5+ Successful B2M Company Examples on eCommerce

Business-to-many is blooming with the application of ecommerce websites. If you’re looking for the proper ecommerce examples of successful B2M companies, here are five typical B2M companies that achieved success with their online store.

What is B2M?


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Business-to-many, or B2M, is usually a term used to describe companies that sell their products/services to all types of customers they can have. Their customer base includes wholesalers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, etc.

Compared with B2B or B2C, B2M businesses often have an advantage in optimizing profits due to having large customer bases. Besides, there is also the reason given that they are better prepared to do business in multichannel, more effortless to expand business than pure B2B or B2C companies.

However, they often encounter difficulties in reaching customers due to their diverse customer base. On the other hand, because they approach both B2B and B2C customers, their profits are not as stable as regular wholesalers.

Examples of Successful B2M Companies on eCommerce

Despite the problems mentioned above, many B2M companies have survived and achieved impressive results. Take a look at these businesses below.

1. Nitterhouse Masonry Products


An example of a successful B2M company is Nitterhouse Masonry Products. The main products of Nitterhouse are construction products such as pavers, landscape blocks, masonry planters, etc.

As a B2M, Nitterhouse sells concrete products to many customers: architects who want to find suitable materials to complete the project, construction engineers looking for the perfect blocks for their complex building, etc.

The strength that makes Nitterhouse successful is the perfection of product quality. All of the construction products they offer are perfected and refined to the highest quality standards.

With the shift of technology, Nitterhouse quickly perfected the company’s ecommerce website to make it easier to distribute products to consumers. Their website is detailed, filled with impressive images & descriptions about concrete blocks, pavers, bricks and walls.

2. Muncy Restoration Works


Unlike Nitterhouse, Muncy Restoration Works is booming thanks to its niche service business. This B2M company provides car restoration, especially antique ones, to customers. This is a business field with few competitors, requiring high expertise, extensive knowledge of antique vehicles. Therefore, the company decided to make the website looks outdated and as simple as possible.

Besides, they also offer regular vehicle services such as oil changes, state inspections and brake replacements.

3. Quality Overhead Door


Quality Overhead Door is a B2M company specializing in housing products, mainly door types such as garage door, storm door, entry door, fire door, etc.

As one of the typical successful B2M businesses in ecommerce, Quality Overhead Door has created an effective CTA system with precise and convenient audience segmentation. For example, residential products are separate from commercial products, thus optimizing the customer experience.

4. Customers Bank


Customers Bank is one of the most successful B2M businesses. Like other banks, they provide specific services such as loans, mortgages, deposits, etc.

However, their strength is their ability to optimize information. With the analysis of the B2C and B2B customer characteristics, Customers Bank successfully chooses what common two groups of customers have to conduct successful sales and marketing campaigns.

Taking advantage of the landing page, Customers Bank shares information that both B2B and B2C customers are interested in to attract a large number of visitors to the website, increasing accessibility.

5. LoPriore Insurance Agency


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As an insurance agency, LoPriore is already a B2M business. The company’s subjects include both individuals and companies that buy insurance, so its policies for each issue are different.

LoPriore creates a short but professional, free quote page with the proper focus for effective service consulting, convenient for customers wishing to learn about services. This campaign was a great success and brought in the right amount of customer information, helping businesses thrive.

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