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Free Admin Payment Method for Magento 2 Extension

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Magento 2 Admin Payment Method extension allows admin to create payment method validated only in the backend. This solution also supports auto-creating invoice and shipment once orders are created.
  • Create order in the backend using the Admin Payment Method
  • Automatically create Invoice and Shipment
  • Pre-select when admin creates orders
  • Set applicable countries for the admin payment method

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Currently, Magento 2 default does not activate a payment method for admin use only. In many cases, you will wish to have a payment method that you could assign to a backend order only and invisible on the checkout page in the frontend. For instance, sometimes, customers would like to make orders by phone or pay by money transfer or in-person cash. Therefore, this extension enables you to create orders from the backend and use the payment method visible at the backend only.

  • Add a new payment method for admin to create order in the backend

    magento 2 admin payment method extension

While expanding your Magento 2 with this extension, admin will still create the order as in default. In the Create New Order page, down to Choosing Payment Method step, you will see the admin payment method at the same area with other payment methods with a checkbox. Importantly, this method will appear only in the backend order page.  

magento 2 admin payment method extension

  • Preselect when admin creates orders

Anytime when you create a new order in the backend, the admin payment method would be preselected.

  • Automatically create Invoice and Shipment

This feature can be enabled/disabled at Configuration/Payment Method. Admin can choose whether to generate invoice and shipment right after orders are completed

  • Track all orders using admin payment method in a grid table

On the Order page, admin can filter all the orders using the admin payment method. These order will be sorted out according to the method.

  • Set applicable countries (All or Optional) for the admin payment method

  • Adjust the name for the method by each store view

  • Notify customers about the payment method on the frontend Account Dashboard/My Order

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Release Note

  • v1.0.0: First Release
  • v1.0.1: Fix display issue of successfull autom invoice message when setting Auto Invoice + shipment as Yes