What Is BigCommerce B2B? Pros, Cons & Suggestions

Have you ever heard of the term “BigCommerce B2B” before? Take a seat. Let’s come together and explore how compatible this platform is with wholesale businesses and B2B sellers.

What is BigCommerce?


BigCommerce is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce. Compared to many rivals, the platform offers a high level of scalability for online stores. 

With extensive built-in sales capabilities, excellent omnichannel integration and optimized SEO, not to mention various features, BigCommerce provides multiple choices of both website scaling & web development for B2C & B2B customers.

What is BigCommerce B2B?

BigCommerce B2B refers to building a wholesale eCommerce website on a BigCommerce platform. Besides, this term is also used to refer to BigCommerce Pro and BigCommerce Enterprise versions because they have added many functions and utilities for wholesale optimization.

It can be easily seen that the annual fee of these two versions is much higher than the Basic version (Open-source or Essentials). Therefore, we only recommend upgrading from Standard to the Plus version to get some more essential wholesale features if your B2B business is small or just starting a business.

The pricing and version upgrade requests based on revenue are shown in the comparison table below.

Pricing Plans


Annual Sales Limit


BigCommerce Standard



Newcomers who just begin building an ecommerce store.

BigCommerce Plus



Small businesses want to optimize for the conversion rate.

BigCommerce Pro Edition



Mid-size B2B businesses that want extra wholesale features

BigCommerce Enterprise Edition

Contact required


Giant corporations and the like.

Is BigCommerce Optimized for B2B for B2B Sellers?

With the pricing mentioned above, should B2B businesses consider investing in building a wholesale eCommerce website on the platform?

You can look at its pros and cons for proper consideration on whether you should develop your website on BigCommerce.

BigCommerce’s Pros

BigCommerce’s Cons

For B2B sellers, BigCommerce:

  • Is an open-source platform with no commissions/fees required (only applied for Essentials plan).

  • Has lots of quality eCommerce features, both basic and advanced ones.

  • Has a smooth and friendly interface that helps wholesalers navigate and organize efficiently.

  • Is optimized for better search-result performance and hosting with a 99% uptime guarantee.

  • Has plenty of third-party applications on the marketplace for website customization.

  • Has four pricing plans with increasing high-quality features, which is recommended for business scaling.

  • Promises instant support for wholesale businesses that registered the Enterprise plan.

Unfortunately, BigCommerce:

  • Has a huge pricing gap, which is quite the hassle for small B2B sellers who want to take a step up on the game.

  • Is un-fit for sellers that want an easy-to-set-up solution like Shopify. 

  • Requires new users to take a while to feel familiar with the overwhelming amount of features.

  • Is reviewed as having poor support for small wholesale businesses because of the pricing plan priority.

That said, besides adding a bunch of features, BigCommerce optimizes many features for B2B customers.

In the Plus version, BigCommerce adds the Abandoned Cart Recovery feature, which is helpful for both B2C and B2B customers.

In general, the cart abandonment rate is around 70% across all industries. Well-optimized automated abandoned cart emails would be beneficial for you to quickly regain at least two or three customers per month if your average order value is much higher than the monthly fee itself.

Suggestion: Should You Choose BigCommerce B2B?

In general, BigCommerce is excellent for any eCommerce store that is looking for a scalable platform. With the price ranging from $29/month of Standard version up to $299/month of BigCommerce Pro with various features, BigCommerce is the top choice of companies with considerable investment funding for eCommerce.

Not to mention, it’s also perfect for stores that are already aimed at multi-channel selling or having a grand marketing plan ahead across multiple channels. Big B2B eCommerce businesses also can consider BigCommerce significantly since they could afford the enormous annual fee without effort.

In contrast, we don’t recommend BigCommerce to small businesses, primarily new wholesalers looking for a quick-setup solution.

Even BigCommerce Standard has plenty of features to learn about in each section, so understanding them all and making the best use of them would take quite a considerable amount of time. It’s much easier to use an alternative solution like Shopify for a fast run without many things to explore.

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