Enterprise-level enterprises demand advanced functionality to remain competitive and stand out from the crowd. That’s why Shopify Plus benefits become a great bargain. 

Merchants who use the Shopify Plus platform can enjoy several benefits for their business and the clients they serve. Implementing AR, video, and 3D technologies on product sites can significantly improve the user’s online experience, making it memorable while increasing the conversion rate by approximately 30%. 

Especially, merchants can use an unlimited number of sandbox and development environments to test and grow their shop before making any changes. In real time, you can watch specific metrics within the platform to see how these changes affect KPIs. 

However, Shopify Plus’s price is also a consideration. Therefore, this article will help you analyze “Is Shopify Plus worth it?”

No more talking; let’s get started!

How Do Shopify And Shopify Plus Work?

Shopify is best suited for small-to-medium-sized businesses, whereas Shopify Plus is best suited for big enterprise-level firms. The two services are identical in operation, but Shopify Plus includes more advanced features and functionality than the standard Shopify platform.

shopify vs shopify plus

You get access to the same dashboard, editor, and support center for any help or information. But, beyond the fundamentals, Shopify Plus benefits allow you to do more.

Standard Shopify, for example, provides free delivery, flat pricing, or dynamically computed rates. On the other hand, Shopify Plus users have access to a shipping script to specify special rates depending on cart contents, customer tags, or minimum order size.

Simply put, Shopify Plus allows you to have more control over the setup and customization of your online store.

Shopify Plus Benefits: Does Shopify Plus Outweigh Shopify?

Now that you understand the fundamentals let’s dig deeper into Shopify Plus benefits. We’ll look into the following topics:

Omnichannel Commerce

Shopify Plus benefits - Omnichannel Commerce

Combining your online and offline sales on a single platform is one of the most significant Shopify Plus benefits. Even better, Shopify Plus’s offering evolves in tandem with the evolution of commerce. 

Specifically, merchants can sell via 100+ social media platforms, 80+ online marketplaces, mobile interfaces, or blogs, and this offering is regularly updated to reflect current trends. Also, you can benefit from accessing additional customers through sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Pinterest, and other third-party integrations. Some of them are Wish, Wanelo, and others, all of which can be managed in a single place within Shopify Plus benefits. 

Furthermore, retailers can wholesale directly to clients on a B2B level via a simple self-service online experience without scripting or programming. Shopify Plus can integrate any channel you choose for your business.

Global Selling

Shopify Plus is a global solution designed to simplify international selling by permitting several expansion stores for different areas. There are 300 million or more global clients in 1 million online stores in 175 countries. 

Global Selling - shopify plus benefits

Merchants can take Shopify Plus benefits by providing a customized geographical experience, numerous languages set for individual stores, and automatic price consistency across 133 currencies. Built-in data and insights are also available to assist merchants in making informed decisions about when and where to expand next. Thus, it has never been easier to enter overseas markets.

Primarily, you can find new customers through more than 20 channels and marketplaces. With customized currencies, languages, and storefronts, you can sell globally. Shopify Fulfillment Network allows you to ship products all over the world.

Seamlessly Integration

Seamlessly Integration - shopify plus benefits

You already have a wide range of capabilities required to run an online store with Shopify. As your website expands, you may wish to incorporate some complex features into your business. 

Because Shopify works with over 1,100 developers, the integration procedure is simplified. Shopify’s team verifies the apps’ security. You can also assess the applications using a star rating system to quickly determine which apps are most effective for businesses comparable to your own.

Inventory management, bookkeeping, marketing, customer support, special offers, discounts, and wholesale customers can all be aided by applications. You gain more considerable API limitations with Shopify Plus, letting you accomplish more with ERP and app integration. You may integrate several apps without worrying about exceeding your API restrictions. This feature allows you to set up any connections in real-time cleanly.

Don’t forget that BSS Commerce’s staff can assist you in maximizing the potential of your Shopify Plus store by integrating third-party systems (ERP, CRM, and marketplaces). BSS tries to provide a consistent and smooth eCommerce experience that adds value to businesses and customers.

BSS Commerce - is Shopify Plus worth it


Moreover, Shopify Pay is a fantastic service that allows consumers to save billing and shipping information to gain a seamless checkout process when they return to your site. Besides, the utility simplifies the checkout process by lowering form input from 16 to two fields. This one of Shopify Plus benefits is a significant advantage for mobile conversion.

Last but not least, members of Shopify Plus presently have unique access to a mobile store builder. This enables you to create iOS and Android apps without technical knowledge.

Automated Workflows

Regarding Shopify Plus benefits, we can’t help but mention automated workflows. Convert manual chores into automated procedures to ensure your stores’ seamless operation. You can easily add custom discounts, promotions, and shipping prices to your checkout.

Mainly, Shopify Plus includes Flow, an automation tool that allows you to effortlessly manage the backend of your business (such as inventory or order administration) without having to construct a system from the ground up. Flow allows you to experiment with various customizations to boost your productivity, establish automation, and integrate with other applications.

Shopify Plus - Flow

Wholesale/B2B Management

During Unite 2017, Shopify introduced a new wholesale platform. This was in response to a scarcity of space for wholesale merchants. The new wholesale platform allows merchants to run a separate wholesale business from their existing Shopify account.

This wholesale platform is now available through Shopify Plus. It enables merchants to run a separate wholesale site alongside their existing Shopify account.

Specifically, your purchasers will have access to a second, password-protected business-to-business (B2B) store with the Plus “Wholesale channel.” Tiered and bespoke pricing per buyer, bulk discounts, shipping regulations, adding wholesale-only products, and reviewing and editing orders before invoicing are all options.

Wholesale/B2B Management - shopify plus benefits

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Higher API Call Limits

An API call occurs whenever an app acts, generally due to a visitor’s engagement with your store in layman’s terms. Shopify restricts the number of API calls made per second to control server load.

Ideally, the API call cap is doubled for Shopify Plus merchants, who often scale to significantly larger traffic volumes than normal Shopify users. Therefore, Shopify Plus merchants can benefit from additional API calls and developer tools to increase features without compromising existing solutions. Advanced scripts can also improve sites such as the checkout experience by incorporating custom discounts, shipping rates, and product recommendations.

Centralized System

Shopify Plus allows you to manage inventory across all locations and process and view your online and in-store transactions in one area. Additionally, to increase efficiencies, Shopify Plus syncs your online B2B and DTC products, customers, payments, and taxes in a single platform.

In addition, Shopify Plus benefits you by eliminating the need for administrative staff or costly workarounds for specialized activities. Merchants may utilize the built-in Shopify organization admin tools to manage and make changes to several stores on a more significant organizational level than an individual store level. This includes analytics overviews that allow you to monitor total sales and orders for your entire business or a particular store’s performance. 

Store administration allows you to view and access all stores in your organization and user management. For example, it will enable you to add new or delete current users in bulk, assign or remove access to organization-level features, regulate permissions, and control store-level accesses and permissions.

Higher API Call Limits - shopify plus benefits

Customizable Platform

Shopify provides some of the most cutting-edge websites available on the internet today. The webpages are designed to be responsive and automatic, requiring little work. You can then personalize your theme to whatever extent you like. You can change your homepage’s content, layout, menus, colors, and font.

On the other hand, Shopify Plus may give a unique website style to match your brand’s needs through CSS and complete JavaScript control for major brands wishing to remain competitive and distinctive. You can use this capability to construct any site and add tactics that favor optimization, particularly in the checkout section.

Shopify Plus benefits may give a unique website style created to match your brand’s needs through CSS and complete JavaScript control for major brands wishing to remain competitive and distinctive.

Even better, BSS Commerce, as a professional Shopify Plus partner agency, has access to customize and optimize your on-site checkout experience; these customizations can maintain brand consistency and, as a result, increase your online conversion rates. This is unquestionably one of the more appealing features of Shopify Plus.

BSS Commerce - shopify plus development service


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Advanced Analytics

Data analytics is an essential component of eCommerce success. Shopify features an easy-to-use analytics dashboard where you can see a summary of your sales success. You may also examine custom reports and monitor real-time statistics, which are helpful on important shopping days such as Black Friday.

As if that weren’t enough, Shopify Plus goes above and beyond by collaborating with industry-leading analytics businesses like Glew and Looker. With these connections, Shopify Plus members gain access to professional insights and in-depth data reports, allowing them to make faster, wiser business decisions.

To compare Shopify vs. Shopify Plus, most store owners will be satisfied with Shopify’s analytics dashboard. However, Shopify Plus’s sophisticated integrations and capabilities unlock the potential for more successful data-driven decision-making.

is Shopify Plus worth it

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Who Is Using Shopify Plus?

Some of the world’s most well-known brands use Shopify Plus to optimize their stores for increased productivity and consumer involvement. The following are some of the most notable brands.


Allbirds - shopify plus brands

Few start-up fashions and apparel firms have been as successful as Allbirds. This absolute vertical retail darling attained a rumored billion-dollar valuation two years after its establishment.

Its products are known for being the most comfortable sneakers in the world. However, as Allbirds grew outside its online and into the real world, it wanted to provide its customers with an equally comfortable shopping experience. Allbirds, which has more than 20 stores worldwide, has benefited from Shopify POS (point of sale) running its omnichannel operation.

  • Conversions have increased. Using the technologies of buy in-store, ship to the client
  • More competent inventory management, allowing it to retain fewer products in-store and operate in a smaller retail location
  • Using up to 18 Shopify POS systems in each business simultaneously to check out clients quickly.


GYMSHARK - shopify plus store

Ben Francis, a creator of Gymshark, went to Shopify Plus after previously using a subpar platform to handle traffic surges better. Previously, Francis had spent tens of thousands of dollars to build a storefront, only to outgrow it swiftly. Francis would have had to create a new site from scratch with the prior platform, taking over a year.

Instead, Francis came to Shopify Plus to create a site that could scale on demand and expand as the company grew. Thanks to Shopify Plus benefits, especially the POS system, Gymshark provides engaging online and offline consumer experiences.

After integrating with Shopify Plus, Francis focused more on product innovation and customer care, saving him time and money.


Staples was in the midst of a new beginning. The famous office supply business was divided into three sections in 2017 as part of its acquisition by a private equity investor. Among them was Staples Canada, which would be governed and operated independently of its American parent.

That meant Staples might begin to reconsider how things had always been done. A new commerce partner, a less expensive platform, more flexibility, and the proper kind of upmarket infrastructure to evolve as even a huge company was still growing as one of the most pressing considerations for its leadership. Staples discovered the following with Shopify Plus:

  • The ability to launch four times as many internet sales promotions per day
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday set all-time sales records.
  • There were no performance concerns during COVID-19, as “Black Friday-like” sales levels were achieved for 30 days.

Staples - example of shopify plus store

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Shopify Plus Pricing: Is Shopify Plus Worth It?

The common question is, “Is Shopify Plus worth it?” Let’s find out with these Shopify Plus benefits; how much does it cost? Is it worth the move to Shopify Plus?

While Shopify announced three standard plans with transparent pricing:

  • Basic Shopify – $29 per month
  • Shopify – $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify – $299 per month

The pricing for Shopify Plus is less apparent, as you must obtain a specific quote based on numerous parameters, including:

  • Your business plan
  • Marketing requirements monthly

Imagine your monthly sales are between $0 and $800,000 to give you an approximate approximation. In this situation, a Shopify Plus package costs around $2,000 per month. Subscription costs will fluctuate, with a monthly maximum of $40,000 established.

What about Shopify and Shopify Plus transaction fees?

Both systems charge the exact fees. While Shopify charges a flat fee for every transaction, transaction fees are negotiated with Shopify Plus throughout your quote. However, it turns out to be about 1-2 percent + 30 each transaction in either situation.

shopify plus pricing

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Broaden Your Shopify Plus Possibilities With BSS Commerce

BSS Commerce allows you to design any type of store you can think of.

It is more adaptable than any tool: BSS provides all of the elements required to help enterprises to build a powerful eCommerce system on Shopify Plus (integrate with 3rd-party systems like ERP, CRM, and so on), and it offers a seamless and unified eCommerce experience that adds value to both businesses and customers. You may also choose which features to use and organize them on the page as long as you see fit.

Also, BSS accompanies you on your entire journey with Shopify Plus maintenance service to help your store avoid difficulties and security risks and construct your website. Meanwhile, BSS is working hard to increase your sales through optimization.

If you already have an eCommerce website on another platform that no longer fulfills your business needs, the agency can help you migrate to Shopify Plus. BSS guarantees a smooth and secure relocation.

BSS Commerce - shopify plus benefits


Conclusion: Is Shopify Plus Worth It?

Do you want to grow your business and extend into new countries? Do you want to create a one-of-a-kind, highly customized store? How about providing your clients with a distinctive, branded shopping experience that keeps them returning for more?

Shopify Plus benefits are indisputable. It is advantageous for eCommerce platforms seeking unlimited bandwidth, dependable servers, and complete payment compliance. Thus, many of the best eCommerce firms made the transition and have enjoyed excellent results. 

Still unsure whether you require Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus? It is worthwhile to consider upgrading your store to Shopify Plus. The new features will provide you with alternatives and help you run your expanding business more efficiently.