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Unboxed Extension

Magento Unboxed Extension by BSSCommerce encourages your customers to create and upload images about their uses of products. The extensions displays customer product images in specific locations with an exact area to enhance the reliability on potential customers.
  • Create a user generated content community sharing photos of real customers
  • Easily share and like images through various social channels
  • Add to cart option for tagged products in shining photos
  • Conveniently manage customer's photos, comments as well as tagged products from backend
Community: 1.7.x.x - 1.9.x.x
      |      Enterprise: 1.12.x.x, 1.13.x.x, 1.14.x.x

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Free Installation
Free 1-Year Support

People like being held in high esteem. That is one of the significant keys to Facebook’s success.

When people buy new things, many want others to know. It is imperative that you should take advantage of the common characteristics and encourage your customers to upload their uses of products on your Magento site, which effectively attracts potential visitors and build strong trust on them.

As a result, conversion rate increases greatly! There are no acceptable reasons to waste an effective marketing strategy which can powerfully persuade other customers to buy your products.

magento unboxed benefits

Make use of customer community power to attract customers and stimulate sales performance

This Magento extension brings a sharing platform where your customers can show their own pictures of products they bought from the site which have more sway over buyers than picture-perfect models. It’s an idea about all in one platform which provides different trending kind of social proofs such as product reviews, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, like, email, share…), User statistics.

  • Convert customer product images to a powerful marketing channel as reliable social proofs

magento unboxed comment-space

+ Allow customer to express impression through likes and comments on customer product images

New customers can give likes, comments to express their feelings about the products, moreover, they are able to ask the pioneers about the uses of products, which highly influences on their buying decisions.

+ Enable social media sharing in customer community of delighted images

magento unboxed social media sharing

The process of sharing images via popular social media becomes easier than ever when the extension allows customers to share their beloved uploaded images through popular social channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. You are also eligible to show off the pictures among friends via email.
Moreover, with BSS Unboxed Extension, the product images, searching and filter criteria are ordered nicely on pages. The products images are shown neatly and nicely in both Magento Unboxed Main Page and Gallery page.


  • Use community power to spread products, motivate customers to buy products right on this user generated content platform

+ Turn customer materials into effective sale tools by allowing users to tag their products on their own pictures

Products are cleverly introduced to other customers through shining photos of real customers who have already purchased your items. Those products are tagged right on the customer product pictures and displayed on the right side of Magento Photo Gallery with basic product information including product name, icon, price and short description.

+ Effective AIDA model to attract the attention of the customer and persuade them by fascinating, alluring photos

Magento Gallery page shows pictures of the customers with same interest which might convince other potential customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs. Finally Magento Unboxed leads customers towards taking action and/or purchasing by bring them to tagged product details page instantly.

Elevate customer experience

  • Fulfill clients’ self-esteem with their unboxed products

When people buy a new thing that makes them satisfied with, many of them tend to show it to others such as family, friends, relatives and want to receive compliments from them.

This Magento extension meets your customers’ demand on “branding” as they have total rights to upload their new images of purchased products on your website to show.

  • Easily approach favorite and interesting items which are illustrated on pictures

+ Tagged products on image in Magento gallery page with “Buy now” button allowing customer to buy product faster

When a visitors are already delighted with your products through the uploaded images, DO NOT leave time for visitors to reduce their enthusiasm with your product when force them to implement so many wasted steps to buy your product.

Instead, this extension displays a "Buy now" button right on tagged images which helps customer purchase products without any difficulties.

magento unboxed- tagged product with Buy now button

+ Easily search the needed items

Magento Unboxed extension makes it easier than ever that it lets every member in sharing community know location of real customers who purchased products and shared the images through eye-catching map.

Easily search images by particular postcode and city

To find product pictures in specific locations, what they need to do is to fill postcode/city into Search box. Then, hit Search button. In a blink of an eye, all wanted photos will be sorted and displayed nicely under the map.

magento unboxed search box

Smoothly find pictures by product

The feature lets clients find the specific product images uploaded. Just as sorting by location, when customers type each character on the search bar, suggested names of products are shown.

Sort images in multiple orders

Sort by chronological order:The customers can see the newest product images to the oldest ones.

Sort by Popularity: The Magento extension displays the most liked pictures uploaded by previous clients when customers click “most popular button”.In “Most Talked About” button, images is respectively ordered from the most discussed pictures to the least.

magento unboxed advanced search by popularity

  • Display an appealing and functional Magento interface

+ Present a concrete Magento web page layout

Visitors to your site are likely to impress by the smart, professional and tempting interface, which has a harmonious color combinations. With Magento Unboxed Extension, the product images, searching and filter criteria are ordered nicely on Magento pages. The products images are shown neatly and nicely in both Magento Unboxed Main page and Gallery page. Moreover, intelligent Ajax Load more button enhances user experience when users want to see more photos by just scrolling down the Magento page.

magento unboxed module-frontend layout

+ Give space for related product images uploaded by other customers

The Magento extension supports places for your relevant product images which are tagged similarly by different customers. After customers consider a large number of images, your Unboxed site makes your products more trusted for customers , then stimulates them to make purchases.

+ Product picture slider is integrated

All the images uploaded by each account will be shown as a form of slides. The beautiful images uploaded by customers now are becoming more vivid thanks to the combination with the transition supported by an integrated slider.

  • Bring conducive account control for all users

+ Automatically integrate the Magento unboxed page account with main Magento site account

With only one account, either on the main site of the Magento online shop or on the unboxed site, a customer is permitted to access his integrated account to make purchases or upload unboxed product images.

+ Quickly upload images

Within few clicks, a picture uploaded by the customer is ready for display on site.

+ Take total control over their own accounts and information

Once logging in Magento Unboxed page, the customer has an account in which he can change his general information freely. The user also possesses an album which contains uploaded images of Magento unboxed products. With the account, he, without effort, is able to manage the number of followings, followers, comments, and so on.

magento unboxed-easy account controlling

+ Basically edit images without any difficulty

The extension allows all users to create profiles with general information. They are free to set up their usernames for their accounts with UNLIMITED times. Your clients can choose the profile pictures on their own ways as well.

magento unboxed-edit profile picture

+ Choose manual tag or automatic tag images on location and product

Tag the products

Customers can easily tag the product names manually or automatically suggested by the Magento extension. The features not only increase the interaction among customers but also stimulates your brands. magento unboxed identify product

The extension automatically suggests names of products when customers want to tag products on their pictures, which creates convenience upon their feelings.

Tag the location of images

Similarly, when customers tag product image locations, suggested location will appear. Thus, the function saves customers’ time and effort to complete the total location in person.

+ Easily get the general information about the product

When clicking the picture addresses on Google map, potential customers will see the images, product descriptions, uploader general information. Therefore, the potential client can easily turn to be customers in the future owing to the trust they build on previous customers.

+ Send favorite picture via email to friends

magento unboxed- send picture via email

Smoothly control miscellaneous features of the extension without effort

  • Have total control over the extension in “one-click” action

“Enable” button allows Magento admin to decide whether the extension runs or not.

magento unboxed enable extension

  • Manage all users’ accounts

All of customer general information with uploaded product images will be displayed in a table. This helps you keep track on user account and image changes as well as take complete management of these accounts.

magento unboxed manage user information

  • Manage users’ images

With the frustrated images uploaded by unwelcome customers and you don’t want it to exist on your page. Don’t worry! Just within few clicks, the obnoxious images will disappear in nothing flat.

magento unboxed user image for admin

  • Show/hide map

The Magento extension ability does not stop at these outstanding points. If you have the desire for the some sensitive or security issues and want to hide picture uploaded location. The extension is ready for you to take action.

magento unboxed extension user generated content

  • Get amazing fast comment actions

Just like blackballed images, you have the total control of all the comments in each image. The unexpected comments will be easily deleted, hidden by you.

  • Edit the Magento front-end basis

The Magento extension supports editing the front - end basis such as website logo, footer links, caption, and especially the website general information.

magento unboxed edit footer links


  • Highly recommended
    The module does exactly as expected. The support is amazingly fast. 5 stars!!!!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Joseph on 21 January 2016
  • Amazing dev support
    I asked for help. And amazingly when receving their immediate replies. Then they fixed the bug hours after.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Mark on 15 January 2016
  • Amazing
    It is very good module for my magento site. It works well and let's see, my customers love it very much!
    Thanks BSS Commerce and good luck!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Felix on 13 January 2016
  • I recommend it
    I bought this extension and it is working as expected. the price is cheap. and the support is amazing.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Hamish on 11 January 2016
  • Easy-using extension
    This extension works perfectly and is very easy to customize through the back-end
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Oliver on 07 January 2016
  • No need to say more
    One word "brilliant"!!!!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Ezra on 04 January 2016
  • Happy to have this extension!
    Can really give your site a whole new dimension, very happy with its functionality - good module guys
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Charlotte on 17 December 2015
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Release Note

Version 1.1.0:

  • Compatible with all Magento1 versions
  • Compatible with Rwd responsive theme
  • Version 1.1.3:

  • Fix prefix-table error