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We are BSS.

We are Magento Select Extension Builder.

We create and customize Magento modules based on your business purposes.

Without a doubt, Magento is the most feature-rich platform now and beyond. Yet, there is still more room to improve so that your store can catch up with the ever-changing demands of online customers. Whatever default function fails to solve your business problem, CONTACT US! Our team of certified developers and solution specialist provides module creation & customization service to fill the shortage.

BSS Is Ready to Create Your Next Module!

At BSS, we have developed 40+ Magento extensions and 100+ Magento 2 extensions . Whenever you want an advanced solution to enhance your business, take a tour around our website first. You might find built-in extensions that perfectly meet your demands.

Or else, you desire to develop a completely new module, we are also available to help you from A to Z.

Please note that such the new modules are for the non-commercial purpose. Whether it is possible to sell those modules depends on the agreement between the two parties. If yes, the modules must not be re-sold elsewhere except on What’s more, the modules must be named under BSS brand.

BSS Also Provides Third-party Module Customization Services

Even when you already installed a third-party module, it might not work as your expectations. You call the support team of that module time and time again yet they fail to solve your problems. Then, keep in mind that BSS provides services to check and customize modules to fit well with your business requirements.

Our Process to Create/Customize Modules

Accordingly, any project starts with Discovery and proceed to Proposal, Implementation, Quality Assurance & Testing, then complete with Project Launch.

  • Discovery: Every successful project must always start with a realistic plan to minimize fiction, risk, time and cost as possible. First, we meet and listen (via email, Skype, direct conversation, etc.) to discuss what your Magento website already has, what you want, and what you actually need. Then, we understand and flesh out a project plan including project goals, business objectives, a project architecture, requirement documents, and descriptive scope of work. Overall, Discovery phrase sets a solid foundation for the work onwards.

  • Proposal: Once we agree upon the discovery plan, let’s move to the next step in which a detailed proposal of a robust solution is put forward. Our certified solution specialist and developers will lend you a hand - a dedicated and helpful hand, yet we desire you to join with us so that we can break down the plan into specifications, an itemized estimate, meetable schedule, and terms.

  • Implementation: Following the agreed proposal, our developers work their fingers to the bone to implement each step of the project timely and in a qualified way. Obviously, you have the full right to get updated on every work via simple email, communication, deliver materials, and process feedback.

  • Quality Assurance & Testing: At BSS, we have a dedicated and well-trained QA team who work exclusively on every project, review and directly report to our solution specialist as well as your staff - Yes, your team can get involved anytime and give us your precious feedback upon the project quality. That way, we both ensure the quality and schedule discussed.

  • Project Launch: Once all requirements are met and all work is tested and verified, it is high time to launch and enjoy the efficiency. We will be with you till the successful launch day, monitoring and making adjustments if necessary.

What Makes Us Magento Select Extension Builder?

Magento Select Extension Builder - our latest title as a trustworthy partner of Magento, is a sweet gift for our continuous efforts to provide Best Success Solutions for online merchants all over the world. This is also the recognition of BSS as one of the few qualified Magento extension vendors.

  • A certified team: All developers have hands-on experience in various Magento projects, many of whom even achieved titles such as Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer, Magento 2 Certified Developers, Magento 2 Certified Developers Plus. Also, our Magento and Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialists who know Magento inside out will consult you to draft most effective and economical plans.

  • A professional process: Whether it is involved in creating a completely new module or customize an already-built one, we strictly follow a timeline to deliver our project on time, under budget, and without unnecessary customizations.

  • A high-quality guarantee: At BSS, we are committed to strictly following Magento Coding Standard to enhance source code readability. We are proud that many of our extensions have passed MEQP tools and shown themselves on Magento Marketplace . Besides being 100% open source and fully customizable, our code is also constantly improved, updated, and well compatible with Magento versions, editions.

  • A dedicated support team: If you hire BSS to build your module from the ground up, you can even enjoy the exclusive supports of 3-month FREE support, FREE installation, and detailed document.

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