As we all know, labeling is an important part of the marketing of a product. Labeling is essential as it helps grab the attention of a customer, no matter if you are selling it online or offline.

Labeling is also used to exaggerate the product as well as it is used for identification. This kind of labeling helps customers to differentiate the product from the rest. 

Thus, a sale label is worth a thousand promotional words. Attaching image labels to products help attract the customers’ eyes at a glance.

Currently, on default, Shopify only provides you the boring circle with the word “Out of Stock” or “Sale” labels. But sometimes, to make your store stand out and highlight your main products, you will need some better labels.

It isn’t hard to think about some other label options. You can see them in every store. Those can be as simple as “Coming soon” to “New” to “Sale 50%”, or one of the best labels that I love, “Exclusive”. You name it. 

Labeling is an essential factor for each product. Without it, your customers cannot focus on the more special products. In that case, they may miss your on-sale product, which lowers your selling point.

One other weak-point for the lack of labels. On holidays, your store will be less attracted to customers than other stores that include thousand of appealing labels on their product pages. And no customer means no sell.

Now that you fully understand why labeling is necessary, the question is how to change your product label on your Shopify store?

In this article, we will show you the best three ways to do it. Each is suitable for different needs, so it depends on you to choose.

Better yet, some of them are free.

  • Change theme

Suitable for small scope stores with simple needs.

If you’re okay with the default labels that Shopify provides and only want to change a little to renew the look on the product page, then here is your answer.

  • Use apps or buy task

Suitable for a medium scope store. 

If you want to add more specific labels like “New” or “Exclusive” to highlight your main products, you should choose an app to help you.

  • Hire an expert

Most suitable for a significant scope store. Usually are those famous stores but also apply when you are selling fancy products like jewelry. Trust me. You need your store to be as stand out as possible.

In this case, you don’t want some custom labels that can be found in other stores. You need a designed store theme, an extraordinary and unique one, for you only.

So if you want to create an outstanding and exclusive theme for your own store, the best and easiest way is to hire an expert. They will help you make your dream store come true.

1. Change theme

Shopify has a lot of the supported themes for the store owners. You can check it out on their official theme website for more details.

If you are on a Shopify Basic plan or higher, you can choose one of the free themes. Currently, they have nine absolutely free themes to choose from. And each theme has 2 to 4different styles, so the number is still quite impressive.

But if none of those free themes reach your need, you can consider buying a paid theme. Each paid theme costs $180 and has at least two styles.


  • Easy to use
  • Require no IT knowledge
  • Some are for free


  • Cannot custom product label
  • The default label of them is almost the same, just color and font different


2. Use apps or buy task

Currently, Shopify offers a selection of over 3800 apps to boost sales performance. There are several apps for literally everything you can think of to help your store. And of course, there are a lot of apps for the product labels and badges.

Among them, we recommend you the 4 best labeling apps and 1 task.

Product Labels & Badges Pro is one of the best labels and badges there is. 

They have a pre-designed library for you to choose from, include: Sales, Discount, Shipping Stickers, Out of stock, Boxing Days, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, etc.

Black Friday 2021 Shopify marketing strategies

Other than that, you can attach any images as labels and badges as wished. The app also has a label editor feature work as a mini Photoshop so you can easily edit your labels.

Also, the app works well with all common themes without code modifications.

And the best part is, there is a free plan available. The two paid plans cost only $5 and $10.

Metafields Custom Field Master helps you custom metafields design.

First, you must understand metafields are one of the most important features that allow you to add extra custom data fields in your Shopify store. 

This includes anything in your store like collections, products, customers, pages, and of course, custom labels and badges option. Metafields Master will allow you to create, add, and edit labels in your store.

They also have a free plan. Their pro plan starts at $19.99/month, and you can test it out with a 6-day free trial.

Product Labels and Badges will give you full control of the label creation process. You can choose different types of ribbons, colors, fonts, orientation, transparency, etc.

You will be able to alter the size, modify the color, font size and font style, and so on. You can also upload your own images and set them as labels.

The app has a basic plan that costs $9.99/month, and they offer a 30-day free trial.

Product Labels allows you to add visually-appealing labels to product images and display them on both the product and collection page. 

You can add attractive icons & call-to-action texts such as “Hot”, “New”, “Save 20%”, “Low Stock” for Individual products.

This app also helps you create an unlimited number of labels and allow you to set which label to be shown first by setting priority for each label.

They have a free plan. Their pro plan starts at $14.99/month, and you can test it out with a 14-day free trial.

3. Hire an expert

If you are looking for a solution to make your store look absolutely stand out, then it’s time to find an expert, literally. They are there to help you achieve your dream store. It’s so simple this way. You just need to contact experts and let them help you.

Now, you might wonder how to find an expert to solve your needs?

Well, no need to worry. Because Shopify is always ready to help you, anything you need to boost your business. It is their mission to make your business easier.

Shopify provides an amazing supporting service, which includes its own trusted expert service to help build your business. From marketing to store setup, anything that you need, there is someone ready to help.

Thanks to that, you can easily hire help and get the job done in two ways:

  • Explore services offered by experts and request a quote directly.
  • Create a job by describing what you need and receive proposals from recommended experts.

Go to Shopify’s specific website to learn more information.

Just remember that the first impression of the website is vital. If your customers find nothing interesting at a glance, they will take no further action.

Thus, it is always a challenge for you to directly and effectively present highlighted products. But labels tag with your main products can help. So you need to use your labels carefully and wisely.

In this article, we show you three different ways to customize your label and make your store look more appealing to customers. Define your needs and choose the best way that suits you the most. It all depends on you.

I do believe that it will be useful for you and hope this would boost your business. Best luck to you!