Are you struggling to improve your Shopify store’s search engine ranking and overall visibility? As a Shopify store owner, having control over your product visibility is essential for success. Fortunately, Shopify provides several tools that can help you optimize your store’s efficiency and enhance your customers’ experience.

In this comprehensive guide, BSS Commerce Shopify takes you through the process of hiding products on Shopify and using Shopify’s built-in features to achieve optimal visibility. You’ll discover various Shopify product-hiding tools and visibility rules that automatically hide or show products based on specific criteria. By utilizing these tools and strategies, you can elevate your store’s user experience and ensure that it stands out in a crowded market.

Whether you’re an experienced Shopify user or just starting, this blog has all the information you need to Shopify hide products from your storefront and improve your store’s efficiency. So, if you’re ready to take your Shopify business to the next level, keep reading! This guide is your key to unlocking the full potential of your online store, including using Shopify product hiding tools and visibility settings to streamline your product lineup and boost your store’s visibility.

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Why is “Hide Product On Shopify” necessary?

There are several essential reasons for hiding products on Shopify. Below are some reasons Shopify merchants are looking to achieve:

  • Inventory management: Hiding products can help store owners better manage their inventory levels and keep their stores organized. By hiding unavailable products, they can avoid having customers add items to their cart that they cannot purchase.
  • Product testing: Hiding products allows store owners to test new products before making them available to the public. This helps them make necessary adjustments and ensure the product is ready for buying.
  • Product promotions: Merchants can hide products on Shopify stores to create scarcity and build anticipation for new product launches or limited-time promotions. Also, it encourages customers to purchase before the product becomes unavailable.
  • Customer experience: Hiding products could assist store managers with maintaining a clean and orderly store, and enhance the overall customer experience. Customers are more likely to stay on the site and purchase if they can easily find what they are looking for.

In general, hiding products on Shopify is a popular way that lets store owners manage their inventory better, improve customer experience on the Shopify store, and enhance their engagement with products on the website.

Shopify Hide Products using product visibility settings

If you are looking for ways to hide one or multiple products on Shopify stores, hide product’ price, variant,.. please take a look at this guide of step-by-step instructions for hiding products on Shopify.

Or for a quick guide on how to hide product on Shopify, let’s follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Shopify account and access the Shopify Admin panel.

2. Go to the “Products” section in the left-side menu.

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3. Find the product you want to hide and click on it to open its details page. Then, look for Product status and click Manage.

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4. After the pop-upSales channels and apps” opens, you need to uncheck all checkboxes on sales channels to hide your product from other sales channels or apps.

Shopify hide products

5. Click the “Save” button at the top right corner of the page.

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6. Repeat these steps for each product that you want to hide.

7. To view all hidden products, go to the “Products” section in the Shopify Admin, and then select “Hidden” from the “Filter by product status” drop-down menu.

8. To make a hidden product visible again, repeat the steps above and select “Visible” in the “Visibility” section.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily hide or make any products invisible in your Shopify store.

Shopify Hide Products Using Apps

Besides using product visibility settings, you might also hide products on Shopify with many apps. It can be challenging to choose the right solution for your business.

That’s why we’ve carefully selected a few of the best Shopify apps to help you streamline your store, enhance your customer experience, and protect your pricing information. Whether you need bulk hiding or showing off products, scheduling product visibility, or creating password-protected pages, you’ll find the perfect app to suit your needs. Browse our selection of top Shopify apps today and start unlocking the power of your online store!

Below are some of the most popular apps on the Shopify App Store that help you hide products:

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B2B Login/ Lock & Hide Price

This app allows you to hide prices and restrict access to specific products or pages based on the customer’s login status. You can set up rules on your B2B store to limit access to certain information or products for non-registered users.

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With B2B Login/ Lock & Hide Price, you can effortlessly hide specific products from your store’s main page, ensuring they are only accessible to approved customers. Also, it allows you to set up different login credentials for different customer groups, giving you complete control over who has access to your store’s sensitive information.

Moreover, the password protection feature of B2B Login provides an extra layer of security for your store’s pages. You can set up password-protected pages for pricing information, product catalogs, and more, ensuring that only authorized users can access this sensitive information.

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If you’re looking for a simple and effective solution to manage product visibility and secure pages on your B2B Shopify store, B2B Login is the best-fit app for you. You can try it here and take your business to the next level!

To install and use the B2B Login/Lock & Hide Prices to hide products on your Shopify store, you can follow these steps:

1. Install the app: Go to the B2B Login/Lock & Hide Prices app page on the Shopify App Store and click the “Add app” button to install the app.

2. Launch the app: Once installed, go to your Shopify Admin and click “Apps” in the left-side menu. Find the B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price app and click on it to launch it.

3. Hide products: To hide a product, you need to install a function into your theme.

Shopify hide products

4. Set up and enable rules: Next, you create a rule with specific criteria. For example, you can select to hide products on some pages like Homepage, Collection, and Search Page.

Shopify hide products

5. Choose customers to view/ not to see products: This app lets you select who can see or not see your products. You can set up to hide products from all visitors or just show products with logged-in customers, etc.

Shopify hide products

6. Choose products: After choosing customers, you continue selecting products that you want to hide. It allows you to hide all products or just some specific products.

Shopify hide products

7. Advanced settings: With B2B Login/Lock & Hide Prices, you can set up a time range to automatically enable or disable your rule.

Shopify hide products

Note: Keep in mind that this feature is available on the Premium plan ($50/month). By using the B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price app, you can easily hide or show products on your B2B Shopify store and manage hidden products in one central location.

Wholesale Lock Manager

The Wholesale Lock Manager is a powerful Shopify app that provides store owners with various features and functionalities to manage their wholesale business. One of the critical features of the app is its ability to control access to the wholesale store and its products, including visibility settings and rules.

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It allows Shopify merchants to protect your site from specific people by hiding product collections, hiding product prices, product variants and more. Besides, it also enables store owners to create a quick order form for their customers to order multiple products with a few clicks.

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Best practices for hiding products on Shopify store

To hide product on Shopify stores, Here are some best practices to make it effectively and successfully:

  • Plan ahead: Before hiding a product, consider why you want to hide it and when you want to show it again. This will help you decide which products to hide and when to show them.
  • Keep track of hidden products: When hiding products, a record of which products have been hidden. This will help you keep track of hidden products and avoid confusion when you need to show them again.
  • Use a reliable app: Choose a reliable and trustworthy app to hide products on Shopify stores. Read reviews and check the developer’s track record before making a decision, and consider the app’s security, performance, and reliability before installing it.
  • Test the app: Before using the app to hide products on your live store, test it on a development or staging store to ensure that it works as expected and won’t negatively impact your store’s performance.
  • Keep backups: Make sure to keep regular backups of your store’s data and product information. This will help you recover from any data loss or corruption that may occur when hiding products.
  • Review and update regularly: Regularly review the products that you have hidden and make changes as needed. If a product is no longer relevant or needed, consider deleting it instead of hiding it.

By following these best practices, you can effectively hide products on Shopify stores and minimize the risk of negative consequences or issues.

More FAQs about Hide Product On Shopify Stores

1 – What is the difference between hiding and deleting a product on Shopify?

Hiding a product makes it invisible to customers in your store, but it still exists in your Shopify database. Deleting a product removes it from your Shopify store completely and can’t be recovered.

2 – How do I hide a product on Shopify?

To hide a product on Shopify, store owners can use product visibility settings or use 3rd-party apps. With product visibility settings, you can hide products from that channel by unchecking the sales channel. As a result, it will no longer be visible to customers on that sales channel. Besides, store owners can also use apps or edit the product’s liquid code to customize the visibility rules and hide products more complexly.

3 – Can I hide multiple products at once on Shopify?

Yes, you can hide multiple products at once on Shopify with built-in features or using a third-party app, such as the B2B Login/Lock & Hide Prices app. This app allows you to filter and select multiple products and hide or show them in bulk.

4 – What happens if I accidentally hide a product I didn’t mean to?

Suppose you accidentally hide a product on Shopify. In that case, you can easily show it again by going to your Shopify Admin, navigating to the product, and selecting to show it on sales channels in the product status section. If you have used a third-party app to hide product on Shopify, follow the app’s instructions to deliver the product again.

5 – Can I show hidden products to certain customers or groups?

You can show hidden products to certain customers or groups using a third-party app, such as the BSS Login/Lock & Hide Prices app. This app allows you to show hidden products to specific customers or groups based on factors such as customer tags or customer groups.


As a Shopify merchant, you already know the importance of Shopify product visibility and keeping your storefront organized and clutter-free to create a positive customer experience.

With Shopify product hiding tools, such as Shopify product visibility settings or hide products on Shopify 3rd-party apps, you can hide products or collections from your storefront easily. This will help you optimize your Shopify product visibility and create a better customer browsing experience.

One of the most significant benefits of hiding products on Shopify is the ability to test and refine your product offerings without compromising your store’s overall appearance.

If you have any concerns relating to hide products on Shopify, please share them with us. We’re happy to help you.

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