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SEO efforts get your website noticed, yet believe us, the eye-catching design is the key to keep customers browsing and buying more.

Effective design does not only look good at first sight but it is also convenient for navigation and usability. It is not necessary to pay thousands of dollars for top-tier designers but to find those who can give you a suitable design style that will fit your business.

So, why don’t you start with our experienced designers and developers?

What is Web Design vs. Graphic Design?

Everything in your Magento website: content, images, CTA buttons, how they look and work, etc. is determined by web design. Meanwhile, graphic design is a part of web design in which the designers create visual content to communicate messages using visual hierarchy and layout techniques.

What Is Important to Web Design?

“What is a beautiful web design anyway?” - Many customers already asked us this question but honestly, it is hard to answer exactly since different people have different taste of beauty.

However, there are several important elements to take into account as follows:

  • Navigation: People is visual-beings. Hence, a quality design will drive them to browse pages by pages, and eventually proceed to the checkout - This might be the most important reason to invest in web design.

  • Engaging content and professional elements: Too much content will make your design boring and hard to read while visually clutter pages are not descriptive and comprehensive enough. The good point is to find the balance between. That time, our experienced designers will suggest you effective ways to incorporate the text in your design.

  • Branding uniformity: A good design is to show off your brands (logo, color, brand equity, etc.) in a natural way that bear in mind of customers so that they can tell you apart from other competitors. Where and how to place branding element are hard to decide, so leave this work to our professional designers.

  • Converting CTA: Having one or more messages that push online users toward a particular action is a must in any web design. The best practices are to make it clickable; to apply contrasting colors; to tailor it more imperative and less wordy, etc.

  • SEO and Responsive: SEO is something that is usually underestimated in the web design. However, if you do not pay it proper attention, all effort towards the web design might go in vain. Thinking about SEO in the design, being responsive and mobile-friendly is among the most critical elements.

Why Choose BSS Design Service?

First, spend some time to have a look at our past work and see how our designers and developers help online merchants create an effective and professional design.

Do you want to become our next happy customer?

  • We listen and understand: Our experienced designers, certified Frontend Developers, and dedicated support agents will carefully ask to know your business needs and ideas right from the very start. Keeping them in mind, we will suggest suitable design solutions to fit your audiences.

  • We cover all required elements as above: We will combine content and design patterns in a smart way to create brand equity, delighting navigation, engagement, and responsiveness. We can even join hands to build your content and optimize your SEO.

  • We always update the latest design trends: To stand out in the ecommerce world, it is a must that your web design is modern, trendy, and convenient. Our designers always grab the newest design trends and know how to take advantages of them to make your website POP now and in the future.

  • We provide a quick response: Once you agree upon the design plans, we know you want it as soon as possible. Our whole team will fire up the work, streamline all processes, and complete the project - usually in matters of weeks based on the complexity of your web site.

  • We work on time and under budget: BSS follow a 5-step process (Discovery; Proposal; Implementation; QA& Testing; and Project Launch) to ensure that every piece of work is kept on a professional track so that we can deliver your web design on time and on quality. What’s more, our service is provided at a very competitive price thanks to the experienced and efficient in-house team. 

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