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Order Delivery Date for Magento 2

Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time Extension supports customers choose order delivery date options in checkout process.

  • Choose Order Delivery Date in a calendar view and Time slots conveniently
  • Delivery Comments are left open for any further needs of customers
  • Support to choose order delivery date when customers checkout with PayPal or Braintree
  • Enable to edit Order Delivery date in the backend
  • Support API order attribute
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.7 - 2.3
      |      Enterprise: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.7 - 2.3

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Why your Magento site needs order delivery date and time function?

As Accenture eTailers research report, 91 percent said an allocated order delivery date was the most important shipping feature for them, and 74 percent said they would shop more online if they had more control over delivery.

*Note: Order Delivery Date and Time for Magento 2 extension does not support multiple-address checkout. 

For Magento 1 version, please check Magento Order Delivery Date and Time extension

Key features of Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time Extension

For Customers:

  • Display Order Delivery Date and Time in one of the following fields: Magento 2 Shipping Method, Shipping Address or Review Order for customers to fill in: Delivery Date, Delivery Time Slots, Delivery Arrival Comments

Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time extension gif

  • Customers can choose a day as an expecting order delivery date among availables ones in a given calendar in Magento 2.

Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time extension chooses dates and time

  • Customers can also choose which time slots they want to receive the goods with Delivery Time Slots function in Magento 2.
  • With Delivery Arrival Comment, customers can leave any other information about their order delivery
  • Especially, when customers checkout with PayPal or Braintree, they can choose Order Delivery Date on Review Order Page.

For Admin:

  • Easily configure timing options in Magento 2 backend.
  • Enable to show Shipping Arrival Comment as wish.
  • Display Order Delivery Date as an extra information to manage in Tabs of Order, Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memos in particular Magento 2 order view page.

Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time extension backend

  • Add Delivery Date, Delivery Time Slots and Shipment Arrival Comments to order confirmation emails.
  • Show Delivery Date and Delivery Time Slot columns in Order grid view page in the backend.
  • Admin can edit Delivery Date as wish in Magento 2 backend.
  • Support API order attribute
* Note: The module does not support checkout with multiple addresses.

Why Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time Extension Is A Must-Have Extension?

Make order delivery information as clear as possible between buyers and Magento 2 store owners with Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time extension

In default setting of Magento 2 site, only very basic order delivery information is required to be filled in when checking out, so customers cannot know they receive their goods until receiving an order confirmation email. Hence, that leads to a situation where their items will be delivered on unexpected days. However, with Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time extension, online buyers can choose a suitable order delivery date so they can arrange date and time to receive their orders. This is absolutely convenient for customers!

Help admin specify timing issues in delivery to customers with most details in an easy way

For sure, Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time extension brings more details to delivery agreement between buyers and store owners. However, those really useful details are quite simple to be configured. All you need is just to enable module and set up timing information, then immediately, all of unavailable things will be eliminated from customer options in the frontend.

Bring better customer services to your customers and accelerate your business operation

When your Magento 2 site is used with Magento 2 Order Delivery Date and Time extension, your shipping services will work more effectively which definitely leverages customer satisfaction. When your Magento 2 store gains reputation in perfect delivery service, your profits will obviously rise.


  • Must-have module
    Since I installed Magento 2 Order Delivery Date on my store, I realize that the order abandon rate has significantly reduced. Amazing. I'll recommend your extension for others.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Karyn P. Williams on 10 April 2018
  • Good service!
    Very good service with BSS awesome team! Highly recommended!!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Jet on 31 October 2017
  • Very nice.
    Even though the price isn't high on this extension, it's easy to use and support is top notch. Free updates make it a great value, too.

    Keep up the great work.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Indian River Groves, Inc. on 11 September 2017
  • Great Extension
    Great extension! Easy to run and configure. I feel like the number of customer visiting and ordering my product is getting larger since I used this extension.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by John Henry on 19 July 2017
  • Simple great
    This extension is simple and cheaper than other modules, but it is great. It meets my requirement and works well.
    Highly recommend.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Mr Chen on 09 May 2017
  • up to the mark !!
    I purchased this extension 2 days ago but I am so pleased about this plugin that I have to write a comment right away. This extension has so many useful features. Some of them I don't need but then I can easily disable those. I recommend this extension for everybody not only because of its features but also because of the support team. They are enthusiasm and so friendly !
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by González on 15 June 2016
  • Recommended
    Very useful extension with great support
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Mark Lühr on 09 June 2016
  • Worth $35 !!
    I highly recommend this extension for all. It works perfectly for my Magento site. Also it serves my customers very well. I don't have any trouble installing this extension, still I have to say the service team is very helpful. Many thanks.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Bill Parker on 09 June 2016
  • Great extension!
    I've looked for this for a long time and thank you for providing such an useful extension :) At first look I thought it is difficult to control in the backend, but then when I get used to it I can't be more pleased.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Sergio Torres on 09 June 2016
  • Highly recommend!
    Everything is extremely ok now thank to the help of the support team. After installing, this extension works well, just as it's been described.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Selamet Kapoor on 09 June 2016
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Release Note

  • v1.0.0: First release
  • v1.0.1: Ability to display delivery date at shipping method section on checkout page
  • v1.0.4: Delivery date option when checking out with Paypal or Braintree
  • v1.0.5: Show delivery date column in sales/order grid view page; Fix errors when sending email if delivery date shown on review & payment section; Ability to edit delivery date in admin
  • v1.0.7: multiple language support; delivery date on Shipping Address and Shipping Method works with online payment methods
  • v1.0.8: Fix delivery date display when not logged in; Ability to upload calendar icon
  • v1.0.9: Fix timeslot issue when not set up first time
  • v1.1.0: Fix bug when checking out using Paypal and Braintree
  • v1.1.1: Fix bug when using Update Delivery Date button with payment method which is Paypal via Braintree (when there is no timeslot)
  • v1.1.3: Fix error of creating invoice inability after compilation and error when disabling the module; Update translation file
  • v1.1.4: Work without Time Slot config set up
  • v1.1.6: Add Enable Shipping Arrival Comment config; Fix not input Shipping comment in Review&Payment; Fix Date Format issue
  • v1.1.7: Fix Transport variable can not be altered in email_invoice_set_template_vars_before Event
  • v1.1.8: Compatible with magento 2.2
  • v1.1.9: Fix bug of incorrect time convert and delivery date on order detail; Support API order attribute
  • v1.2.0: Add new configuration which allows calculating holiday/disabled day into processing time; Fix bug with magento default online payment method
  • v1.2.1: Show Time slot on Sales Grid
  • v1.2.2: Add required config for Develiry option
  • v1.1.3: Compatible with Magento 2.3