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Coming Soon & Maintenance Page for Magento 2

DON’T show an uncommunicative Maintenance Page - customers feel annoying and leave.

DON’T display a dull “Coming Soon.” None bothers waiting for your website to launch out.

DO use BSS Magento 2 Coming Soon & Maintenance Page extension.

  • Create & design a user-friendly coming soon/maintenance page
  • Support countdown timer to clearly inform of the maintenance end time
  • Show subscription box & social buttons to earn users’ engagement
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to update on the page performance
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x
      |      Enterprise: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x

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Every Magento 2 Store Needs a Maintenance Page

There are some cases that we recommend putting your website under the maintenance mode.

  • Installing tools, extensions, or themes; 
  • Avoiding the ERROR 404 that hurts SEO; etc.
  • Undergoing part of upgrades; 
  • Performing the scheduled website backups;

You can never find Magento maintenance mode in the Admin panel. Instead, you must use ssh or add an empty file in var directory. Even doing so, the default template is almost blank and, saying honestly, ruins the customer experience.

Magento 2 custom maintenance page extension

Look for An Eye-catching Coming Soon Design, Also Stay

Are you well-prepared for your launching day?

It will not be complete without a “Coming Soon” page to say the early hello to the world.

  • Your brand identity: The Coming Soon page is ideal for the very first impression: your logo, design, message, your up-launching products, etc.

  • Time of launching: Coming Soon - “What kind of soon?” customers think. A countdown timer; hence, is a must to remind users of why to return later.

  • A converting message: You can directly say who you are and what your company does. Otherwise, say something curious and promotional.  Whatever, keep it short!

  • A call to action: Show a contact form to get in touch with your early fans.

  • Social channels: Since your website is not launched yet, show somewhere else so that customers can get about you. Facebook, - for example.

Here is a Magento 2 Coming Soon page you want to copy:

Magento 2 coming soon page

Custom Coming Soon & Maintenance Page for Magento 2

BSS extension provides you with all features to make a user-friendly Maintenance or Coming Soon page as wished:

Choose background images, upload logo and tailor message easily

When accessing a maintenance page, every customer feels annoyed. More or less. To comfort such a bad experience, a humorous picture and dedicated message will help.

The similar goes for the coming soon page. The secret is to create a curious and exciting feeling towards what you are about to launch.

Thanks to our Magento 2 Coming Soon & Maintenance Page extension, you can upload the background as an image, video, and even in the slider. Also, there are rooms for show off your logo and tailor the converting message, say “Something awesome is coming soon.”

Support countdown timer to clearly inform of the maintenance end time

Time is of the essence. Without an indicator of time, customers might wonder “Should I come back later or NEVER?” They have no time nor patience to check your Magento 2 status frequently. Instead, there are two types of the modern countdown clock to show on your coming soon or maintenance page. More importantly, you can set to turn off the Magento 2 maintenance page when the time reaches.

Show subscription box & social buttons to earn users’ engagement

Even your site is off; you can still get in touch with potential customers. Here come two effective ways:

  • The subscription box. Collected emails are not only for announcing page re-open, but also for further marketing campaigns and newsletters.
  • Social networks are recommended to communicate and interact with customers in case they have any questions or problems while the website is unavailable.

Other features:

Too many features are integrated into such a small-priced package:

  • Integrate with Google Analytics to update on the page performance
  • Send an email to admin to alert about nearly-end maintenance time
  • Exclude IPs and specific URLs from Magento maintenance mode
  • Preview the created Coming Soon/Maintenance page in the admin
  • Redirect users to maintenance page or CMS page as wanted

One Invest for 2-in-1 Use

Once again, you should maintain your website frequently to ensure every function works well. Each time, Magento 2 maintenance page is in need.

For those seeking for Coming Soon page, you can also take advantage of this extension for maintenance mode later.

Only $59 - Great deal ever!


  • Good work you guys
    Your coming soon page does work for our site. Users turn out engaging more. Thanks
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Pederson on 25 March 2019
  • More than expectation
    At first, I just looked for a maintenance page that was a bit "human" than that of default. Your extension turns out more than "human". It is catchy.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Nesty on 20 February 2019
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