Top 10 Shopify Wholesale Pricing Discount Apps For Your Store

Managing discounts is not easy when there are so many things to keep track of. Not to mention, many apps seem to be a perfect enhancement or even replacement for the default function. Take a glance to see our top list of top 10 Shopify Wholesale pricing discounts for your B2B store.

1. Wholesale Pricing Discount


Wholesale Pricing Discount is a paid app that brings various pricing options for wholesalers to Shopify. It allows users to set wholesale prices for a specific group of customers instead of all wholesale customers. 

Not to mention, you can also import and export prices from a CSV file with product SKUs. The plugin allows you to set fixed discount prices, percentage discount prices, volume discounts or tier discounts applied to specific products, collections or even the entire store.

2. Wholesale & Custom Pricing


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Website On-Demand team brings the Wholesale & Custom Pricing app, which over 4,000 Shopify store owners trust. With many improvements in terms of wholesale & custom pricing, the module provides us quite a lot of features like:

  • Set wholesale prices for B2B customers on a per-variant basis.
  • Easy to set up custom pricing, which is compatible with most themes.
  • Set up advanced features like net orders & individual product pricing.

The plugin also allows users to apply wholesale discounts to products, collections and all products, not to mention multiple B2B discount groups apply to checkout simultaneously. 

3. Booster: Discounted Pricing


Booster: Discounted Pricing, developed by the Booster Apps team, is a simple plugin that allows Shopify store owners to set up different B2B price tiers for discounts directly.

With an intuitive and customer-friendly interface, the plugin lets the admin set up percentage discounts at ease. You can also set the maximum as well as minimum product amount requirements for each percentage discount.

Overall, Booster: Discounted Pricing lets you:

  • Create & modify volume discounts for products/collections.
  • Set up maximum or minimum quantity breaks per discount.
  • Use the pricing discount functions in conjunction with discount codes.

4. Discount Box + B2B Wholesale


With over 230 reviews, Discount Box + B2B Wholesale is a well-recognized discount plugin for Shopify wholesalers. The module lets you create flexible pricing offers for wholesale based on volume discount settings, manual order prices, individual pricings, etc.

Compared to the three plugins mentioned above, Discount Box + B2B Wholesale by the Thimatic team offers a free plan, which only allows one discount offer.

5. BD Bulk Discount Price Editor


BD Bulk Discount Price Editor by TenGrowth is an interesting plugin that, besides various enhancements and additional wholesale discount options, also lets you set up the discount scale and schedule the sale period of your discount settings.

Once the sale ends, your products will automatically go back to the original wholesale price before. You can also create mass discounts for a variety of products or apply bulk discounts for specific collections.

6. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale


Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale is a nice addition to your store with its unique B2B level feature, which automatically changes product prices of customers according to the price level you set beforehand.

Not to mention, compared to various wholesale discount pricing modules, the plugin is based on an automatic tag-apply system, which auto-tag customers based on their spendings, purchase frequency or their previous orders. It’s worth noting that Bold Custom Pricing for Wholesale works multi-channel and is also compatible with third-party integrations.

7. Volume & Discounted Pricing


Volume & Discounted Pricing by Shopacado is a Shopify app with a much more general discount pricing customization feature, which is fit for both B2B & B2C customers.

To conclude, the plugin promotes various advancement and new features that might benefit wholesalers like:

  • Fully customizing options with visual-pleasing display of custom prices.
  • Timed offer with quantity breaks options for discounts and sales.
  • Volume discounts, which are great for businesses that are aimed at B2B customers.
  • Notification bar as an additional feature to upsell and increase sales performance.
  • Freedom in display customization of volume discounts on wholesale product pages.
  • Dynamic discounts with unlimited discount levels to boost B2B orders.

Besides, the module also offers member-only pricing to boost customer sign-up rate, which profits both retail and wholesale.

8. Bulk Price Editor & Discounts


Compared to other Shopify wholesale pricing discount apps, the Bulk Price Editor & Discounts by Aperitive focuses on the quick setup for the convenience of many store owners. The app simplifies discount options with multiple pre-set bulk discounts for a quick setup process:

  • Percentage increase/decrease of 10%.
  • Value increases/decreases by 10.
  • Compare or set the price at $99.

Not to mention, the Bulk Price Editor & Discounts also has discount schedules, which enable you to set up a specific period for each discount or let the timed discounts be automatically turned on daily, weekly or monthly.

9. Wholesale Personalized Pricing


Wholesale Personalized Pricing is a comprehensive solution to customize your B2B product prices. The plugin created by Identixweb is full of advanced features that are optimized to provide you an edge in wholesale pricing competition:

  • Set personalized prices for each B2B customer.
  • Unlimited pricing pairs for wholesalers.
  • Support bulk purchase orders by multiple price tiers.
  • Offer guest discounts for first-time visitors.
  • Easily set flat rate discounts with product prices.
  • Offer flat-rate custom product prices discounts to customers
  • Discounts are compatible with both simple and variant products.
  • Logged-in special discounts or unique price offers.

10. Wholesale Pricing Manager


With Wholesale Pricing Manager by SpurIT,  you can easily optimize your wholesale discounts with a variety of enhancements as well as additional management features for ease of work:

  • Create Membership Group, VIP Group or Wholesale Group of uniqueness.
  • Sell products at a lower base price in the Membership Group.
  • Offer attractive discounts for Wholesale Group. 
  • Create hundreds of wholesale statuses with no limit.
  • Auto-tag of fitting B2B customers or manually assigning wholesale statuses.
  • Set B2B discounts by percentage or in a fixed amount.
  • Offer tier pricing discounts to wholesalers.
  • Set customized notifications for B2B users.

The application also features custom requirements for discounts like minimum quantities or demanded total prices, which can be applied to even collections and items without differences.

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