1. Add More Rows To Collection
    Add More Rows To Collection
    $80.00 per store
  2. Show payment method icon on footer
    Show payment method icon on footer
    $35.00 per store
  3. Customize footer layout
    Customize footer layout
    $100.00 per store
  4. Customize header layout
    Customize header layout
    $100.00 per store
  5. Improve mobile menu
    Improve mobile menu
    $480.00 per store
  6. Change menu styles (fonts, colors, sizes, etc.)
    Change menu styles (fonts, colors, sizes, etc.)
    $240.00 per store
  7. Add images and buttons to menu
    Add images and buttons to menu
    $360.00 per store
  8. Change / delete / Add icons
    Change / delete / Add icons
    $180.00 per store
  9. Add logo or change its size
    Add logo or change its size
    $120.00 per store
per page

Build your own Shopify store with BSS customization service

We understand that the default Shopify still has a lot of limitations that make you difficult when running an ecommerce store. As an experienced Shopify agency, we can help you customize it with new functions to match all of your needs and rocket sales.

Shopify homepage customization

Edit homepage to make a good first impression on visitors and encourage them to interact with the site

Shopify collection page customization

Create custom collection page to make your store easier to navigate

Shopify product page customization

Change product page layout or create a custom product page to provide a better user experience

And more

Help you add extra features to do more

1,047+ Reviews

We did major customization for our wholesale side of the website and it was thanks to this app and its support, especially to Emma and Leorio. They both are great and able to give us the customization we need based on the requirements we gave them. Although we are in two different time zones - 12 hours apart, they will get back to me the next day.


1,047+ Reviews

Awesome app! Awesome support/very helpful and prompt! I required an adjustment on my website which needed customization, so I got in touch with Gigi (customer support) who got in touch with the tech guy (Pham Ngoc Hoang). They worked very quickly to fix the error of the display box on my website. Thank you! I will continue using this app :)!

Urben Park

1,047+ Reviews

Amazing app that helped us a lot with inquiries of our B2B customers. It speeds up the ordering process by offering a simple product catalog (wholesalers do not have to click through the whole e-shop). The customer service is super fast and helpful (especially Jonas and Duong) - they implemented an extra button we needed within 10 minutes.


1,047+ Reviews

Wonderful customer service. Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. Great app for customizing pricing and offering quantity discounts. I have been incredibly impressed with Annie, Cuongnvm and Leorio who have been very helpful throughout this process and worked hard to ensure I have everything I need. Highly recommend.

HardwareDirect- Quality Guaranteed

1,047+ Reviews

Very nice app. Customer service is excellent. The theme I'm using required a bit of customization. Jinny was very responsive in communicating and following up with my requests and their tech person (Ta Cuong) implemented fixes right away. Keep up the good work guys!


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