As a new dropshipping store owner or a seasoned Shopify retailer or wholesaler, you all have a specific common goal that increases your store’s sales and conversion. However, there are some basic mistakes that can have a detrimental impact on revenue that both inexperienced and seasoned online business owners make, which caused by the lack of Shopify product labels for their stores.

In this Shopify tutorials, we are going to share solutions to the problems, learn why most online shoppers, particularly on their first visit, prefer to walk away from your store without making a purchase by together seeing how you can use Shopify product labels to engage these customers and drive them to make a quicker buying decision.

Shopify product labels or badges are recently favored by many Shopify businesses, which come by cheaply, yet effective, ways to drive traffic to your store when you have a really tight budget.

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What are product labels?

Shopify product labels are usually known as “virtual stickers, which are attached to the online items, and they are also called Shopify product stickers, to attract attention to exclusive offers or information about a product.

These are small stickers that when looking at the items, will produce different kinds of emotions. And that’s the thing a buyer first sees when looking at a product displayed on the shelves of a Shopify store. Urgency is one of the big feelings! Then, the next thing you’ll get is interest if you see a ‘Buy Now Goes Easy’ sticker on a product.

Another sensation that will make clients feel about when looking at the product labels/stickers/badges is Assurance. Brand labels such as: Most Favorable, Best Seller, Top Trending Now, Must-have will build a sense of assertion that the consumer has enjoyed the item and is deserving of their detailed look at it. 

In addition, for today’s consumers, curiosity and assurance are both important and essential. The explanation for this is that there is no time for your customers to search out each and every one of your products, and you know that. Therefore, within a limited duration, you ought to give them relevant information.

Therefore, if you want to grab customers’ attention, improve their experiences, and engage them to stay in your Shopify store then product labels are one of the appropriate and effective ways to do it.

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Why does your Shopify store need product labels?

These labels aren’t just fun to look at! Stores who use product marks have a rise in engagement rates of 148% and a conversion rate increase of 15%. They are a powerful way to communicate with shoppers and have immediate product information. Product labels & badges function to take the desired move as gentle nudges on the shopper, which leads them to purchase the product and thus results in a better conversion rate.

Much like site-wide banners, by getting the attention of the shopper to a single brand, product labels have already proved their value. Here are the reasons why your Shopify store needs product labels to raise Shopify store conversions.

Gives immediate context on what you’re promoting

With the help of product labels and badges, customers can instantly understand what your promoting program is when clicking on your website.

Brand labels use clear-cut call-out text that provides the clients with the message instantly. If a brand is looking at an item that is on the top trending and people have a tendency of buying it, therefore, “must-have” is specifically shown by the product name. To see what items labeled with “must-have” to add to their cart, they will then search through the remainder of the product group. 

This is also a way of grabbing shopper attention with a bright product label and showing off your best products to build visibility, the immediate sense lets shoppers quickly identify items and get more profits for you.

shopify sold out badge

Establish credibility for your goods by showcasing their distinctive characteristics

Through product stickers, without having to describe it in depth, you will tell clients more on whether a product is unique or trusted by other consumers. They will help you to develop trust in your brand and increase its reputation.

For example, labels showing a pledge are referred to as confidence certificates, such as ‘Certified Environmental-Friendly’ or a quality assurance certificate. They build confidence in your clients’ minds so they know they can buy from you safely.

Most individuals are hesitant to purchase online because they are not sure about the consistency or protection of the online payment portal or if they will be reached in time by the product. Using a confidence badge such as a free shipping badge or a guarantee sticker tells the shoppers to go ahead and increase the chance of adding to cart. 

Highlights which items are on discount for further conversion

Who doesn’t like discount or sale programs? There is no question that it has been seen on the promotional goods program that consumers are purchasing more products on sale relative to other products.

Now all you need to do is put the deal to the attention of your shopper. You will either run tailored commercials linking to individual product pages for this or create a new website to display all the products for offer.

But what if you can do it without all the hassle in minutes?! You can do just that with product labeling. Everything you need to do is add a product sticker such as: on sale, 30% off, top trending and those items will grab interest immediately on every page in your Shopify store. 

 product badges shopify

Cleverly cross-sell with suggestions

You may easily apply a ‘recommended’ or ‘frequently purchased together’ sticker to goods from complementing groups of product labels. Without being too pushy about it this lets you set up a fast cross-sell.

For example, you can show the most-selling bomber jacket with a ‘recommended’ or often purchased together mark to appear on the web page if the shopper is looking for a top. This allows the clients to find more appropriate items according to their specifications and lets you smartly cross-sell.

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Top Shopify Product Label Apps

Here I want to suggest some Shopify plugins are designed to help you show stickers and badges on images of your products, and they come with nice features like customizable text and lots of preset labels for you to choose from. Plus, some of the Shopify sticker apps listed here allow you to upload your own images of stickers, as well as select where labels and badges appear on product pictures.

shopify product badges free

Product Labels & Badges Pro 

Product Labels & Badges Pro – an amazing Shopify label app that allows users to easily add those product labels and badges, such as HOT, ON SALE, BESTSELLER, SOLD OUT.

This app is mobile-friendly, giving consumers more information from a glance about a product. Clients will then make buying choices that are easier and more profitable. Product Labels & Badges Pro is compatible with all colors, moreover, you don’t need to know any programming, even without the help of a website builder, you will get the installation finished.

The app also allows users to customize their own labels with an advanced affordable package. Moreover, the badges and stickers can be placed in different pre-configured places on the product image as the users’ preference. 

Highlight Features

Add labels to every item with ease

Eye-catching various collection of pre-made labels

Design classic-text labels

Show labels for specific clients’ tags or GEO IPs

Self-made with advanced labels editor

Three pricing tiers matching your budget requirements

Labeler Product Labels

This Shopify product stickers app helps you build urgency or encourage sales with ease and helps you to apply name labels to your unique goods. There are various attributes that make this a perfect pick. There are, for example, flexible criteria and guidelines that decide which products can be applied to the labels.

There are also complex variables that can modify the labels to include precise information related to the product. For example, based on how much you are selling on each product, a discount number may be adjusted on the box.

The app displays on every smartphone or browser and is fully mobile-friendly. It is also compatible with every theme of Shopify. Also, the software is really easy to update, without too much coding, so your machine won’t slow down.

Highlight Features

Website fast loading

  • Dynamic labeling allows you to display more accurate product detail.
  • Establish guidelines for what particular labels display goods
  • Mobile-friendly and compliant with all Shopify themes and browsers

shopify label app

Flair Product Badges & Labels by Burst Commerce

There are some cool features in this Shopify label app that could help you create more sales. Firstly, by using product badges, this app will help your products stand out from the sea of other products. In order to make you sell goods any quicker, you can also pair these badges with validated marketing tactics like scarcity or social proof. More importantly, scarcity allows an item to be nearly sold out, which is an excellent way to motivate consumers to shop out of stock before the product.

In addition, you should also view the social evidence of that product to show your consumers that multiple customers want this product and have already ordered it. You may also mark the item as fresh or on sale to catch the eye of your customer and let them know what a nice deal they are getting.

Highlight Features

  • Compatible with all themes, apps and mobile devices.
  • Used with several campaigns.
  • Promote urgency, scarcity and social proof
  • Designed to run lightning-fast

Smart Badge – Product Label by Developer Group

You can apply personalized labels to the product photos in your catalog through this app. These can attract the audience’s attention and enrich discussions with ease. There are lots of different kinds of stickers, from coupons, deals, discounts, low stock, and more, that you can use in your pictures. You can conveniently make an infinite number of templates and use them on anything on your Shopify website.

You can design a background color and text with each sticker, making it however you wish in any size or color. You can also change the badge’s location and dimension. For great results, you can use variables on the badge text as well. This will include details such as the number of stock pieces and more. Both badges may have a connection attached to them as well. For other things, this can be a perfect way to boost conversions.

Highlight Features

  • Create your own labels
  • Add variables to the badges 
  • Choose the color and text for all badges

Getting started with Shopify product stickers

With the help of those apps, it makes it easier for Shopify store owners to add their own product labels with ease without the help of a design agency. 

Here I want to represent you the ultimate app out of five: Product Labels & Badges Pro by BSS Commerce.

As mentioned above, Product Labels & Badges Pro is a super smart and affordable app letting users add visualized eye-catching product labels to the item images and display them across Shopify stores. Moreover,  the app allows you to make your goods stand out, catch customers’ attention helping sell faster and rocket the sales of your Shopify store.

Let’s install the Product Labels & Badges Pro app through Shopify app store. 

bss commerce product labels pro

Here are why you should choose the app: Why Do Product Labels & Badges Help Sell Products Faster.

When it comes to making customers look at more products, product labels can give a hand for you. So are you ready to improve consumer engagement and sales with product labels for more conversion?

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