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Shopify Development Services

Whether it’s a hot-off-the-oven idea or a billion-dollar company vision, from the small stuff to the big picture, get it done with our Shopify Development Services. BSS Commerce, as a leading development agency with over 9 years of expertise, can assist you in creating intuitive, sales-driven, and robust online stores.

Shopify store development
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Shopify – The Future of Ecommerce

The Extensive Shopify Development Services For Your Business

Create industry-leading eCommerce solutions and unlock revenue with BSS’s powerful Shopify development service

Shopify Website Development & Customization

Assist merchants in swiftly and easily designing and developing a Shopify website from the ground up. Specialized solutions for each industry and each business, high website performance with lean code, flexible, responsive functions ready for business expansion.

Shopify Apps Development & Customization

Create a whole new custom app on-demand, enhance existing Shopify apps with additional features or functions, or integrate with a 3rd-party app. Our Shopify website development team will come up with accurate solutions concerning your business insights and your target audiences.

Shopify Theme Development

Customize Shopify themes or UX/UI to match your brand identity, improve user experience, and increase conversions. Provide customers with storefronts that are responsive, user-friendly, and interactive.

3rd-Party Integration

Integrate your online store with other systems or apps from other parties, such as ERP, CRM, marketplaces, payment gateways, and so on. Empower your eCommerce business and help you in managing operations.

Shopify Migration

We’ll make sure your transition to Shopify goes as smoothly and securely as possible. Improve code quality at the same time to increase website performance, assist with data migration, and assure SEO.

Shopify Upgrade & Maintenance

Check your entire Shopify website; consulting and troubleshooting; enhance security measures; upgrade your website with new technology and execute periodical maintenance to improve performance.

Shopify development services - shopify website development


With 9 years of experience in developing many eCommerce website, we ensure to provide the most optimal and effective workflow for businesses


BSS proceeds to build the whole website based on the given brief and requirements. Besides, we’re willing to support if there’s any additional modification.


Our ISTQB-Certified Testers will test the store carefully. The store is only delivered to you when it meets our QA testing.


The store is only delivered to you when it meets our QA testing.

Maintain & Long-term support

We’ll be there helping you come over any appearing difficulties to boost your business.

Why Should You Trust BSS?

Proud to be a Shopify Solution Partner, BSS Commerce ensures the development of a comprehensive, sustainable, and specialized e-commerce system tailored to the needs of each business

Professional Service

When you choose us as your Shopify Web Development Company, we’ll help you meet highly scalable requirements with real-time resource availability.

Time-zone Flexibility

With years of experience providing Shopify Development Services and Apps, we meet urgent requirements with quick deliverables as well.

Global Client Base

We have come a long way as a recognized Development Service Company and are fortunate enough to have served over 21,000+ clients across the globe including B2B and B2C clients.

Shopify Solution Partner

Certified Shopify solution provider with the most up-to-date technology and cutting-edge analytics to help businesses get the most of their infrastructure assets.

BSS Commerce team - Shopify website development

Join 11,000+ merchants worldwide enjoying our apps and services

1000+ Reviews

Start Building Your Shopify Store

If you are interested in our Shopify development service, or simply want to chat, leave us a message!

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the quotation for Shopify development service?2022-01-21T08:34:23+00:00

The cost of Shopify web development is not set in stone; it is determined by the scope and complexity of the project. Kindly leave us a message if you have any requests; we’ll discover more about your business and provide you a customized quotation!

2. Does Shopify charge monthly?2022-01-21T08:35:02+00:00

Shopify has four plans: Basic ($29 per month), Standard ($79 per month), Advanced ($299 per month), and Shopify Plus ($2,500 per month, depending on the quote). Each plan comes with a 14-day risk-free trial period. The specifics can be found on the Shopify Pricing page.

You must additionally pay transaction fees in addition to the monthly cost. They begin at 2.9% every credit card transaction plus $30.

Support, hosting, SSL, CDN, fraud protection, and other services are all included in the monthly charge.

3. What is the difference between Shopify & Shopify Plus?2022-01-21T08:39:12+00:00

There are lots of differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus that can’t not summarize in just some sentences. Please read more in our blog post: to have a deeper understanding between the two. Thank you!

4. Does Shopify support Multiple languages?2022-01-21T08:39:36+00:00

For Shopify default, this feature is not available. You must use an app or theme that supports this feature to have this functionality on your online store.

5. Does Shopify support Marketplace?2022-01-21T08:39:55+00:00

Shopify does not support Marketplace before. Since late 2021, Shopify has only recently added this feature. If you have any requests or concerns related to this functionality, please drop us a message so we can discuss additional customization or development.

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