In today’s edge-to-page eCommerce marketplace, customers have many different options for a given product unless your store sells the product exclusively. So how do customers stay with your store? Make sure you stand out from the crowd. More than half of all online store traffic comes from mobile users. But this causes problems such as poor mobile page and image loading speed. That’s why the best Shopify mobile app builder comes in.

Want to create a mobile app but don’t know about technology? Don’t have time to self-explore and build a mobile application? All will be dealt with with the best Shopify mobile app builder below. They will make it easier for your customers to shop in the store, or in other words, improve the user experience and be mobile-friendly.

Let’s get started now!

What Is A Shopify Mobile App Builder?

shopify mobile app builders

The Shopify mobile app builder is a tool that makes it easy to create a mobile version of your store instead of the usual website. Specifically, it provides many of the features needed to develop Shopify mobile apps, such as product introduction, payment optimization, and analytics support.

On top of that, often e-commerce stores have a lot of information to download, and it will slow down mobile page loading. Still, with these builders, you don’t need to worry. It will ensure mobile page load speed while still optimizing images and manipulation for your customers.

Also, these great apps offer push notification marketing, which prompts customers with brand messages through their mobile apps. Not only new products but push notification marketing also includes potential deals that customers love. Isn’t this a great way to remarketing!

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Shopify Mobile App Builders Benefits

You will be amazed by the benefits the best mobile app builder for Shopify brings to your online store. Everything about your e-commerce site, including user experience, UI, payment gateway product images and colors, and so on, is optimized and simplified.

Best of all, the most fundamental reason mobile apps are a must if you don’t want to be left behind is that up to 70% of your Shopify store traffic comes from mobile devices. That means, if you ignore it, you will lose most of the opportunity to convert and the ability to generate revenue for your store. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the best Shopify mobile app builder for you.

In fact, using Shopify mobile app builders not only benefits your customers but also helps you build and grow your brand. What are the advantages that it offers then?

The perfect marketing solution

Thanks to Shopify mobile app builders, marketing notifications such as promotions, offers, new product launches, etc will be sent to app downloaders automatically, quickly and accurately via the Push Notification feature. This is also considered an effective marketing channel with extremely fast-spreading speed and the lowest cost compared to other marketing channels you spend.

Boost sales, and increase profits

In the final analysis, the purpose of business is still to generate revenue and profit as high as possible and the large number of customers that mobile apps bring is the lifeblood of the business.

Apps can help increase sales by providing a convenient way for customers to browse and purchase products without having to search a website or go directly to a store to make selections. That is why businesses must always strive to provide optimal user experiences on mobile devices.

Become more competitive in relation to rivals

Enterprise mobile app design is considered a game-changer. Small brands can usurp the throne of big brands thanks to professional mobile apps. Mobile apps are convenient and bring irresistible appeal to customers, especially in today’s era of fast consumption. Therefore, you need to act now if you don’t want to lose your potential customers and old customers to your competitors.

Better in drawing in clients

Based on demographic analysis such as age, gender, and location that mobile app builders collect when customers download the app, you can share personalized product recommendations that help increase customer engagement and purchasing experience.

Not only that, Google Play or App Store always introduces users to popular applications. If your mobile application is useful, Google Play and App Store will not hesitate to recommend your application to users.

For those who have not known your business before, they will be curious and download your application to try it out to see what makes your application so popular. As a result, businesses will have more new customers.

An interactive visual environment

Mobile app design brings great convenience to users. It allows customers to find everything they need no matter where they are.

Better optimization

Shopify mobile app builders also help you optimize page load time, and limit stuttering, lagging, or inability to load pages when there are a large number of visitors to the website. From that time, your traffic and conversion rate will increase.

To conclude, Shopify mobile app builders help in better customer engagement by providing a better user experience, increased engagement and push notifications, data integration, and personalization, along with ease of access. All of these factors play an important role in attracting and retaining customers while creating differentiation and competition in today’s business market.

How to Pick The Best Shopify Mobile App Builder

mobile app builder for Shopify

When it comes to using a mobile app builder on Shopify for your store, there are some important factors to consider in choosing a suitable platform. Below are some top criteria to help you evaluate whether the best Shopify mobile app is for you.

There should not be any code needed

You are a businessman, not a programmer. Your goal when looking for Shopify mobile app builders is to reduce the time, cost and complexity of app coding. The nature of programming is very complex, so it often requires high expertise, meticulousness, and a lot of time. Therefore, choose mobile app builders that do not require programming knowledge unless you are against your goals.

Features and Integrations

It is crucial to identify the core features you need for your mobile app to achieve business performance and delight your customers. Some important features that a Shopify mobile app builder needs to have are payment integration, product management, user login, push notifications,…

In addition, the ability to integrate with external services such as CRM, warehouse management systems, or social networks are some essential elements for careful consideration when choosing mobile app builders. Make sure your mobile app builder offers these essential features and integrates them with other technologies and services in your store.

Multichannel support

The cross-platform compatibility of Shopify mobile app builders, which enables the creation of apps for both iOS and Android, is a crucial component as it enhances the company’s marketing and development capacities and broadens its user base.

However, the truth is that not all Shopify mobile app builders comply with the requirements that Google and Apple set for applications on their platforms. So, before starting a project with any builder, make sure you get a native mobile app for both iOS and Android to deliver the best mobile shopping experience to your users. use your application.

Multilanguage support

Localization and Internationalization are two important things in eCommerce business. Even though English is an international language, only supporting English can create a poor experience for customers who use languages other than English.

What if your mobile application has language limitations? Sure, you’ll lose out on reaching more potential customers, reducing the number of users and downloads. This automatically means less sales. Therefore, don’t be subjective about the languages that the builder supports, it will be the factor that helps you become an international business in the future!

Customer service

Good customer service is a crucial consideration when selecting a mobile app builder. This guarantees that you receive assistance and support when required and improves the customer experience for you and your clients.

A mobile app builder with good customer service will have a technical support team that is professional and knowledgeable about their products. You can quickly and effectively get assistance when you need it or if you have questions about your application.

App updates and upgrades are inevitable with the advancement of technology, therefore it’s critical that your mobile app builder provide frequent updates and upgrades to make sure your app is always compatible and functions properly on the newest operating system versions.

Top 7 Must-Know Shopify Mobile App Builders

Name Developer Free trial Start price/month Rating
Plobal Apps Mobile App Builder Plobal Apps Inc 30-day free trial From $119 to $1199 per month 4.7/5.0
Tapcart – Mobile App Builder Tapcart 14-day free trial From $200 to $1500 per month 4.7/5.0
Shopney Mobile App Builder Shopney 30-day free trial From $99 to $199 per month 5.0/5.0 ‑ Mobile app Appmaker 30-day free trial From $1000 to $2000 per month 4.7/5.0
Mobile App Builder – MageNative CedCommerce 30-day free trial From $49 to $99 per month 4.9/5.0
Vajro ‑ Mobile App Builder Vajro Inc 30-day free trial From $99 to $999 per month 4.9/5.0
Hulk Mobile App Builder 15-day free trial From $79 to $399 per month 5.0/5.0

Plobal Apps Mobile App Builder

Plobal shopify mobile app builders Topping the list of the best shopify mobile app builders is Plobal Mobile Apps Builder. It allows you to turn your Shopify store into an app with no programming skills required. Additionally, Plobal automatically synchronizes and integrates other Shopify data to help optimize app performance and drive more installs.

Key features of the app:

  • Countdown banner, set time frame
  • Push notifications will be triggered by user actions in real-time
  • Personalized suggestions for products
  • Quick drag & drop
  • Apple Pay, checkouts on a single screen support
  • Email alert


  • User-friendly, easy to use
  • Robust analytics and features for after-launch
  • Free, smart push notifications
  • Many integrations


  • Price may be too expensive
  • There are additional fees for in-app purchases
  • Integration is slow and errors occur frequently in the application

Tapcart – Mobile App Builder By Tapcart

Tapcart shopify mobile app builders Founded in 2017, Tapcart has grown to become the leader in Shopify mobile app builders and is the tool recommended by many experts for creating apps for your Shopify store. With powerful drag-and-drop features, Tapcart gives you the power to easily edit the interface and match your business identity.

Key features of the app:

  • The backend is synced with your Shopify store to manage all orders and products in one place.
  • Facebook, email marketing, and a number of analytics tools
  • Send unlimited push notifications to the customers
  • Support for both Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Integrate many different plugins, add customer reviews, and introduce product videos
  • Allows running flash sales and promotions


  • Simple customization and a clear user interface
  • Push notifications with the ability to schedule and automate them
  • Analytics dashboard


  • Price is relatively high
  • Doesn’t work really well on Android
  • Handling errors and responding slowly

Shopney Mobile App by Shopney Inc.

Shopney shopify mobile app builders Shopney Mobile App is a reputable and trustworthy mobile app builder for e-commerce businesses. With Shopney, you can easily create a professional and compatible mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms, enhancing your shopping experience and increasing your sales. Proven by positive user feedback, Shopney provides a premier mobile commerce experience for you and a seamless mobile shopping experience for your customers.

Key features of the app:

  • Live chat in the app
  • Topics by field and scale
  • Payment popup
  • One step payment
  • Real-time push notifications


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited push notifications in any plan, even the most basic plan.
  • Lots of integrations supported
  • Responsive support and personalized presentation


  • The price may be too high, especially if you want additional features ‑ Mobile app By Appmaker

Appmaker shopify mobile app builder Appmaker mobile app builder is similar to most of the shopify mobile app builders on this list. It includes all the common features for mobile apps, including push notifications, and gives you analytics to learn how users interact with the app. Remember Appmaker, you can build your app interface using the visual editor and sync the backend with your Shopify store.

Key features of the app:

  • Accepts a wide range of payment channels, including Apple Pay, Amazon, Klarna, PayPayl, and major credit cards.
  • Drag-and-drop capability
  • Personalized offers and bargains which using a Shopify iOS or Android app
  • Push notifications


  • Simple to use.
  • Solid sync with your Shopify backend.
  • Responsive support


  • There are fewer integrations than other app builders.
  • Limited to default UX

Mobile App Builder – MageNative By CedCommerce

magenative shopify mobile app builders The next position in the list of most popular Shopify mobile app builders cannot be left out Mega Native. Offering a wide range of themes and modules available, Mega Native allows you to choose and customize the interface as you like. You can change colors, fonts, images, and layouts to create a unique branding experience that aligns with your business goals.

Key features of the app:

  • Updated in real time.
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Supports a variety of currencies and languages for customers all around the world
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Social code integration
  • AI-powered product suggestions
  • Augmented reality


  • Easy to use
  • The cost is quite low in comparison to rivals.


  • Template-based.
  • There are not various integrations for popular third-party apps.
  • You can pay extra for additional customizations

Vajro – Mobile App Builder by Vajro Mobile App

Vajro - Mobile App Builder by Vajro Mobile App

Vajro – Mobile App Builder is a powerful and easy-to-use solution that helps you create high-quality mobile applications without programming knowledge. With this platform, you can create compatible applications on both iOS and Android platforms in just a few simple steps, customize the user interface, add features and functions suitable for your business. Friend.

Key features of the app:

  • Product recommendation based on Live Video and AI
  • Vajro’s dashboards like Top Searches, Top Performing Products, etc.
  • Vajro has four pre-made themes.
  • Provides a range of options for configuring push notifications, including the ability to schedule them depending on user activity and incorporate unique offers.
  • Live sales: you can broadcast live sessions through the app and let shoppers review the streams.
  • Multi-language support
  • Notify every time a customer abandons their shopping cart


  • Simple, easy to use.
  • Best suited for small stores, with simple needs.
  • 24/7 support
  • Many unique features


  • Price is relatively high.
  • Slow responses are given to complaints
  • Limitation of models available.

Hulk Mobile App Builder By

Hulk Mobile App Builder Hulk Mobile App Builder is one of the ideal Shopify mobile app builders for creative people, entrepreneurs, and small enterprises with drag-and-drop personalization options, no coding is required. Although customization has its limitations, it helps with cross-platform development. There can be few integration choices available, and prices can be too costly for some budgets.

Key features of the app:

  • Push alerts and analytics in real-time for your mobile store.
  • Both iOS and Android are completely compatible with the application.
  • Facebook and Google Analytics deep link connectors.
  • An interactive dashboard that is fully mobile and doesn’t require complex coding knowledge.
  • Your shop may have a single-page checkout with the help of the mobile app builder.


  • Customization options to tailor your app to your needs.
  • Easy to configure and create a simple user interface.


  • Template-based.
  • Depending on the platform updates for new features and bug fixes.

How to Convert Shopify Store to a Mobile App?

Step 1: Choose the right mobile app builder: Not all Shopify mobile app builders are right for you. Consider the 5 factors mentioned above to choose the application that best suits your business goals.

Step 2: Connect your Shopify store with a mobile app builder

  • First, go to your Shopify dashboard, and select “Apps” in the left menu bar.
  • Then click “Sales channel and app settings”. You will be navigated to the Shopify App Store page.
  • Click on mobile app builder. You will be navigated to the app’s landing page.
  • Next, press the “Add App” button.
  • You’ll be sent to the page requesting authorization. Here, click on the “Add sales channel” button. So the sales channel has been automatically installed on your store.

Step 3: Customize the application interface: Use the customization tool that mobile app builder provides to design the mobile application interface as desired. You can customize colors, images, layout, and content to fit your brand and business style.

Step 4: Add features and functionality: You can create product catalogs, shopping carts, online payments, social media integration and many more features to create the best shopping experience for your customers. 

Step 5: Test and preview: Before publishing your mobile app, test and preview to make sure everything works as expected. Conduct comprehensive testing on all versions of the app you plan to release, including native iOS, native Android, and progressive web apps (PWA).

Don’t forget to check factors like overall app speed, functionality, adaptability in visual design, intuitive navigation, and easy-to-understand app name and store description. This helps you fix bugs and make adjustments before releasing your app to the public.

Step 6: Set Up Your Developer Account on Google Play and App Store to reserve the right to sell your app and allow customers to download and access your Shopify store through the mobile app.

Step 7: Hit Publish: Your application has officially been released. Now, let’s see the effects that the application brings to your store!

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FAQs: Best Shopify Mobile App Builder

1. What are the main features of the Shopify mobile app builder?

Most of the best Shopify mobile app builders available today offer a wide variety of features, including primary and advanced features. But there are some features that you need to pay special attention to when choosing these builders because these are the main features and a must-have with a mobile app builder.

  • Optimize mobile image and page loading speed.
  • Support fast payment process.
  • Push notifications help promote new products and deals.
  • Support application performance analysis.
  • Have the ability to customize the design to match your brand.

2. How do I convert a Shopify store to a mobile app?

Perhaps this question only happens when you are unfamiliar with the Shopify mobile app builders, especially the ones above. These builders allow you to develop mobile apps without any design or coding skills. All you need to do is download, and with a few clicks, you have a great Shopify mobile app. Precisely, follow the steps below:

  • Choose the right Shopify mobile app builder.
  • Download and install the generator to your store, then set up your account.
  • Make a custom mobile app design tailored to your brand.
  • Publish mobile apps to iOS and Android app stores.

But of course, things only work best when they match and support each other. To get the most out of it, you need to consider the functionality you want in a mobile application. If not, you may have trouble lacking the necessary functions or overpaying for a plan with unnecessary parts.

3. How do I choose the right Shopify mobile app builder for my store?

Issues to consider before choosing the right mobile app builder for your Shopify store are:

  • Customer support team: Thanks to that, you need to check whether their customer support is good or not, how long it will take to respond to queries by tracking previous user reviews.
  • Feature set: You should choose a builder that has all the features you need, or in other words, the intelligent features that help optimize your mobile application.
  • Ease of use: Even if you know the technology, it’s a lot easier to use an application with an intuitive control panel.
  • Theme options: Make sure they offer a wide variety of theme options to ensure your brand and product remain attractive and relevant to the mobile app.
  • Integration: This is not a requirement, but if the creator can integrate with many other plugins, the better your mobile commerce performance.
  • IOS and Android native apps: To ensure your customers’ best mobile shopping experience, you need to be sure the creators provide native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Multi-language support: If you are an international business, this is a crucial function.

Wrap Up

It can be said that Shopify mobile app builders are a must so you don’t become a loser in today’s fiercely competitive e-commerce market. Customers today prefer to transact via mobile applications because it is easier and more convenient. Don’t underestimate mobile application development for your online store because it can be a huge source of revenue and enhance the reputation of your business.

We’ve given you all the details on what it takes to turn your Shopify store into an eCommerce mobile app. It may seem overwhelming at first, but when you follow each of the above steps, you will see that it is not as difficult as you think. Furthermore, you will start to notice results sooner than you can imagine.

We hope that the above article has helped you better understand mobile apps and make the right choice. Have further queries or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to contact BSS Commerce Shopify!

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