More and more companies, especially enterprises, have considered upgrading or migrating to a scalable eCommerce platform like Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus is one of the most cost-effective enterprise platforms that help you quickly build up and run an online store. However, most companies have to deal with building their stores at the beginning. This article will reveal details about How much is Shopify plus and Shopify Plus Pricing plan (including platform cost and lots of other additional fees).

Keep reading, and you will gain useful information before getting started running your own with Shopify Plus or upgrading from Shopify to Shopify Plus.

All about Shopify Plus Pricing Plans

The most important factor that companies need to consider when deciding whether to upgrade their eCommerce solution or not is the cost. In fact, there is much confusion surrounding Shopify Plus Pricing plans. Let’s discover more about the base costs of Shopify Plus to build an online store.

The base costs of Shopify Plus

1. Shopify Plus Platform Fee Monthly

How much is Shopify plus per month?

First of all, the first fee you should consider is Shopify Plus pricing by month for the platform. Normally, the Shopify Plus licensing fee starts at $2,000 monthly. So, each year, your company must spend at least $24,000 for the licensing fee.

Besides, you must pay for other expenses depending on your monthly revenue. The license cost can vary based on the volume of sales each month. It is calculated based on the principle: “The more revenue you make, the more demand for supper and server resources.” In addition, if your revenue exceeds $800,000 per month, you need to pay 0.255% of your monthly revenue.

To be easy to understand, the Shopify Plus platform fee is more than $2,000 or 0.25% of sales volume each month. For example, if your company makes $1 million a month, your company needs to pay $2,500 for the platform fee.

2. Additional Shopify Plus Costs & Fees

Shopify Plus Payment Processing Fees

In addition to the Shopify Plus platform fee, you should consider the Shopify Plus transaction fees associated with the online payment process.

The Shopify Plus payment processing fees vary from country to country. Shopify provides payment processing via Shopify Payments without having a merchant account or payment gateway. Then, the estimated cost will be 1.6% + $0.35 for each transaction. However, if you don’t use Shopify Payments, you must pay an extra 0.15% fee each month.

Some enterprises use the payment gateway from a third party because they can deal with them at a more preferential rate than the offered rate from Shopify Payment. Until now, Shopify has connected with more than 70 payment gateways all over the world. Each payment gateway provides a different Shopify Plus credit card rate. Thus, it is the reason why many companies choose to use third-party payment gateway.

Please note that:

  • Currently, Shopify Payments is still unavailable in some countries
  • You should look at external payment methods if you are in unsupported industries such as e-cigarettes or high-risk businesses.

Additional Apps Fees

Those businesses must pay app fees to meet large businesses’ demands to control more specific tasks and have more advanced tools. With these expenses, your company can provide email automation, loyalty programs, robust search solutions, accountancy software, subscription services, etc. It is quite difficult to forecast how much those features will cost you. Your company must pay additional fees if your Shopify Plus integrates more tools and apps. However, the estimated cost for apps is around $200 to $1,000 per month for the average operation of Shopify Plus.

Maintenance Fees

Maintenance fees are used to maintain your radar. In comparison with Magento, the maintenance fees are quite low. It is mainly because Shopify is a fully hosted platform, so you don’t need to consider server maintenance, security patches, etc. However, you should know that site maintenance fees include updating bespoke areas.

Shopify Plus Credit Card Transaction Fees

Another major point to consider for your store’s monthly Shopify Plus pricing plan is Shopify Plus credit card transaction fees.

In the United States, Shopify Plus credit card rates are about 2.15% + 30¢ for each domestic Visa and Mastercard transaction and an additional 1% for AMEX and foreign cards.

Compared to Shopify’s 3 basic plans, the Shopify credit card fees within Shopify Plus (2.15% + $0.30) are decently lower:

  • BASIC ($39/month) – 2.9% + 30¢ USD per transaction
  • SHOPIFY ($105/month) – 2.6% + 30¢ USD per transaction
  • ADVANCED ($399/month) – 2.4% + 30¢ USD per transaction

Compared to the basic plan, the Shopify Plus pricing plan lets you reduce your transaction fees by up to 0.75%. This plan is ideal for enterprise-level stores with high order volumes, as you can save a lot of money from these lower fees.

Shopify Plus Store Development Cost

The cost of designing your new Shopify Plus site is also important in the Shopify Plus pricing list. When designing your Shopify Plus site, you need to pay attention to everything from your guidelines, main colors, logo, UX/UI, etc. There are three main categories that a Shopify Plus store development service provider will consider. Those are a new design, a refreshed design, and a grab Shopify Theme. The cost of designing Shopify Plus stores varies dramatically based on your requirements. However, the demand to differentiate their brands among online stores is becoming increasingly popular as almost all stores want a unique and outstanding design. Therefore, the minimum cost to customize themes is about $10,000 – $30,000, depending on your requirements.

Shopify Plus store development cost will rely on your work scope to build a new store. There are several the following factors to forecast the development costs:

  • The level of design customization;
  • The number of pages that you want to build;
  • The number of third-party integrations;
  • Custom app according to your demand;

Shopify Plus Store Development Cost Calculator

If you are wondering how much it will cost to design and develop a website that suits your business needs, let us help you. All you have to do is fill out the form ‘Shopify Plus store development cost calculator’ below. It only takes 2 minutes and brings you a good return!

Comparison between Shopify Plus Pricing and other Platforms

With the list of Shopify Plus Pricing above, we believe you can know more about all the base costs to operate your own Shopify Plus store. However, in comparison with other platforms, can Shopify Plus still be more beneficial? Let’s find the answer with us!

1. Shopify Plus Pricing vs Shopify Pricing

One big difference between Shopify Plus vs Shopify is the pricing. While you need to pay a few hundred dollars a month for Shopify, the minimum cost for Shopify Plus is $2,000 each month and increases based on several factors that we have explained carefully before.

  • Shopify Plus introduces standard Shopify with a 14-day free trial without paying any setup fees. Basic Shopify (it is suitable for new businesses): $29 per month
  • Shopify (it is suitable for developing businesses): $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify (it is suitable for scaling your businesses): $299 per month

Shopify Pricing PlanMaybe, there is quite a huge difference in the price of Shopify Plus and Shopify. However, this price is deserved with the advanced tools and apps it provides.

2. Shopify Plus Pricing vs Magento 2 Commerce Pricing

Shopify Plus and Magento Commerce 2 have similar base prices. The cost of both platforms increases with the size of your company. If you use Magento Commerce 2, you must include the cost of a server to host your eCommerce store and any paid app integrations or themes they may want. Unlike Shopify Plus, there is no transaction fee for payment processing. However, the total cost of ownership for a Magento store is almost always higher than that of Shopify Plus.

3. Shopify Plus Pricing vs BigCommerce Enterprise

As mentioned above, the minimum for Shopify Plus Pricing is $2,000 per month, depending on your company’s revenue. In addition, Shopify Plus doesn’t ask for hosting or support fees. However, when we talk about BigCommerce Enterprise’s pricing, it doesn’t provide a detailed price list for the enterprise platform. The maximum fee for each month in case your company uses BigCommerce Enterprise can be up to $15,000.

BigCommerce and Shopify Plus pricing have the same policy to calculate monthly fees based on your company’s sales, traffic, etc.

How to Optimize Shopify Plus Pricing & Cost?

Building a small store with the Shopify platform may be easy to follow and you can do it on your own. However, creating a website for an enterprise business is not easy and costs much more. That’s why you need a professional team who can help you design and develop your Shopify Plus store in the right way right from the start. The team not only helps you reduce unnecessary costs but also helps you transform your ideas into a pleasant eCommerce website system. You can hire a Shopify Plus expert or get Shopify Plus Development services from a dedicated Shopify Plus development agency.

1. BSS Commerce – Shopify Plus expert

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2. BSS Commerce’s Shopify Plus Development Services

BSS Commerce provides a Shopify Plus store development service to help give merchants the best solution for the optimal Shopify Plus web development pricing while still keeping the highest store quality. With more than 10 years as a leading development agency in the eCommerce industry, we are confident in offering the services to bring to our customers across sectors a well-established web and mobile development.

Shopify Development Services that we provide:

  • Shopify Plus Store Setup and Delivery
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  • Shopify Plus Apps Development and Customization
  • Shopify Plus Theme Development
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Shopify Plus Migration
  • Shopify Plus Optimization & Maintenance

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