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Limit Order Quantity Per Product

Limit Order Quantity per Product allows setting minimum and maximum order quantity per product that each customer group has to meet before successfully ordering
  • Limit order quantity of each product for specific customer group
  • Increase sales effectively
  • Easily make configuration
Community: 1.4.x.x, 1.5.x.x, 1.6.x.x, 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x
      |      Enterprise: 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x, 1.14.x.x

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Magento® Limit Order Quantity per Product Extension is developed by BSSCommerce for the purpose of helping Magento store owners to take control of allowed order quantity for each product by setting up requirements in the backend.

Key features of Magento® Limit Order Quantity per Product:

      • Set up minimum and maximum order quantity per product for each customer group from Magento backend


  • Easily configure in the backend

Why is Limit Order Quantity per Product your must-have extension?

Save your costs

There is no doubt that filling a complete order can cost you a considerable amount of cost even when the sale is only worth a few dollars or more, you still have to do the full process of an order from packing to delivering products to customers and invoicing them. Therefore, to save money, you should set limitation for order quantity  of each product to reduce costs, especially shipping cost because when stores ship a larger quantities, they may get discounts from negotiating with the freight charges. Magento® Limit Order Quantity per Product is a right choice for you to carry out all above things. 

Free installation and excellent support

BSS Support team will commit to provide you the best services until you feel satisfied from purchasing to the installation process. With the highest responsibility and professional skills, BSS team supports every time you are in helps. Especially, to help you understand more and more about setting our module, we also provide detailed instructions to easily set up and configure by your own in our enclosed PDF files. If you have any further issues, contact us via Skype, Email support and Live chat and we are willing to support you. 


  • Nice extension with affordable price. It's one of the most useful extension I have used
    I had some problems with Magento default before because I had a lot of customer groups and I wanted to set up the minimum and maximum order quantity of each product for these customer groups. I found out some Magento extensions that could help me to do it. However, until I bought this extension, I felt that it is really the right extension to meet my requirements. Your extension is very great. It's simple to use and configure with detailed instructions you provide. Especially, your support team is very awesome with the professional working attitude. They always help me to solve issues quickly and effectively. I highly appreciate about this.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Thomas on 22 April 2016
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