Check Out Which Is The Best Shopify Sales Rep App?

Managing sales reps is one of the most common B2B and B2C methods on eCommerce, yet it’s not fully implemented in the default Shopify. Take a look below and take our recommendations of the top 3 best Shopify sales rep apps to your heart and your store. 

Why Do You Need Shopify Sales Representative?


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When your store’s size and customer volume are small, you alone are more than enough to take care of each customer. However, if your business becomes favorable, the number of customers buying goods over time will increase dramatically, which might be extremely difficult for you to take care of all of them in one go.

No matter how optimal the sales system or platform is, even with Shopify, without additional help, sooner or later, you will be overloaded and have no time to plan your move or make any arrangements.

Whether your business model is wholesale or retail, sales representatives are critical to expanding a Shopify business’s operating scale and sales capabilities.

By delegating sales and customer service responsibilities to sales reps, the business will run more smoothly. And, of course, the store owner’s precious time can be used to plan and lead the company.

Instead of having to hand over your store admin accounts to sales reps, you can create, assign functions and level access to sales rep accounts with the help of third-party applications. These sales reps will take care of customers from browsing products to the checkout process and consult with them to ensure that products are delivered perfectly to customers’ hands. 

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Top 3 Best Shopify Sales Rep Apps

Take a look at our complete list of top 3 Shopify sales rep apps to make your life easier while implementing sales representatives with many valuable tools and features that potentially boost your store’s performance.

1. Shopify Sales Team


Price: From $15.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Shopify Sales Team by Chief Software Solutions is an enhancement for stores that already planned to implement a sales rep system. The plugin helps you set up a Shopify sales team dedicated to the wholesale & retail selling process with a bunch of features:

  • Allow sales reps to send invoices to clients & customers. 
  • Let sales reps receive a commission when the invoices are paid.
  • Assign customers to Shopify sales representatives manually or automatically.
  • Let sales reps add new customers to follow.
  • Generate affiliate links for each sales rep to promote on social media.
  • Generate unique affiliate discount coupon codes for each corresponding sales rep.
  • Let sales reps resell products at retail prices after purchasing by themselves at wholesale price.
  • Manage sales reps with sales team managers for better performance.
  • Allow sales team managers to add new reps to the store.

2. Sales Reps Commission Manager


Price: From $10/month with a 14-day free trial.

The Sales Reps Commission Manager by is one of the best sales rep apps for Shopify available on the app marketplace. With a wide range of features, the plugin helps you efficiently manage your team of sales reps while having a deeper glance at the sales process of your store.

  • Provide each sales rep with separate affiliate links for sales deals.
  • Let sales reps receive a commission based on their successful deals.
  • Manage discount codes and distribute them to sales reps.
  • Create distinct discount codes and assign them to sales reps.
  • Let sales reps handle customers with specific tags.
  • Let specific sales reps handle all orders with the same tags.
  • Assign specific customers to your choice of sales reps.
  • Prevent accidental commission by “representative code” settings.
  • Support Shopify POS orders with automatic assignment based on user ID.

3. Revamp CRM – Sales & Marketing


Instead of implementing only a sales reps feature, the Revamp CRM – Sales and Marketing by Revamp has various helpful CRM features in both sales and marketing aspects, which fit in perfectly, whether it’s B2B or B2C models. All the features below are valuable improvements to your management process. 

  • Manage and take notes on customer profiles in real-time with extra data and tracking for both B2B & B2C eCommerce.
  • Manage sent & received emails via CRM.
  • Sync tags assigned to products or customers.
  • Allow integration with Zipper if needed.
  • Automatically analyze and report extraction for Shopify.
  • Split up to sales segments with custom criteria and tags.
  • Support a wide range of integrations: Zipper, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign.
  • Assign sales rep to custom or specific roles.
  • Manage all sales, follow-up tasks, rolls, permissions of your team.
  • Create automation workflows with schedule assignments for customers.

Shopify sales rep apps are useful tools for online merchants who want to manage and motivate their sales teams, assign customers and commissions, track sales performance, and generate more revenue. Those above just are 3 popular apps recommended by BSS Commerce team. We hope you get some helpful information when considering to pick the best Shopify sales rep app to integrate on your webstore. 

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