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Magento 2 PWA Add-on Product Label


PWA Add-on Product Label makes every product label display flexibly on all devices. It’s necessary to gain your customers' attention on hot products, best sellers, discounts, etc.

Magento 2 PWA Add-on Product Label extension is an upgraded extension of Magento 2 Product Label. That supports rapidly creating a label with special deals, featured products, and other information. 

  • Provide an eye-catching product label on all devices
  • Ensure user experience smoother and faster
  • Be compatible with all browsers
  • Work well with the Magento Venia theme

*Note: To use PWA Add-on, you need to install Magento 2 Product Label extension firstly.

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Magento 2 PWA Add-on Product Label

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About Magento 2 PWA Add-on

PWA in Magento 2 is the newest technology nowadays that supports your website and your module compatible with Magento Venia theme. It provides a seamless user experience incorporating the best elements of both online and native apps in a single package called Progressive Web App. 

Finding a means to optimize every step of the purchase journey is critical for a long-term company plan. PWA is cutting-edge technology that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Attract Your Customer with Magento 2 PWA Add-on Product Label


With Magento 2 PWA Add-on Product Label, you can boost your marketing result by using labels of special deals and promotions to provide more details directly on your product pages. For example, you can choose each label per target:

  • "Low stock" or "limited" labeling creates a sense of urgency to buy. 
  • With "new arrival" labeling, stimulate their interest in getting the newest item.
  • Use "on-sale" labels to attract attention.
  • Use "out-of-stock" labels to immediately notify customers when a product is out of supply.

These labels work well on desktop, tablet, and mobile with Magento 2 PWA Add-on Product Label. 

6 Reasons Why Should Get Magento 2 PWA Add-on



The label per product auto-adjusts to fit all screens. Its responsive design can capture the hearts of mobile users.

Loading Speed

Never make your consumers wait – with the PWA Add-on, your label will load in seconds, increasing customer happiness and interaction.

App-like Experience

All features, such as Push Notifications, the Add-to-Home-Screen button, and Offline mode, allow users to enjoy the changing product label on any device as using a native app.


PWA adheres to the mobile-first standard, allowing your product page to rank higher in search results.

Minimum Cost

Compared to Android and iOS apps, PWA has a significantly reduced deployment cost.

Platform Compatibility

The Add-on functions well on your website platform (Magento 2)


How Magento 2 PWA Add-on Product Label Attract Customer



Show eye-catching label

Many functions include uploading custom product labels, drag and drop labels, applying labels to various products based on attributes, etc. These are designed outstandingly and placed in a good-looking position. So your customers can’t ignore these products' added labels.

Display flexibly with various label

PWA Add-on Product Label allows labels to appear more flexibly when transferring between all devices. Ensure each label is shown with suitable proportion, color, and position. Every change just needs one second. 

Improve the customer experience

Reducing the time it takes for a product page to load - each interaction takes only a few seconds. Because of the convenience of finding and discovering attributes of the product base label, you may easily obtain client satisfaction.

Combine features between Website and App

On the PC, Magento 2 Product Label did a decent job showing labels. With our PWA Add-on, however, the label will appear compatible with smaller devices while keeping all necessary information. You don't need to stretch any farther to have a mobile-friendly sizing system on your site because all functionalities and options are similar to the Magento 2 Product Label extension!


So, take your action now to get a Magento 2 PWA Add-on Product Label that includes free installation and updates, as well as 1-year of dedicated support!

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  • Can I display multiple labels per product?

    Yes, you can set multiple labels in Configuration. Then, in Display multiple labels on product: choose Yes to show various labels to the thumbnail image of the product that meets the set conditions


  • Can I set labels based on product attribute values?

    Yes, you can set product attribute values via labels condition. You can see the detailed guide in our User Guide

  • What product types are supported by this product labels module?

    We support all product types