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Minimum Quantity of Configurable Product

Minimum Quantity of Configurable Product allows setting minimum quantity as compulsory condition for checkout when adding configurable product to cart
Community: 1.4.x.x - 1.9.x.x
      |      Enterprise: 1.12.x.x - 1.14.x.x

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Key features

  • Set minimum quantity for a particular configurable product

While Magento default only permits to set minimum quantity for simple product, the extension provides an additional option named “Minimum quantity allowed in shopping cart” in the setting for every configurable product. This feature allows admin to set the quantity compulsory condition for a particular configurable product that customer must satisfy in order to check out successfully.

  • Apply min quantity for all configurable products


This Magento extension also allow to set minimum quantity for configurable product on large scale. Admin can easily set the minimum quantity allowed in shopping cart for all configurable product in store.

  • Display error message to notify the allowed quantity for purchase


The quantity of a configurable is the total quantity of all of its children products in shopping cart. If this total quantity is less than the minimum value set by admin customer will see an error message reminding customer to add sufficient quantity for that configurable product. The “Proceed To Checkout” button will also be hidden, preventing customer from checkout.

  • Show success message if customer cart quantity is sufficient

In case the total quantity of configurable product in shopping doesn’t satisfy minimum quantity condition, customer can choose to update shopping cart or continue shopping. There will be a success message notifying customer of successful adding of that configurable product to cart, and customer can proceed to checkout.

Why Minimum Quantity of Configurable Product is your must-have extension?

  • Fix Magento limitation in setting minimum order quantity for product

Magento default only allows admin to set minimum order quantity for simple product. This extension offers a straightforward and effective solution to set minimum quantity for configurable product. Admin can easily set min quantity for a particular configurable product or all configurable products with additional configuration options in the backend.

  • Effectively save additional costs for store owners

As store owners may concern, there are many products which can’t be sold at small quantity because of additional costs such as high shopping cost, packaging fee or operation cost. Thus, setting minimum quantity is an effective solution to stimulate more purchase from customers, save up other costs and raise profits.

  • Encourage large quantity purchase from customers

If store owner wants to target some specific products for wholesale selling, it is essential to set minimum quantity allowed to purchase in shopping cart. When being acknowledged of the minimum value for checkout, wholesaler and retailer groups will be encouraged to buy till they meet the requirement quantity set by store owner.


  • Nice module
    Magento Minimum Quantity of Configurable Product is very easy to use, also its configuration is very simple. The functionality is straightforward, this extension gets the job done as described above.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Anke on 01 June 2017
  • Easy to use – Good result
    The module offers simple and effective features to set min quantity for configurable product. It definitely helps our store a lot and boosts product sales. Such great module with reasonable price!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Rick on 16 December 2016
  • Best extension, simple to use!
    I used to struggle to find a way to set min order quantity for configurable product. I followed tutorial and advice in blogs and forums but it was too tricky to try all of that. This extension gives me the simplest way to set min quantity for configurable product. Highly recommend!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Josh on 09 November 2016
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Release Note

v1.0.0: First Release