Are you driving a lot of traffic to your website but not converting? The main problem is your product page. Why? It is not the checkout step but the product page itself, where the customer makes the final decision about the purchase. Therefore, this article will give you a detailed look at ecommerce product page optimization for better conversion in sales.

While most business owners focus on enhancing their checkout page or landing page, many argue that learning what happens when visitors add products to their cart is the best way to prevent cart abandonment and increase conversion rates. However, these are two completely different things. Your conversion rate will hardly change unless you design attractive product pages.

Product pages exist to describe why your product is valuable to customers and provide the facts a client needs to see to make a purchasing choice. Besides, beautiful product images and well-written contents are vital, but they’re only the starting point-there’s a lot more to consider when creating a great product page.

Let’s go over a few must-try Shopify product page optimization tips for better conversions below!

Why Do You Need to Focus On Shopify Product Page Optimization?

Many store owners often focus on gaining more traffic to their stores but forget that converting visitors into new customers is the ultimate goal. In other words, while boosting traffic to your homepage is essential, getting customers to your product pages may be more critical. These are the sections of your website that are selling or attempting to convert visitors into buyers.

Besides, optimizing your product page is meant to be found by search engines and convert browsers into purchasers. That means you have a better chance of boosting conversions to your website if you focus on Shopify product page optimization appropriately.

In fact, the average landing page conversion rate across industries is 2.35%, whereas the top 25% convert at 5.31% or higher. Therefore, if you want to be in the top 10% of landing pages, ideally, you must have conversion rates of 11.45% or above.

Shopify Conversions

The conversion rate you need to aim for (Source: Wordstream)

Furthermore, eCommerce owners must optimize their product pages to rank higher in search results. When product pages are optimized for SEO, more customers will visit these pages and are more likely to purchase because they were led to what they want.

As a result, to achieve better conversion rates, you need to optimize your product pages. Also, today’s useful Shopify apps will help you optimize your product page for better conversions without any effort.

What Measures May Be Used To Assess Success?

If you want to increase traffic to your product pages, you’ll need to establish a few metrics to assess how these website areas are working. To determine the success of a specific product page, you can use the following units of measurement:

  • Unique visitors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Users that have been active for the same period
  • The average session time, or how long consumers spend on a specific page
  • Bounce rate
  • Retention rates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Cost of acquiring a customer
  • Average customer spend
  • Customer lifetime value

You can understand your website’s problem and fix it to optimize your product pages for better conversions by tracking these metrics. But how to optimize the most thoroughly? We have drawn the following tips from the reference of the major websites with the best conversion rates.

#6 Ways For Shopify Product Page Optimization

Product Images Optimization

Using High-Quality Image

Using large, sharp, dynamic photos of your products on your product pages is one of the most acceptable methods to optimize your product page for better conversions and build customers’ trust. However, many new online store owners are hesitant to invest in high-quality images since product photoshoots may quickly become time-consuming and costly.

Using High-Quality Image

It is ultimately a common misconception, especially with small shops. The truth is that image is a prerequisite factor affecting customers’ purchasing decisions, which convinces them to enter the “BUY” button most easily. Moreover, it can help develop trust and overcome objections, make it easier for potential customers to grasp expectations, enhance social sharing, and establish brand consistency.

Therefore, investing resources in high-quality product images right away is a simple approach to drive conversions and keep your store ahead of the competition.

Check out top-rated Shopify Image Resizer App

Adding Labels & Badges

It would be wrong if all efforts to drive traffic to your store were ruined because you couldn’t attract customers to the product page. Using high-quality images is not enough. You need more to be able to convert customers successfully. And, adding badges and labels to product images is one of the effective ways of Shopify product page optimization.

Indeed, Product badging has been shown to enhance conversion rates by 55% when utilized on e-commerce platforms. But this is not the only reason why you should insert labels & badges, and its other great benefits can be mentioned as:

  • Make it easier for customers to find the things they want.
  • Assist customers in making faster buying choices.
  • A great way to categorize products to navigate customers better.
  • Instruct your website visitors efficiently and creatively.

Besides, one of the most popular badges you can use is “Trust badges.” Today, customers must feel secure as online fraud continues to climb. According to some surveys, as many as 61% of respondents stated they had decided not to buy a product because it lacked a trust symbol.

Therefore, putting a “trust badge” on a checkout page to convince potential customers that the process is safe and secure is one way to increase conversions is a great choice. However, Shopify does not have this feature built-in. To add labels & badges freely without any coding, you will need an app such as Product Labels & Badges by BSS Commerce Shopify.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

Add your labels & badges with no coding required

With a massive library of 3000+ samples updated weekly, you can easily choose badges & labels for festive sales, Few Left Badges, Halloween Stickers, Pre-order Badges, Trusted Badges, Vintage Badges, etc.

In addition, you can design your labels to attract customers’ eyes. Besides, Product Labels & Badges by BSS Commerce allows you to choose where the labels appear with nine pre-calculated positions within the product images in different sizes.

Product Labels & Badges by BSS

You can upload your label or choose the pre-designed one

Finally, you can add variables to show the For Sale, In Stock, and Sold Clearly labels with numbers with the label per variants feature. More specifically, if you already have variations, the application supports displaying multiple labels at once and brings unexpected harmony instead of an overlap.

Product Labels & Badges by BSS

Product Labels & Badges by BSS provides the ability to display labels with selected products.

#3 Creating Products Video

As mentioned above, the more details you provide about the product, the more likely customers trust and choose to buy more quickly. To get better conversion with product page optimization, why don’t you offer a video to make it easier for customers to visualize the product?

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

A video is likely to be worth more than a thousand words. According to Google, over half of Internet users check for a product-related video before going to a store. Whether it’s an instructional film or a product close-up, it allows you to discuss the item in as much detail as possible.

Additionally, seeing the item with a real person might help visitors visualize it, especially if you’re in fashion or selling things that require more visualization. It also enables them to make more educated purchasing selections.

Another little tip if your store sells clothes or products that require a lot of images, use 360-degree product images. Because not all goods are appropriate for little runway films or close-ups, 360-degree product images are an intelligent way to show your products in detail.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

An example of Away brand (Source: Away)

Page Speed Optimization

Optimizing Product Page For Mobile

There is no doubt that mobile shoppers are expanding faster than eCommerce in general. According to Shopify data, mobile devices will account for 79% of all Shopify traffic in 2020. As a result, you may lose many visitors, sales, and revenue if your eCommerce product pages are not mobile-friendly.

Specifically, mobile-optimized product pages can assist you in the following ways:

  • Enhance your consumers’ overall experience
  • Assist customers in purchasing from anywhere, at any time.
  • Using digital wallets, you can speed up checkouts.

There are many ways for mobile phones product page optimization but one of the essential things is using a theme from 100+ Best Shopify Themes Collection For Each Store Model. This contains the ideal options for eCommerce businesses because these themes are designed specifically for that purpose.

Optimizing Product Page For Mobile

In addition, if you have a large enough budget, you may also create and deploy a shopping app to optimize your product page for better conversions. The mobile app may outperform mobile web pages in terms of user experience.

#2 Keep Things Moving

Most people prefer to shop online over brick-and-mortar stores because it saves time. Therefore, page loading speed is a significant factor. If your product pages do not load within 4 seconds, you may lose 40% of your customers.

Therefore, keep these things in mind to ensure that your website is always running fast enough:

  • Check out your current page speed.
  • Optimize your content and graphics so that they load quickly.
  • Resolve backend issues such as HTTP request minimization.
  • Regularly clean the cache.

Furthermore, the Google PageSpeeds Insights tool is an excellent way to analyze your product page load time. Also, one of the common reasons why your website is slow is because of a third-party app. Therefore, make sure you use reputable applications and do not slow down your website.

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3. Having Aspirational Content

To enhance Shopify product page optimization for better conversion, the page’s content is also essential. With the development of e-commerce today, it is clear that customers have a lot of choices. Therefore, they will look for content that is relevant to them. In other words, you need to recognize and resolve customer issues.

Remember that there is an intrinsic relationship between the product, your customer’s reasons to buy it, and their objections that may delay a purchase when deciding what to add on your product pages.

Specifically, you need to distinguish the customer’s requirements for the product clearly. For example, for survival belts, customers are more concerned with function than aesthetics, so your product page needs to mention durability and utility, and so on.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

An example of SlideBelts displaying their survival belt on the product page (Source: SlideBelts)

Overall, understanding your customers and challenging your assumptions through the voice of customer research is also critical in determining what’s on your customers’ thoughts before making a purchase.

4. Leveraging Smart Pricing Strategies

#1 Bundle Kit Or Upsell Subscriptions

It will be an excellent opportunity for you to showcase various other products on your product page. Though an eCommerce product page should be focused on selling that product, don’t pass up the opportunity to advertise other products. It can also assist your prospects with their purchasing demands.

However, unlike the usual “product recommendation,” a bundle kit or upsell subscriptions will help you stimulate customers to increase order value with better deals when buying retail.

Firstly, let’s talk about creating bundle kits first. Instead of creating packages manually, it will save more time and effort if you have the help of the B2B Customer Portal/ Net Terms. The app allows store owners to easily create bundles from products and variants to maximize average order size and revenue.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

“Bundle Kit” syncs to inventory automatically.

In particular, the app does not create duplicate products or variations in your store, even if it has an extensive catalog. Instead, it allows the admin to associate multiple effects with one.

Moreover, the app checks and syncs your inventory right after each sale, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out of stock. It also provides a variety of bundle kits with different products and quantities.


One of the most effective upselling methods for Shopify product page optimization for better conversion is to convert one-time sales into subscriptions.

Specifically, you can boost your customers’ lifetime value by upselling subscription apps. Instead of a one-time order, you can collect payments regularly and potentially gain loyal consumers. Ideally, use Subscriptions by BSS if you want to create as many subscription groups and plans as needed without any coding required.

Subscriptions by BSS

You don’t need to use a 3rd party payment gateway with Subscriptions by BSS.

#2 Using Psychological Pricing

The most successful eCommerce entrepreneurs recognize that product page conversion optimization for better conversion frequently boils down to one factor: psychology. You must first become acquainted with other companies’ psychological ideas and concepts to persuade people to buy to drive more customers.

Most easily, you just need to remember the following five psychological principles to develop a reasonable pricing strategy and entice customers on the product page.

  • Reciprocity

Reciprocity is the desire to offer something in exchange for receiving something for free. This case is an excellent opportunity for you to implement pricing strategies that stimulate customers to buy more such as quantity breaks or custom pricing.

Top 10 best quantity breaks Shopify apps

Top best custom pricing Shopify apps

Through a third-party app like B2B/Wholesale Solution, you can easily set prices based on customer tags or product quantities in orders. And of course, the app is fully automated and doesn’t require any coding knowledge, which is perfect for any store from small to large.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

Able to create quantity break discount rules freely

  • Urgency

Urgency is defined as the desire to purchase something before it is too late. Indeed, creating urgency is one of the most acceptable ways for Shopify product page optimization for better conversions.

One method is to announce a limited-time sale. You must make them understand that if they are late, they will miss out on the deal. Another way of doing it is by including a countdown clock.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

  • Scarcity

Scarcity is also known as the desire to buy before supplies run out. In this case, you can inform your customers that there are just a limited number of things left. This may just be a gentle nudge to make the buy, as they risk losing the product if they don’t.

Besides, if you don’t want to include the quantity in stock, using “Few Left Badges” from Product Labels & Badges by BSS is an excellent choice. With badges, you are free to customize as you want, while if you display the stock quantity right on the product page, it will be more challenging to control.

  • Social Proof

Social proof is when you feel compelled to buy because others around you are doing so. And the fastest way to create word of mouth is to create a referral program. With BLOOP REFERRALS & REWARDS, you can set up a robust referral program in just 3 minutes without any effort. Through 2 forms of Referral Page/Referral link and Referral Popup, the app helps you encourage customers to become affiliates and refer friends on many different channels.

Social Proof on product page

Creating referral page & popup with BLOOP REFERRALS & REWARDS

  • Authority

Finally, authority refers to the desire to purchase because thought leaders or celebrities are doing so. This principle is quite similar to social proof; however, the object that customers look at here are celebrities. In other words, this is no ordinary word of mouth but from the advertising of influencers.

Similar to the above, you can also encourage ambassadors to refer by BLOOP REFERRALS & REWARDS. Besides, you can easily set specific reward types for ambassadors and followers to fit your strategies, like a fixed amount or percentage.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

To increase your bottom line, you can set a minimum order amount

#3 Pricing & Shipping Costs

On the other hand, to enhance your ecommerce product page optimization. do not miss out on optimizing the pricing and cost display & position’.

Many websites often only show shipping and tax rates at the last step in the checkout, but is this a good practice? Do you think that will increase the likelihood of customers buying? This is a very wrong thought. Most customers abandon their cart when the shipping cost is too high, so they may still “walk away” even at the final checkout step.

The truth is that if taxes and shipping are added last, it can upset your customers. Instead, make an effort to be more upfront about your pricing in the first place. To be specific, you should display the shipping cost along with the total order value right on the product page. More convenient is that you can suggest that they buy more to get cheaper or even free shipping.

Moreover, this method will help you build customer trust. To make it even smoother, you can use the Tax Display feature of B2B/Wholesale Solution. The tool will automatically reduce the tax for validated EU VAT numbers/ABN validation.

B2B/Wholesale Solution

Automatically reduce the tax for validated EU VAT numbers/ABN validation

5. Having A Clear CTA

The call-to-action (CTA) is another essential component that can help you improve your product page conversion optimization. Check that each product page has a clear CTA.

It will be remiss to optimize all the steps above, such as high-quality images, fast speed, or a perfect pricing strategy. Still, you ignore the decision part, which is critical for customers to press the “BUY” button.

In addition, don’t bother with flashy CTAs. You can be direct by using terms like “add to cart” or “purchase now.” Instead of complicated CTA sentences, what really catches the attention of customers is their color and prominence. According to a HubSpot analysis, changing the color of primary CTA resulted in a 21% increase in conversions.

Then, use a bright color that highlights your CTA button on your product page. For example, ASOS, a fashion business, uses standout CTAs on its eCommerce product pages. They also offer a “like” button for customers to mark the products they like.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

ASOS product page including standout CTA (Source: ASOS)

6. Increasing Customer Shopping Experience

#4 Providing Customer Reviews & Ratings

Product reviews & ratings play an essential role in Shopify product page optimization for better conversions, fostering trust. It may dispel any doubts your prospects may have about a product and assist customers in making a purchasing choice.
Before purchasing a product, many customers prefer to get advice from previous users. However, online reviews are now trusted by 85% of consumers as much as personal recommendations.

Besides, the more detailed the product reviews, the more value the reader receives. However, not everyone has time to read a lengthy review. Meanwhile, some customers want detailed product reviews, so they have a lot to say.

Instead of limiting the number of words to be reviewed and not letting them speak their minds, you can find a way to highlight the paragraph’s main content as below.

 review section on the product page

Glossier’s review section on the product page (Source: Glossier)
Furthermore, you will also face negative comments when publicizing customer reviews. In this case, what should you do? You must contact them to resolve their issue. Listen to them, ask them questions, and assist them with anything they require. Later, customers can completely change their minds after receiving your dedicated support, and it is also a way to create long-term relationships with customers.

Finally, some buyers might not have the time to read reviews. You should show an average review score on your eCommerce product page for them. This will provide them with a quick overview of the overall ratings.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

#5 Keeping Customers Up To Date With Real-Time Inventory Updates

If above, we have guided on creating a sense of urgency with the “few left badges,” we will come to another product page optimization tip in this section. While creating scarcity is crucial, providing real-time supply updates to your customers is equally critical. Nothing drives them away faster than a lack of honesty.

An inventory management software can assist you in providing real-time updates to customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and improved sales processes.

In addition, clear out-of-stock notices, together with crucial product information, can save shoppers from second-guessing. You can also use this area to recommend other products. For example, Luis Avia Roma does a great job introducing relevant products to cleverly direct customers to other product pages.

Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

Luis Avia Roma comes with relevant products when noticing out-of-stock (Source: Luis Avia Roma)

You can also choose to provide a “notify me when in stock” button, which both helps you collect customers’ emails and know the customer’s interest in the item.

What’s more, you can take your ecommerce product page optimization a step further by including a stock meter on your product pages. Specifically, stock meters frequently display information such as “just five remain in stock” to assist customers in making the best decision.

#6 Having Personalized Recommendations

Over time, eCommerce has come to mean more than simply selling random things to customers who seem to want them out of necessity, fancy, or desire. Thanks to big data and technology usage, personalized and customized suggestions are now a powerful approach to convert regular visitors to repeat consumers. They demonstrate to your clients that you value their unique tastes and interests.

Besides, with technology assisting in extracting information on prior purchase behavior and preferences, eCommerce customization is now a requirement for building a long-term relationship with customers.

Moreover, you may customize the experience for potential purchasers even further by tapping into reams of data based on earlier buying habits. The goal is to make customers feel supported enough so that their needs may be anticipated. It is an excellent strategy to create suggestions that include items that are related to one another.

Optimize Your Product Page

To product page conversion optimization, you can consider this example of cleverly cross-selling, tailoring the checkout experience for the customer.

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#7 Including FAQs

When your customers view a product page, it’s natural for them to inquire about your products. While customers can, of course, ask your staff in the live chat, it helps if you have a few typical ones mentioned on the page.

On the other hand, this tip will save you time for both you and your customers, creating engagement for your visitors. You can accomplish this by including a FAQ section on your product page. Providing questions and answers in a systematic, organized manner will ensure that visitors do not quit the page due to uncertainty.

Furthermore, keeping the language clear and easy to grasp will ensure that anyone reading does not become overwhelmed or bored. For instance, with just one look at Tessemae’s FAQ page, you’ll understand why millions of people from all over the world visit this website. Their FAQ section is simple to navigate on mobile and has self-explanatory parts. They make the page exceptionally customer-friendly by including an email address right at the start.

Tessemae’s FAQ page

Tessemae’s FAQ page (Source: Tessemae’s)

You can apply BestBuy’s way if you don’t want your product page to have too much text. Instead of asking a question type to optimize your product page for better conversions, you can link the question below the product image.

 Optimize Your Product Page For Better Conversions

BestBuy product page (Source: BestBuy)

Lastly, ecommerce product page optimization by adding a live chat is another way to optimize your product page for better conversions. Allowing your clients to speak with a live person to clear up any confusion can make a significant impact.

Also, suppose you use popup live-chat, which proactively reaches out to customers when they land on your website. In that case, you need to ensure it doesn’t disrupt the buying experience because I have seen many instances in which the chat window pops up and covers the product image or description, causing discomfort.

Wrapping Up

How to optimize your product pages for more sales? In short, remember that the product page optimization is the “brain” of your entire store. If they are poorly presented or unstructured, you could run the risk of disappointing customers and losing a lot of revenue.

Therefore, we have compiled the basic steps to optimize your product page for better conversions above. And we’ve always believed that a successful store must be different and groundbreaking, so don’t hesitate to add your ideas and make your product page stand out from the crowd.

The tiniest or simplest modification can sometimes have a significant influence on your business. Start with innovative and compelling concepts, and you’ll see that your product page optimization converts browsers into purchasers at a 25% higher rate than the industry average.

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