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B2B/Wholesale Package for Magento 2


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Stop treating your B2B customers like B2C! They have different shopping behaviors; hence, they seek different experiences.

You, on the other hand, need advanced features to manage B2B customers better.

BSS cover all demands as above in one package called Magento 2 B2B Extension.

  • Developed for wholesale buyers and sellers
  • Invest 1 for 11 Magento 2 extensions
  • Ensure the full compatibility in features
  • Buy this bundle to save 37% OFF
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.6

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Free Installation
Free 1-Year Support
$1,009 $600

If you are sitting back on your chair thinking happily “B2B buyers are changing. They become more like B2C. Magento 2 default features are enough”, then WAKE UPPPPPP. Yes, business-to-business customers now prefer going online for a self-service process from searching to checking out. Hardly does any salesperson get involved.

BUT they will never, at least in the next fifty years, buy like a B2C customer.

They hate slow search! They do not spend hours browsing your catalog. They do not waste another hour to weigh before adding items to cart … They want more than Magento 2 limited features. Here comes an ultimate solution to optimize your website for B2B experience!

Manage Customer Accounts & Content Access

Do not tell us you still show off your product content and price for everyone, both guests and your competitors? We all know that these two components are important competitive advantages. So share this juice for targeted customers only. Moreover, you should take tight control of customer accounts from the very first.

magento 2 force login extension

Force Login - Require Login to Access Pages ($59)

You can set specific pages or even the whole site to be visitable for logged-in customers only. Guest users, on the other hand, will be redirected to the login page.

That way, your competitors cannot steal your product lists, content, or price. With an account, B2B customers can also track their orders easily.

B2B Registration Form - Know More to Manage Better ($119)

B2B sellers, remember that "Trust, but Verify!" Don’t accept all account registrations like the default. You must research to ensure they are trustworthy for the long-term relationship. Our Magento 2 B2B extension helps:

  • Create a new sign-up form for B2B customers
  • Preview/accept/pending/reject the registers
magento 2 B2B registration extension
magento 2 catalog permission extension

Catalog Permission - Restrict Access per Customer Group ($59)

Even when customers have logged in, you do not want to share all of your content. Maybe, you are running a unified website - for both B2B and B2C or you segment your B2B customers into smaller groups. For whatever reasons, catalog permission is a must:

  • Limit categories’ access to customer groups
  • Limit CMS pages’ access to customer groups

Hide Price from Products, Categories & Customer Groups ($59)

It is natural in B2B business that your price is adjustable for different customer groups or from times to times. Hence, you must hide it and promote customers to take further actions, for example, login or direct contact. The Hide Price feature is to do so.

  • Hide price on specific products or categories and per customer group
  • Customize the “add to cart” button into “hide price message
magento 2 hide price extension

Fasten The Ordering Process - The Quicker, The Merrier

For B2B customers, a lighting-fast ordering is far more important than catalog browsing. If you fail to satisfy them, customers will leave for other websites. To tell the truth, there are hundreds of competitors out there who are available to do such things.

magento 2 wholesale fast order extension

Wholesale Fast Order - Smart Ordering Form ($119)

No more browsing and loading product pages, B2B customers can search and order any products within one form. “Friction-form form” - We want to add. What to expect:

  • Quick order form by customer group
  • Search products by names/SKUs (auto-suggestion & selection are included)
  • Import csv.file for bulk order
  • Add multiple products to cart at once
  • Work will almost all product types

Add Multiple Product to Cart - Right at Catalog Page ($119)

A fast order form is recommended, but it doesn’t mean you can overlook your catalog page. Customers can also browse your product list page to order more.

If so, make your catalog quick to order as well.

  • Show checkout box, qty box and “add to cart” button on the product list page
  • Select custom option on the popup
  • Work will almost all product types
magento 2 add multiple products to cart extension

New Configurable Product Wholesale Display ($119)

A new way to show off your configurable products and their associated products. Almost all information is transparent right at B2B customers’ fingertips.

  • Show child products and attributes (SKU, unit price, stock number, etc.) in grid
  • Add multiple products at different quantities to cart in one click
  • Be user-friendly and responsive

Multiple Wishlists - Provide More to Save More ($79)

For B2B customers, the wishlist is more than a “love” list but a “need” list. Thus, 1-for-all wishlist like the default is sucking! With our Magento 2 B2B Package, to be more specific, the multiple wishlists, customers have more room to manage their wanted products.

  • One for "Regular Purchases";
  • Another for "1st Quarter 2019";
  • One more for "2nd Quarter 2019"; etc.
magento 2 multiple wishlists extension

Customers Are Ready to Checkout - Take Manage Here

Checkout optimization is the daily priority whether you are B2B or B2C merchants. Here we present two features to improve values in your checkout: Minimum Order Amount & Store Credit. Scroll down to learn how they work!

Magento 2 minimum order amount extension

Minimum Order Amount per Customer Group ($39)

Each customer group has its buying power. If you want to maximize your possible sales, you can set a minimum order value to pass through the checkout.

A small feature, but turns out the significant effect!

Install to earn it yourself.

Store Credit - Turn Refund into Sales & Cash on Pocket ($119)

When it comes to refund, both you and customers know this process is time-consuming. Let alone, thinking of the large order value, it costs an extra amount - for sure.

Since B2B customers make frequent and repeated order once in a while, why do not you refund them by store credit?

Convenient for both! It saves time and money.

magento 2 store credit extension

If Customers Love Your Site, They Will Come Back to Reorder

In a B2B reorder scenario, speed and accuracy are paramount to retain customers and turn them into your loyal. Hence, a comfortable and converting experience is to access the order history quickly; search for wanted products smartly; customize order quantities and options in seconds, and add bulk products to cart.

magento 2 advanced reorder list extension

Reorder - Reorder is As Important As Order ($119)

All ordered products are saved in one places so B2B customers will not have to do the normal ordering all again. Peace of mind!

  • Support reorder product list and "Quick View" function
  • Search smartly by any product information
  • Add multiple products to cart in one go
  • Work with all Magento 2 product types

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