Shopify Product Options: How To Add Variants On Shopify?

To maximize your profits, adding many variations for customers to choose from might boost your customer experiment significantly. So let’s learn how to add variants on Shopify with three different methods now.

What is Shopify Variant?


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To facilitate product management on Shopify, store owners have the right to create additional variants for their products. Appearing only on products with more than one option, Variants are product selections with a different color, size, or feature based on the original product model.

Shopify allows you to add up to 100 variants per product and three customized options compared to other platforms. Usually, when you create a new variant for your product, you are free to edit the product’s price to suit each variant and set up other adjustments such as inventory and shipping options.

Options may vary between products. For example, one product might allow buyers to choose between sizes, colors, and materials, while another product only offers weight, color, and style.

If you want to go beyond variants and options limits, please refer to the applications we recommend in the latter section. Theme code customization is also a choice if you’d like to make it work manually. However, it might require a decent knowledge of coding, which is lacking for most store owners.

It’s also noteworthy to remember that if your store has more than 50,000 variants, you will be limited in the number of variants uploaded per day via any apps (even third-party ones) or CSV file imports. Specifically, you can only submit 1,000 new variants per day. So if you want to get around this limitation, a Shopify Plus subscription is the utmost requirement.

How to Add Variants on Shopify Products?


Adding new variants to your Shopify products only takes a few minutes. Here we listed all the methods that you can use to add the new ones efficiently.

1. Add variants to new product

To add variants on Shopify directly while you’re working on creating new products, simply follow our instructions below.

  • First, login to your Shopify admin page and navigate to the Product section. From the Add product page, look for the Variants section and press Add variant
  • From here, name the option as your wishes like Color, Weight, etc. and begin creating multiple option values like Green, Red, Blue, etc., which would appear on the frontend for the customers to choose from.
  • Don’t forget to add a comma each time you want to separate the option values with another. These values also appear later as tags for easy sorting and filtering orders.
  • If, by chance, your product has more than one variant, then you can Add another option to your product. Always remember that the maximum options per item are only three. 
  • After finishing adding new product options, your imported variants will appear on the product information page next to Modify the variants to be created. Now you can simply enable options you don’t want to sell by unchecking corresponding checkboxes.

Shopify also allows you to add new prices, barcodes or even product SKUs to your product detail if needed. Finally, click Save to finish your works.

2. Add variants to existing product

It’d be much faster and easier for store owners to add new variants to already existing products instead of adding variants on Shopify while creating new ones. Below are the exact steps it’d take to make it done. 

  • First, log in and go straight to your Shopify admin page, then click Products and navigate to the All products section.
  • Then, select the product you’d like to add variants. Next, scroll and look for the Variants section, press Add variant.
  • Now, it’s time to fill in all the required information about your variant. You can also enter new option values as wished in the Options section. Don’t forget to click Save when you’re done.

3. Add a variant on Shopify with the duplicating method

Instead of losing a bunch of time just to add the new variant with the exact details as the previous one manually, you can try the duplicating method. To explain, by duplicating a variant and using it as a base for new ones, you don’t have to enter the exact details again, which might save a lot of time.

The steps are pretty simple:

  • Navigate to the Products section via your Shopify admin page, then click All products. Next, click on the product you’d like to add new variants.
  • In the just-showed-up product information page, look for the Variants section. Select the variant you want to make a new duplicate, then click Duplicate.
  • Remember that Shopify won’t allow you to save the duplicated variant without any differences from the original one. So at the very least, please edit one of its information.
  • Click Save to finish the process.

How to Add Multiple Variants on Shopify?


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To add Shopify product options and variants faster, especially when your store has a massive amount of products, you might need to add multiple variants with the help of bulk action.

Follow our instructions below to make it convenient for you.

  • Firstly, login and navigate to the Products section and select All products from your left menu on the Shopify admin page. Then choose the product that you wish to create additional variants.
  • From here on, look for the Variants section on the product information page. Then, click on the variants you want to duplicate with the same option value you choose.
  • Now you need to use a bulk action. When the Create duplicate variants window appears on the screen, enter new variants values that you wished to create and select pieces of information from already existing variants.
  • Finally, click Duplicate to finish the whole process. Save when it’s done.
  • The product now has new variations with the option value you entered and the other option values from the one you chose before. Depending on what you decided to copy from the original, you may need to modify or add additional information to the new variants.

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Top 5 Recommended Shopify Product Variants Apps

As a store owner, if you’d like more customizations for the variant’s functionality, then consider trying these top 5 Shopify variant apps. 

1. Variants Options Swatch King


Price: 30-day free trial.

Variants Options Swatch King by StarApps Studio is a one-for-all paid solution to extend your customization ability via various swatch features for product variations.

  • Automated variant image swatches.
  • Add swatch supports for color and custom images.
  • Turn product groups into swatches.
  • Create collection swatches.
  • Import/export swatches faster via bulk upload/migration.
  • Allow creating out-of-stock product variants.

2. Variant Option Product Options


Price: 14-day free trial.

Variant Option Product Options developed by Relentless Apps enhanced the default variants settings to the next level by removing restrictions and improving the overall customer experiments.

  • Add additional price settings for product variants, values, options.
  • Display the product options logically.
  • Personalize your product page with textboxes, images, attachments and color swatches.
  • Remove options & values limitation of default Shopify.

3. Product Option Variants Option


Price: Free plan available.

Product Option Variants Option by PxApps is great if you’re looking for additional functions that are optimized for wholesale and large companies. The plugin offers:

  • More product options with color swatches.
  • Add personalized custom field types of your choice.
  • Remove restrictions, make options and values unlimited.
  • Optimize bulk variants for large Shopify stores.

4. 100+ Variants & Product Options


Price: $5.90/month with a 7-day free trial.

100+Variants & Product Options by Globo might be an appropriate solution to maximize the customizing ability of your product variants and options. Like its name, the plugin allows you to:

  • Build the product page with over 100 variants & option elements.
  • Adjust the price automatically with smart & conditional logic settings.
  • Apply bulk option sets.
  • Make adjustments with live preview.
  • Create custom fields with numerous settings & types.

5. Variant Title King


Price: Free.

Variant Title King by StarApps Studio can be your choice of free solution to improve your Shopify product options and variants. The plugin mainly focuses on optimizing the variant titles for possible SEO results.

  • Create product title templates.
  • Automatically apply title templates as wished to all new products.
  • Compatible with product options and any swatches.
  • Compatible with all marketplace themes.

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