Magento 2 License Cost: How Much Does It Take?

Let’s dive right in to learn about the Magento 2 license cost of building your ecommerce website for either B2C or B2B purposes.

How Much Does Magento 2 License Cost?

As is known, the Magento 2 platform launches three versions depending on the needs, level and scale of users:

  • Magento 2 Open-source Edition.
  • Magento 2 Commerce Edition.
  • Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Edition.

1. Is Magento 2 Open-source Free?


Magento 2 Open-source is a free, open-source version that allows users to download and install and use immediately. Due to no cost and the exception of multiple utilities such as promotions, security and other supports, this version is suitable for retailers, small store owners and small B2C businesses.

Of course, it’s only free of licensing. To set up a good Magento 2 website for eCommerce and B2B purposes, you might want to consider carefully about other fees such as web hosting, domain certification and more.

2. How much does Magento 2 Commerce cost?


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Magento 2 Commerce (or Enterprise) is an official paid version that improves and adds functions for B2B purposes. The edition is suitable for medium-sized to large organizations and corporates as the annual licensing fee could go up or down depending on the business’s expected gross sales revenue.

Unlike Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento 2 Commerce license cost doesn’t accumulate on gross revenue percentage but based on revenue tiers.

For businesses that have expected gross sales revenue below $1 million, the annual fee only cost around $22,000. The pricing tiers go up as the expected revenue goes higher than $1 million and the Magento 2 Enterprise license cost reaches the maximum at $125,000 if your revenue exceeds $50 million.

3. How much is Magento 2 Commerce Cloud?


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Magento 2 Commerce Cloud (or Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud) is a paid version with full functionality of Commerce and Open-source but integrates cloud hosting solution, which is much appreciated for giant corporates and the likes.

The Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud license cost is also based on revenue tiers as the starting license fee costs around $40,000 and ends up at more than $190,000 according to the expected gross sales revenue. To support the clients, Magento allows monthly payment for Magento 2 Commerce Cloud users.

The Comparison Table of Magento 2 License Fee

For more details regarding the license cost of Magento 2 for eCommerce in general, take a look at this comparison table below:

Expected Annual Gross Sales Revenue

Magento 2 Open-source Edition

Magento 2 Commerce Edition

Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Edition

$0 - $1 million




$1 - $5 million




$5 - $10 million




$10 - $25 million




$25 - $50 million




ALSO, TAKE A LOOK at the Magento 2 B2B website maintenance cost if needed.

All the price above is negotiable, which you should consult with Magento 2 sales before proceeding to checkout.

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