Quick B2B Repurchase with Magento 2 Requisition List

Magento 2 Commerce Edition offers a variety of useful features aimed at wholesale customers and B2B businesses. One of the most basic functions is requisition list Magento 2

1. What is Magento 2 Requisition List?


requisition list Magento 2 is an extensive feature that is only available in the Magento 2 Commerce Edition, which requires you to pay the annual license fee to have it in use.

A requisition List is a list created by customers which contains a list of available products. To order faster, customers can add products from requisition lists to the shopping cart. It’s noted that a requisition list won’t disappear after making purchases but it’s still available for another use.

By default, the Requisition List seems to be very similar to the Wishlist function found in Magento 2 Open-source edition and Multiple Wishlist in Commerce edition. However, the Requisition List is significantly different, designed for wholesale purposes.

So what is the difference between the two functions above? Why is the Requisition List necessary for B2B customers?

2. Why do you need Magento 2 Requisition List?


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Magento 2 wishlist function is very convenient, especially for B2C customers. When browsing the store, it’s expected that customers might find some products that they feel comfortable with and want to bring it home. 

However, it has its flaws. The wishlist will just disappear after a purchase was made, making it impossible for customers to make a repurchase of the same product list for the second time.

This situation isn’t much of a problem for B2C customers, yet for wholesalers who tend to make multiple purchases after the first one, it’s proved to be a very unsatisfied experience.

Due to that reason, Magento company creates a requisition list feature in Commerce edition as an alternative for the wishlist function that would fit better with the behavior of wholesale businesses.

3. The benefit of the Requisition List feature


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Unlike the Wishlist feature, the Magento 2 Requisition List is created to aim at B2B customers. Wholesalers now can create an unlimited number of requisition lists and add products of their choice to the lists.

The function works perfectly fine with both signed-in customers and guests that happen to arrive at your website. Another plus is that the requisition list will always be available even after the requisition list goes through checkout successfully.

In short, the requisition list won’t disappear like the default wishlist feature.

Using the requisition list could immensely reduce their shopping time since wholesalers don’t have to go through the browsing process again. Instead, they can go to check out right away if their desired product list is already available because all items could be added directly to the shopping cart if needed.

4. How to Create A Requisition List in Magento 2?


By default, the Requisition List is already enabled from the backend. Of course, you can perform several configurations to adjust it to your liking.

To create a requisition list, your customer can choose one of the following methods below:

  • Login and access the My Account. Click on the My Requisition List button on the sidebar. At the Requisition List page, press Create New Requisition List.
  • From any product page, click Add to Requisition List and press Create New Requisition List.

Finally, enter the Name and Description of the Requisition List in the field below.

Complete the process by pressing OK.

For more tutorials regarding Magento 2 Requisition List feature on Magento 2 Commerce Edition, you can check out the official documents to learn more.

5. How to Add Product to Requisition List?

To add any products to your Requisition List, follow any of the methods below:


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1. Go to the product page and select Add to Requisition List. Choose any of the following options: Choose an existing requisition list or Create a new requisition list.


2. Go to My Order at the sidebar of your account and click Add to requisition list. Choose any of the following options: Choose an existing requisition list or Create a new requisition list 


3. Go to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the icon at the sidebar and choose either Choose an existing requisition list or Create a new requisition list.

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