simple table to help customers add multiple simple products to cart at once.
  • Display all simple products of a configurable product in a simple table
  • Show price, tier price and stock number for each simple product in the table
  • Add multiple products to cart at one time
  • Automatically calculate total amount when changing quantities
  • Calculate total amount based on total quantity of simple products or Magento default calculation
  • Support Color Swatch function
1.4.x.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x

1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x, 1.14.x.x

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Magento® Configurable Product Table Ordering is an ideal choice for Magento shop owners to arrange their own associated products of configurable products in a professional and convenient table for customers to add multiple simple products at one time.

BssCommerce is proudly to provide Magento Admins and shop owners a wide range of choices for better configurable products with three versions:

- Advanced edition: BSS Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View. Check it out here

- Better Display for Configurable Products in Magento: Configurable Product Table Ordering 


Key Features of Magento® Configurable Product Table Ordering: 

In the frontend:

  • Display all custom options of a configurable product in a neat table and customers will choose each custom option one by one to make a complete simple product 
  • Show unit price, tier price, stock number (stock status or out of stock status) of children products in the table 
  • Add multiple products to cart at one by a single click after choosing quantities for wanted simple products 

Magento Configurable Product Table Ordering in the frontend

  • Calculate total quantity of products based on each chosen custom option in the attribute tab.
  • Automatically calculate total amount when adding product quantities or changing them 
  • Display subtotal for children products in the table based on selected quantity
  • Allow displaying normal tier prices in the table or advanced tier prices in another separated table for children products

            + Normal Tier Prices: Tier prices are shown in the table view when children products have different tier prices or at least a chidren products have different tier price from other ones. 

            + Advanced Tier Prices:  If all children products have the same tier prices, these prices shown in a separated table as below:

Display advanced tier price in a separate table

In the backend: 

  • NEW | Customize decimal separator for each kind of currency
  • Allow setting Advanced Tier Price and Advanced Tier Price Calculation as your wish

Configuration in magento backend

              In Advanced Tier Price Calculation, there are two options for choose (Only apply to children products with same tier prices)

            + If you choose Yes, Tier price is based on tier prices of total quantity of children products to calculate total amount

               For example, tier price of buying 1-9 Pink-M shirts and 1-9Pink-L shirts is similarly $210. Tier price of buying 10-more Pink-M shirts and 10-more Pink-L shirts is $200. Therefore, when you buy 5 Pink-M shirts and 5 Pink-L shirts, tier price is now determined as $200/shirt (Tier price of buying 10-more Pink-M shirts and 10-more Pink –L shirt). Total amount is now $2,000. 

Calculate total amount with Advanced tier price calculation

           + If you choose No, Magento default Tier Pricing function will be used to calculate. It means that total amount is calculated by tier prices of each children product  multiply to total quantity of each chosen children products. 

             For the above example, when using Magento default tier price calculation, total amount is determined as $2,100,000 because it is calculated based on each tier price of each children product (Tier price is equal to $210/shirt)

Calculate total amount without Advanced tier price calculation

  • Easily configure stock availability, Stock number, Out of Stock Status for configurable products
  • Allow configuring to display subtotal in the table from Magento backend
  • Enable or Disable Color swatch function for configurable products in Magento stores
  • Set up to display detailed item quantity for each custom option in the attribute tab
  • Compatible with configurable products

Why is Magento® Configurable Product Table Ordering your must-have extension?

Easy configuration from Magento backend

Administrators can easily configure settings with availably detailed instructions in Magento backend. Magento® Configurable Product Table Ordering is developed by our certificate developers who ensure that it’s well-compatible with default Magento and hardly find any conflicts.

Enhanced shopping experience

Compared to other kinds of displaying configurable products such as Matrix, Grid view or drop downs in Magento default, Magento® Configurable Product Table Ordering reduces the number of children products displayed in the table and helps customers choose products faster without much confuse and mistakes. Therefore, Magento stores can bring better shopping experience for customers by simplifying the process of selecting products and leads to increase sales effectively. 

Best Magento extension for wholesale business

Magento® Configurable Product Table Ordering is really one of the best choice for wholesale business because it allows customers to choose many items at once without taking much time to buy one by one as before. Customers can add as many as items they want to cart and do not have to repeat this process for times, especially then they can add multiple products to cart at once. This brings a larger amount of revenue as well as enhance wholesale business to develop. Therefore, it is one of the most important features that Magento stores can satisfy wholesale customers is providing a quicker ordering or in the other hand, they can purchase in bulk by filling wanted quantities for each children product. 

Free Installation and Excellent Support

BSSCommerce is very proud to provide all of our dear customers the best support from BSSCommerce support team. We contain of enthusiastic and professional members who are always to support you every time via Livechat, Skype and Support Email. If you have any issues about the extension, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve them for you as soon as possible. Especially, we also give you a very detailed user guide that helps you to have better understandings about our extension. Let’s hold it in your hand and make our extension bring the best efficiency for your Magento stores.

  • v1.0.5: Fix bugs with special price
  • v1.0.7: Compatible with Ultimo theme
  • v1.0.8: Fix decimal separator error
  • v1.1.0: Fix errors with custom options
  • v1.1.2: Fix errors with File Upload option
  • v1.1.5: Fix errors with qty of children products and total qty
  • v1.1.6: Work with decimal quantity
  • v1.1.7: Fix the issue a large number of children products
  • v1.1.8: Fix bug with Bug with config 'Show Detailed Qty Selected'

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      • Great
        This extension is great. It absolutely deserves to be the best extension for configurable product. I really satisfy with its performance!

        09 January 2017

        Kelly McElrea
      • Great extension
        I decided to buy this extension because I found what I need in the description. And luckily, it does exactly what it said.
        Normally extensions that support viewing configurable product like this do not have the color swatch function. But this one is different ! It allow me to enable the color swatch function, which is very helpful for my furniture business selling.

        23 June 2016

        Mike Perry
      • User-friendly extension and enthusiastic support
        I am extremely satisfied with this extension. It brings me a lot of convenience in product management. Since I installed Configurable Tab Table View for my Magento store, conversion rate has been increasing because customers find it easier when selecting products than before.
        Support team is very enthusiastic and professional. I really like their working attitude

        11 April 2016

        Mark Sallis
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