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Auto Invoice

BSS Auto Invoice Extension features a convenient Magento payment process which was designed to change order status automatically after generating invoice
  • Enable automatic invoice and shipment generation based on payment methods
  • Automatically create and change order status
  • Send invoice e-mail to customer
  • Check out Auto Invoice for Magento 2
Community: 1.4.x.x - 1.9.x.x
      |      Enterprise: 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x, 1.14.x.x

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Have you ever met the problem that even after when you finish the shipments of products, the order statuses fail to automatically turn from “processing” to “complete”?

If you are finding an extension to set the status of orders in your Magento Store, Magento Auto Invoice by BSSCommerce is your optical choice.

Magento Auto Invoice extension by BSSCommerce simplifies order status management which not only reduces significant manual tasks for admins but also meets customers’ need. Customers always want the place order as fast as possible and at once. With Auto Invoice, when orders are finished, all status of which will be automatically changed into “Complete” and invoices will accordingly be created. As a result, BSS Auto Invoice will put an end of overload of manually creating an invoice too much for Magento Store Owners.

    • Automatically change the status of orders when they are finished
    • Enable automatic invoice and shipment generation
    • Easily customized from backend and well-compatible with Magento
    • Automatically send invoice email

magento auto invoice email bsscommerce

  • Provide solutions with multiple payment methods of invoices
  • Enable automatic shipment generation

Why Magento Auto Invoice Extension is your must-have extension?

    • Build up your customers’ reliability with IMMEDIATE invoices

When they make orders and already finish their payments on an e-Commerce website, they definitely want to ensure their payment is recognized and their orders are accomplished. They undeniably look forward your invoices come to their email.

Our Auto Invoice Extension not only finishes customers’ orders, change statuses but also send invoice e-mail to your customers automatically. In such a way, their trust on your ecommerce services is promoted.

    • Fulfill your satisfaction with total invoice control in the EASIEST way

Having your Magento store automatically shipping orders can be a great help and can make your workflow smooth. It automatically creates invoices and completes orders and changes the status of orders, which significantly reduces time manually processing.

    • Reduce your efforts to filter invoices with complexity of payment methods

Automatically generate invoices and shipments based on all available methods of payment. Instead of manually dealing with each invoice, this extension allows you to work with each group of invoice payment methods. You will find it easier to take one-step and complete invoices depending on different payment methods.


    • Create visual comfort for you when working with mass of invoices

The clear and neatly configuration of the extension enables webmasters to choose actions for automatic invoice process.

    • Well-compatible with Magento, well – familiar with web developers

As a huge open source eCommerce web application, Magento carries out a possibly every function that can be carried out on an ecommerce website. Auto Invoice is designed using similar structure that Magento follows in the core of system and the coding standard that Magento support. Therefore, it works very well with all Magento platform and well-compatible with other extensions.

You will be persuaded when using this extension since it features a convenient Magento payment process. One more outstanding feature was to change order status automatically after generating invoices. With conviction, BSS Auto Invoice Extension is certainly useful extension.


  • not helpful
    THis extension working only cash on delivery.
    Not working with paypal express checkout and strip.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by ramesh on 03 August 2016
  • Well- done!
    Well, your product make me totally satisfied. It is easy to set up and have direct effectiveness. Thanks for providing it free! I believe that your paid product is even much more effective than that.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Martin on 05 July 2016
  • MR
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by sdd on 02 October 2015
  • Very good price
    I'm very glad to find out BSS Auto Invoice. It's a great extension especially when it doesn’t cost you.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Katty ng on 09 June 2015
  • Thanks for great support
    I really appreciate BSS customer support. When order just completed, they contact us immediately for offering free installation and ask us whether it has problem or conflict or not. Everything went on well with their help. Thanks BSS!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by joandy on 03 April 2015
  • Highly recommend!
    "Simple but very essential extension for my store. BSS Group has the best support ever!
    Highly recommend!!!"
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by kandzy on 25 March 2015
  • Really worth a try!
    The rich set of features, the price, the demo version and the support helped us to choose BSS Auto Invoice extension. It works great as describes and for a free product, it really worth having a try!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Rosiez on 23 March 2015
  • Does exactly what it has to do
    It does exactly what it has to do. Only using the option on a single payment method.
    Works great and the shipment is also automatically generated.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Peter on 12 March 2015
  • Free Installation and support!! Just love it
    Auto invoice extension provides user-friendly interface and I'm happy with BSS customer service. So nice of care and support!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by lanarel on 17 October 2014
  • Great Support for Free Extension
    This extension is really useful, wich effectively save time for the purchase process. Free Price but Really Supportive attitude for the company.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Marshallpta on 03 October 2014
  • Free extension, incredibly support!
    I have used this extension for one of my websites. It works as described, very simple and useful. I also like their support, pretty good as for free extension.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by KattyJG on 03 October 2014
  • Great extension really worth using
    I have used this extension for my online store. Such a helpful extension. Your support was pretty good. Thanks
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Stevan on 15 August 2014
  • Highly Recommend
    Incredible! Your module works perfect, thanks for your support. I tested your module with Magento 1.9.0 and worked well.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Joe Meyer on 12 August 2014
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Release Note

  • v1.0.4: Automatically send invoice email; Automatically change the status of orders when they are finished; Enable automatic invoice and shipment generation
  • v1.1.0: Fix bugs with paypal and credit card payment method