Being one of the largest e-commerce platforms on the internet, Shopify controls approximately 20% of the e-commerce sector. That isn’t everything. With millions of active shoppers on the site, brands have plenty of opportunities to increase their revenue. Among them, it is worth mentioning the BSS Commerce Shopify partner program. 

Specifically, any agencies, freelancers, and experts can join with the BSS Commerce Shopify partner program to help diversify their business and boost revenue through various activities through their unique partnership program.

Is the BSS Commerce Shopify partner program a good fit for you? Here’s what you should know.

Overview Of BSS Commerce Shopify Partner Program

The BSS Commerce Shopify partner program aims to help merchants in every step, guiding them to become eCommerce solution experts with specific skills that will allow them to learn faster and earn more money.

BSS Commerce shopify partner program

Specifically, this partner program is a collection of tools and services that Shopify users may use to help their businesses develop. BSS Commerce Shopify partner program is accomplished through three major categories:

  • Technology partner: Work with other Shopify app providers to integrate the app. In other words, Shopify store development experts can create apps that benefit Shopify merchants in various ways, such as greater engagement and sales.
  • Agency partner: Work with eCommerce, marketing agencies, solution providers for lead-sharing opportunities, setup/ implement BSS’s app for their customers. Besides, BSS and their agency partner will have co-marketing activities, events, and newsletter to increase capabilities, attract new audiences and boost both businesses. Moreover, Shopify marketers can assist Shopify merchants to enhance their reach and implement better marketing techniques if they need a more defined audience, streamlined campaigns, or optimized content.
  • Affiliate: Any agencies, freelancers, experts can join an Affiliate program and refer BSS’s app to their customers. Besides, affiliate marketers can offer practically any service of BSS Commerce, from influencer marketing to content production. 

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In addition to the various types of partners mentioned above, there are also multiple partnership levels. It includes Shopify partner and Shopify Plus partner, which are reserved solely for those who perform very well. Also, partners at this level frequently include individuals, agencies, enterprise consultants, and system integrators.

What Are The Advantages Of Becoming A BSS Commerce Shopify Partner?

BSS Commerce shopify partner program

Given that one in every three Shopify vendors seeks services from Shopify Partners, among them, the highlights must be mentioned BSS Commerce Shopify partner program. There’s a significant chance to augment your income if you join the program. In addition to contributing some more cash to your bank account, Partners can take advantage of free training resources and incentives such as:

  • Clients Network Expansion: Extend your sales territory by utilizing our lead referrals and customer data.
  • Discounts and Privileges: According to a transparent partner program, pay the least and receive the most significant value of up to 20%.
  • Product Portfolio Enhancement: Developing a diverse array of solutions to suit the demands of target clients better.
  • Prompt Assistance: BSS Commerce will provide you with prior support and a high level of problem-solving order.
  • Opportunities for Branding: Get your brands and badges promoted on BSS Commerce’s app, website, guest blogging, email marketing, and other social platforms.
  • Initiatives for Co-Marketing: Marketing events, webinars, and digital projects can be co-hosted and co-organized.

As a BSS Commerce Shopify partner, you will have special access to discounts on solutions that will aid you in the operation and expansion of your business.

Even better, when you join up to become a BSS Commerce partner, you open up new options for your business to grow. Whether you’re a well-established corporation or an individual trying to improve your talents and client base, enrolling in the program is terrific.

Does that make sense?

Let’s take a deep look at how does BSS Commerce Shopify partner program work.

How Does BSS Commerce Shopify Partners Program Work

In a word, the BSS Commerce Shopify partner program is an “ecology” made up of businesses/ agencies aimed to help people expand their stores and produce recurring monthly revenue through commissions.

We all know that any excellent company has a larger ecosystem. It also removes complexity and strengthens procedures.

The partner program provides you with access to various training courses and documentation for growing your business. Besides, you can typically generate revenue by referring customers to Shopify paying plans and selling applications, themes, and website development services.

So, it’s intended for:

Technology Partner

To ensure that BSS Commerce’s apps operate well together, they collaborate with Shopify app developers that share the goal of creating the most excellent solutions for merchants. As a tech partner, you will be provided with technical resources, documentation, and assistance in developing integrations. You’ll also have direct contact with BSS’s front-line product development staff as well as get priority help from our customer service team.

BSS Commerce shopify apps

Refer to BSS Commerce’s featured Shopify apps.

Among the categories are (but are not limited to):

  • Store design
  • Conversion
  • Subscriptions
  • Marketing
  • B2B/Wholesale
  • Fulfillment
  • Sourcing and selling products
  • Delivery and shipping

BSS Commerce shopify partner program
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Agency Partner

BSS Commerce collaborates with industry experts to help your agency grow and scale the businesses. BSS will have co-marketing initiatives, events, and lead-sharing opportunities as an agency partner. By collaborating to assist merchants in expanding businesses locally and globally, you can increase your capabilities, attract new audiences, and align their brands.

As a result, join the BSS Commerce Shopify partner program if you work an agency that specializes in (but not limited to): 

  • Technology & software agency
  • Hosting service agency
  • Marketing performance agency
  • Ecommerce-focused agency
  • Social media, Content creator
  • Creative agency
  • Advertising or SEO, CRO
  • Events

BSS Commerce shopify partner program

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On the platform, affiliate marketers can provide practically any service, from influencer marketing to content development. Anyone, including agencies, freelancers, and professionals, can join an Affiliate program and refer BSS’s app to their consumers.

Especially as BSS’s Shopify partners, you will receive a discount or commission on every purchase or referral you make.

For purchases/ referrals of BSS Commerce’s Shopify apps, the partner will receive 20% of app revenue for clients referred by the Partner. On the other hand, regarding BSS Commerce’s Shopify service referrals, the Partner receives 10% of the development phase costs (excluded consulting phase).

How To Start Becoming A BSS’s Partner

If you haven’t noticed by now, Shopify is focused on usability and making once-complicated eCommerce procedures simple. Thus, the BSS Commerce Shopify partner program adheres to the same guidelines. 

To get started becoming BSS Commerces’s partner, all you need is an email address. After entering the information and being entirely comfortable with the program, you should begin browsing for possibilities.

BSS Commerce shopify partner program

Furthermore, BSS Commerce has collaborated with best-in-class Shopify solution developers to deliver an all-around tech bundle with the common goal of propelling eCommerce forward. Growave, PageFly, Secomapp, Fireapps, etc., are some prime examples.

Take note that this post only scratches the surface of a BSS Commerce Shopify partner program. Nevertheless, you should spend more time on the Shopify partner page reading the blog and learning more about partner perks and features.

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Conclusion: A World Of Opportunity

Shopify’s rapid expansion shows no signs of slowing.

Therefore, being a part of the BSS Commerce Shopify partner program for any agency or freelancers such as digital marketers, developers, or graphic designers is a great way to expand your portfolio, hone your abilities, and earn additional money.

Overall, there are many notable features, resources, and ways to generate money as a BSS Commerce Shopify partner. However, the branding opportunities and speedy support on offer outweigh anything else. Skills distinguish a high-income earner from the average, and you should continuously cultivate them.

The BSS Commerce Shopify partner program is a great place to start. Especially if you want to dig into the Shopify platform so you can support your clients. Moreover, it broadens the opportunities available to people of all skill levels, from tech-savvy developers to social butterflies.

Join the BSS Commerce Shopify partner program now!