Whether you like it or not, running an online business necessitates a significant amount of paperwork! These documents, which range from invoices and packing slips to return forms, are essential for completing orders and delivering them to your customers. What do you think about the best Shopify label printer that can assist you in reducing this burden?

Paperwork may appear to be a chore, but many apps and plugins are designed to assist you with it as technology advances. Consider Shopify as an example. The platform is unquestionably simple to use, reasonably priced, and ready to ship right away. It’s more than just a store!

So, in this post, we will walk you through the top 7 best Shopify label printers that will take the hassle out of order fulfillment and can handle the entire process for you. We curated these apps based on the app store rating, the number of reviews, the app’s top features, and other subjective parameters. We hope this Shopify review aids you in your search for the best app for your store.

Let’s get started without further ado!

What Is A Label Printer App?

The label printer app is used to create and print labels for various business activities such as inventory management and shipping. This type of application enables businesses to create personalized labels that meet customer requirements and laws and regulations. Warehouse and inventory departments, as well as logistics professionals, use label printing apps.

This type of app can be provided by label printing hardware or software vendors. The label printing app must be compatible with the most common types of label printers when delivered separately. Label printing solutions integrate with barcode software because most labels require barcodes.

How Can Best Shopify Label Printer Help Your Store?

Shopify Label Printer

You’re a busy entrepreneur running an e-commerce business, and researching the best-order printer apps for optimizing your Shopify store takes time. These apps make it simple to print order receipts, invoices, labels, and packing slips.

Printing & Emailing

There is a lot to be said about the best Shopify label printer apps. You’re essentially looking for an app that can accept orders from your store and then print an invoice or receipt for your order, as well as any labels you want. Of course, you can do this professionally or on your printer. This can then be emailed to your customers for their records or included in your shipments.

You must ensure that your order is printed in the proper format. You might want to send your invoices to your customers in PDF format. This enables them to print the receipt immediately on their printer or save it to their computer system.


You can also use the label printer app to make minor changes to the look and feel of your invoices, which can help you build your brand in the minds of your customers by adding branding to your website.


Nonetheless, the best Shopify label printer provides a plethora of templates. The app allows you to create order fulfillment and reports with professional and attractive invoices or labels. Additionally, Shopify store owners can include their brand logos in these customizable invoices to make them stand out. Furthermore, many apps allow users to send invoices via email, and these apps will add links to these emails to encourage customers to return to stores.

Best Shopify Label Printer Review 2022

We selected the top 7 Shopify label printers from hundreds of label printer reviews on the market using our scores, rating reviews, search results, and social metrics. 

  Monthly Pricing Label Printing Function Customize Multi-language Support Customer Service
Order Printer Pro Free


5/5 4/5 20 languages 5/5
Multi-label Barcodes $9.99 5 /5 5/5 N/A 5 /5
Ordersify Free
4/5 5 /5 10  languages 5/5
PDF Invoice: Order Printer+ Free


5/5 4/5 70 languages 5 /5
Postmen Free 4/5 4 /5 N/A 5/5

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Order Printer Pro

Best Shopify Label Printer

Rating: 4.8 (579 reviews)

This app allows you to print invoices easily using our scores, rating reviews, search results, and packing slips, draft orders, and return forms from your Shopify orders. You can print the documents in your office or email the PDFs to your customers, who can then print the invoice themselves. You can also export all invoice documents from your Shopify store and save them electronically for future reference.

The app is entirely paperless. Invoices and labels do not need to be printed by you or your customers; this best Shopify label printer is saved electronically for record-keeping purposes. The app also protects you from changes made to an invoice by programs by sending all invoices via PDF, which is more difficult to edit than other formats such as Excel.

Moreover, the app supports standard orders, quotes, and draft orders. As a result, you can use this app to generate new business for your store. Then you can follow up knowing that you sent a copy of the potential order to them. If the draft order is accepted, you can change it to the proper order. 

Highlight Features:

  • You can import Templates from Shopify’s Order Printer and Order Printer Templates.
  • By default, it includes invoices/receipts, packing slips, returns forms, quotes for draft orders, refund/credit notes, and purchase orders (for drop shippers).
  • Shopify multi-currency support
  • You can print and export PDF documents from your Shopify admin.
  • Works with both regular and draft orders, allowing you to print and email customer quotes.
  • Allow you to deliver PDF documents to your customers automatically.


  • Order Printer Pro can quickly create up to 50 customer-related documents at a time.
  • Send invoices to customers in over 20 different languages.
  • It is compatible with the Shopify POS and Mobile apps.
  • Have excellent customer support.


  • Many themes do not allow a lot of customization.
  • There is no standardized header/footer with proper pagination.


14-day free trial.

  • Free Plan: Free
  • Unlimited Plan: $10/month.

With the Unlimited plan, it will only cost you $10 a month. Besides, the app doesn’t have any extra or hidden fees.

Multi‑Label Barcodes

Multi-Label Barcode Shopify App

5.0 (62 reviews)

MultiLabel Barcodes by The Resistance Marketing is the best Shopify label printer that allows you to print barcode labels on various printers, including Dymo, Zebra, Laser, Inkjet, and more. These barcodes can be fully customized to display logos, discounts, custom text, and so on. With the barcode scanner, you could quickly adjust the product quantity and take inventory.

Resistance Marketing created this app to integrate with your Shopify products and orders, making it quick and straightforward to select which items to print. It has four different types of QRCodes that link to the product page, the product page in the admin, the order status page, and the order page in the admin. 

Plus, the app allows you to select products within a specific time frame with a single click. This is useful for quickly printing labels for items received through Transfers, for example.

Highlight Features:

  • Barcode labels can be printed on any type of printer.
  • Showcase your company’s logo, discounts, and custom text, among other things.
  • Scan your barcode to adjust the quantity and take inventory.
  • Label templates that can be customized
  • Upload a CSV file to select products.


  • Customer service is speedy and helpful.
  • The function for importing data from the scanner simplifies and speeds up the inventory process.
  • Have the ability to print recently updated variants, such as those received in a transfer.


  • Not have a free plan


5-day free trial.

MultiLabel Barcodes costs $9.99 per month. For this price, you can use all the features mentioned above.

Ordersify: Easy Order Printer

Ordersify Is One Of The Best Shopify Label Printer Apps

4.7 (67 reviews)

Ordersify is the best Shopify label printer that lets you create PDF invoices without coding. First, you can update your company’s information and then use the pre-made templates to create a professional document. You can use the app to deliver receipts to your customers automatically. Furthermore, you can also copy a link from the Ordersify dashboard and paste it into an email to send to your customers. Customers can then view and print their order’s invoice at home or in their own office. This automation is highly beneficial because it allows you to save time and provide better service to your customers.

Second, Ordersify makes it very simple to create templates. There are numerous options for customizing it to your own company. As a result, customers will recognize the document immediately, and you can use these documents to increase revenue by upselling and cross-selling on them. 

Last but not least, the app is available in over ten popular languages, including English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, French, and others. If Ordersify does not support your tongue, you can use an app to translate the documents.

Highlight Features:

  • You can also download your documents in bulk and print them all at once.
  • You can easily create templates for your documents.
  • Translate your documents into more than ten different languages.
  • Download your documents for safekeeping.
  • Personalize the documents with your company’s logo.


  • You can quickly create a professional invoice.
  • Customization is straightforward and comprehensive.
  • The app was designed to be optimized for POS devices and mobile, allowing you to generate order documents from anywhere.
  • Download a large number of orders. You can print a list of demands from the Ordersify orders menu or the Shopify orders listing page.


  • The link contained within the email may not function properly.
  • This app displays a banner indicating that you have not completed all tasks until you leave a review, and the review prompt requires a minimum of 100 characters to be submitted.


7-day free trial.

  • Free Plan: Free
  • Professional Plan: $8.99/month

Besides the free plan, Odersify offers a paid plan with more useful features.

PDF Invoice: Order Printer+

PDF Invoice: Order Printer+ Shopify App

4.8 (310 reviews)

Since its inception in 2017, AVADA Commerce has been working hard to achieve its mission of assisting 1 million online businesses in increasing their revenue. AVADA, led by a dedicated team, is obsessed with one thing: customer satisfaction.

AVADA Commerce’s PDF Invoice – Order Printer is one of the most well-known label printer apps on Shopify, allowing you to print orders, invoices, labels, and packing slip with minimal effort.

This fantastic Shopify app, in particular, provides you with a plethora of predesigned templates, such as PDF Order, PDF Invoice, PDF Refund, and PDF Packing Slip. These templates are highly customizable, which means you can easily edit the available PDF templates to fit your store’s needs. When your template goes live, this will help to eliminate a significant number of errors.

Furthermore, Order Printer+ allows users to download and print PDF billing documents online with a few clicks in order emails.

Highlight Features:

  • There is an infinite number of PDF templates available. There are four ready-to-use templates available: Order, Invoice, Packing Slip, and Refund.
  • You can easily change the style of a template. You are free to customize PDF templates as much as you want.
  • There are several currencies. When using the Billing Address auto-email function, enter the store currency or the customer’s currency. Send emails to customers whenever an order is recorded, paid for, or fulfilled.
  • Help with POS devices. 
  • It is simple to download. PDF documents can be downloaded from customer dashboards or transactional emails.


  • Several languages are supported. There are 70 languages available worldwide.
  • Examine the PDF template with a single click.
  • Print in large quantities. Print multiple orders using different templates simultaneously invoice document delivery Deliver invoices via Google Drive, FTP, or SFTP.
  • Custom advanced template. Liquid can be used to customize any template.


  • There is no trial version.
  • Some changes are difficult to implement.


  • Free: Free
  • Pro: $9/month

For a single price, $9 a month, you get all the features of the app.

Postmen: Easy Shipping Labels

Postmen Best Shopify Label Printer

4.5 (106 reviews)

Postmen: Easy Shipping Label is yet another best Shopify label printer app to assist your online store in various ways. Postmen first assist in connecting the Shopify store and then imports the orders into the app. All you have to do is activate the feature to generate shipping labels with tracking numbers. Furthermore, orders can be easily filtered by customer name, order ID, destination, or fulfillment status. 

However, before you create the labels, you can easily calculate the shipping rates and choose from over 45 couriers. Moreover, the app currently assists you with international shipments. You only need to enter the customer information and item details, and Postmen will generate a commercial invoice and another customs document. 

And yet, Postmen: Easy Shipping Label can update the tracking numbers, shipping name, and track URL to the Shopify store, which you may not be aware of. Finally, another feature of Postmen is that every order is automatically fulfilled as soon as a label is created.

Highlight Features:

  • Connect to Shopify and import orders into the app.
  • Make shipping labels.
  • Determine the shipping costs.
  • Receive shipping quotes from a variety of couriers.
  • With the assistance of over 45 couriers, we can deliver both domestically and internationally.


  • Completely free app
  • Support was prompt and courteous.
  • The app is simple to use.
  • You will save a lot of money on shipping costs with USPS and UPS.
  • It works seamlessly with your Shopify orders.


  • In the new design, there is no order search box.
  • Shipping costs and discounts are not included in invoices.


Free. This application is completely free. In addition, during use, the application does not have any hidden fees.

Multi Carrier Shipping Label

Multi Carrier Shipping Label Shopify App

4.7 (49 reviews)

By automating shipping on your Shopify store, the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app significantly reduces your effort. You can use this app to display real-time shipping rates on your Shopify checkout page, pay postage and print shipping labels, and enable shipment tracking from within your Shopify store.

To be more specific, from showing real-time shipping rates at checkout from carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post, Bluedart, Delhivery. Next, Multi-Carrier Shipping Label will print the label with a single-click, single-click pickup scheduling, and manifest generation – all fulfillment options can be completed quickly.

Furthermore, you have a single-view window for tracking shipments for the day, as well as a separate view for tracking delayed shipments. The Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App chooses the cheapest rate from multiple shipping options, preventing you from incurring high shipping costs from carriers that do not serve a specific territory.

Highlight Features:

  • Rates for domestic and international shipping
  • Select from a variety of carrier services.
  • Shipping quotes from various carriers in real-time
  • Box packing algorithm for custom boxes for flexible packing
  • Make return labels
  • Automate live rates from multiple carriers


  • Flexible packaging based on weight
  • Make and download shipping labels in bulk.
  • There are a variety of plans.
  • Live tracking dashboard
  • One-Click shipping label download
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Not have a free plan
  • You can not adjust things manually easily.


14-day free trial.

  • Starter Plan: $9/month
  • Popular Plan: $29/month
  • Premium Plan: $49/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $99/month

For details on useful features in each plan, see here.

Swiss Post Label Printer

Swiss Post Label Printer Shopify App

4.5 (13 reviews)

If you use Swiss Post, this is the app you can use to print labels from your Shopify store more quickly. Individual order pages will allow you to generate the label. You can also print this with an A4 or label printer. That is also the reason that Swiss Post is included in the best list of Shopify label printers. What’s more, the app can also assist you in transferring your shipments to Swiss Post via web service. Primarily, it is simple to install and configure, and it also comes with a free plan.

This app, in particular, connects directly to Swiss Post and sends all shipments via the API. Furthermore, the app sends your desired customer address and shipping services to Swiss Post, ensuring that your shipment is appropriately registered. Moreover, the Swiss Post Label Printer receives the tracking number immediately and records it on order.

That means you won’t have to copy and paste tracking numbers, addresses, and so on to the Swiss Post website or a Word document. With this application, you will undoubtedly save a significant amount of time.

Highlight Features:

  • Time to spare: Create your Swiss Postmarks legally using the request see. Simply print it and stick it to the package.
  • Clients who are always on the cutting edge: When you create a name, the following number is recovered from Swiss Post and saved with the order.
  • No same glue – No mistakes: Remember when you copied and pasted the client’s information into the Swiss Post framework? This period has come to an end.


  • Print your shipping labels in the appropriate size.
  • Transfer your shipments to Swiss Post automatically using API.
  • Print your labels with ease using your A4 or label printer.
  • Get your tracking numbers right away, and they will be automatically saved to the customer’s order.
  • You will save a significant amount of time with your fulfillment.
  • There are a variety of plans.


  • There is a case of label printing outside the margin.
  • Not have a trial version.


  • Free
  • Starter: $5/month
  • Basic: $10/month
  • Premium: $15/month

With lower-priced plans, some features will be limited. See more here.

FAQs: Best Shopify Label Printer

What is the best label printer main feature?

Specifically, the best Shopify label printer is designed to assist you in creating the necessary documents for your store, such as invoices, packing slips, receipts, and shipping labels. Each printing order application has its own set of features, which vary depending on the developer. However, some of its key features include automatically generating quotes and invoices for draft orders, printing packing slips for partial orders, and sending invoices and receipts in PDF format.

Furthermore, many of Shopify’s order printer apps include ready-made templates that you can customize to meet your store’s needs. You can use the extra features of these apps to grow your business, engage with customers, and streamline or automate your processes.

Are there any limits to the length or width of labels that label printers can make?

Most of the time, if you can imagine it, the best Shopify label printer can make it! However, there are some practical considerations to consider. For example, a label that is more than 12″ long or wide may be challenging to apply. I’d suggest approaching a situation like that with a combination of brands that work well together.

How can I find the quality label printer on Shopify?

To find the best Shopify label printer application, you need to pay attention to factors including your needs, the rating and review of the application, the features of the application, and the price.

First, your own needs are the most critical factor. In other words, you need to define what features your online store needs? Not every expensive or well-reviewed app will be suitable for your store. So, if you don’t want to spend money in vain, consider your desires and decide on the following app evaluation factors.

Next, see if the app’s features match the criteria you want. If appropriate, don’t forget to check out the reviews from previous users as well. Because most likely, the application is not what it advertised. Therefore, it is safest to check the ratings and reviews to make sure it’s good.

Finally, as I said above, not every expensive app is a good one. It has to be suitable for your store. So, suggest a price you can afford and find apps in that price range. Although the apps I listed above are entirely affordable, this is also a factor that you should consider. In addition, your Shopify store needs funding for many other activities, so don’t waste it on useless things.

Conclusion: Best Shopify Label Printer

If you run a store that requires many orders, you might want to find a way to print labels, orders, and other items from the Shopify orders screen. This app can help you keep track of things, but your customers may want you to print order information for them. Many of the applications mentioned above allow you to create, send, and print documents. This is also something that can be done in bulk.

I know that there are many label printer apps on the Shopify AppStore that can be overwhelming. Therefore, this article is the top 7 best Shopify label printers today that I have compiled. Of course, these applications are all tested through criteria such as ratings, customer reviews, price, features, developer reliability. So you can completely rest assured and experience it. I hope this article will help you and wish your e-commerce store will grow more and more.

Tip for you: The best label material is always one that is appropriate for your application. There is no such thing as the best label base material. For some applications, a paper label would be an absolute disaster; for others, nothing else would even come close. Labels are commonly made from a variety of papers, polypropylene, polyester, vinyl, or other materials.

However, the story only begins with the raw materials. A great-looking label made with the wrong adhesive or lacking the necessary coating to protect its finish would be a bad thing. Creating the best label construction for your design and application requirements is an important part of our craft.

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