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magento consulting service

During 6-year experiences, BSS has consulted 10000+ global merchants, many of whom are frequently return customers. Our consulting experts is now available (via email, live chat, skype, phone) to help you with any questions from tech issues such as web development, maintenance, security, etc. to ecommerce strategies to boost SEO, fasten speed, increase conversion rate, and so on.

Get in touch now to meet the certified consulting team of senior developers and solution specialists and become our next happy customers.

What to Expect from BSS Consulting Service?

Have you made out of all Magento functions?

The fact that Magento is feature-rich takes tons of time and effort to learn all about it yourselves, let alone to take advantages for your business benefits. That time, you should ask experts who know this platform inside out to give you a shortcut about what to pay attention and what not to.

So where to hire experts? - BSS Team, here we are for help.

  • We are technical consultants: You can totally rely on our developers since they have hands-on experiences on various projects from small to large scale. Even more, many of them have achieved Magento titles such as Certified Developers, Certified Developers Plus, Certified Solution Specialists, Certified Professional Front End Developers, etc. It means they have knowledge and skills needed to customize all Magento areas such as catalog structure, functionality changes, UI modifications, changes in the database, checkout process customizations, order management integrations, etc. Overall, whatever you want to ask about technical issues, ask BSS!

  • We are e-commerce consultants: Nowadays, being tech-savvy only is never enough to be successful online. Hence, we improve our e-commerce knowledge every day to give useful and updated consulting to merchants. If you hire BSS, you hire both senior developers and certified solution specialists who have experiences in building SEO strategies, marketing strategies, conversion rate optimization strategies, and so on.

Why Choose BSS Consulting Experts?

  • We have 6-year experience with Magento ecosystem: Magento keeps updating its versions and editions several times per year to meet ecommerce demands. BSS team tries our best to stay updated also. Thus, we confidently provide merchants with helpful and cost-effective consultations that align business objectives with platform functionality; optimize the use of native features, and avoid unnecessary customization.

  • We deliver quick response and helpful support: It is important to make an informed decision. It means if you have a plan to develop or optimize any part of your Magento website, consult experts first. That way, you can keep away from possible fictions, risk, and abundant cost. BSS team promises to reply quickly and dedicatedly to your queries. More than giving advice, we show care about your long-term success.

  • We offer competitive pricing: Thinking of the service quality, our pricing strategy is very competitive. Accordingly, the fees for website consulting services are per hour, with a minimum block of 3 hours. Our Magento solution specialist/senior developer performs all consulting work.

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