Do you want more people to know about your Shopify store without using paid ads? In other words, do you want to reach more organic traffic? Only SEO can help you do this. So here is the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection that will help you improve your rankings and appear prominent on your search engine pages.

Search engines, including Google, now use hundreds of variables when selecting which pages rank high in search engine results pages, such as site performance, bounce rate, user experience, etc. Therefore, there are countless applications on the Shopify application market today, like Shopify page speed optimization apps, Shopify SEO image optimization apps, etc. However, the ultimate goal is to increase the above factors.

If you are struggling to find the best Shopify SEO app for your store, this article is the answer for you. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection is not to be missed.


Top Best Shopify All-In-One SEO Apps

SEO Booster ‑ SEO Marketing

best Shopify SEO apps SEO booster

Best For:

SEO Booster mainly focuses on SEO for your items. If you have many SEO Shopify items in your shop and seek an automatic SEO strategy, this Shopify app is ideal for you.

SEO Booster – SEO Marketing is an all-in-one SEO solution created by Seocomapp, which focuses on producing Shopify applications to increase sales. Among 2185 reviews on the Shopify App Store, the app has 1808 five-star reviews and is one of the company’s top highly rated applications. Therefore, it is without a doubt one of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collections.

To be more specific, the app arranges your content so that search engines can rapidly identify you and place your Shopify website near the top of the results. Furthermore, it can quickly determine and resolve SEO issues for Shopify sites, such as redirects.

You can also use its SEO keyword tool, as the software updates popular keywords in your specified locations regularly, giving you optimal management over your material.

Highlight feature:

  • Examine and correct Shopify SEO difficulties are frequently encountered.
  • Organize content in a user-friendly manner by utilizing full JSON-LD.
  • ALT text for updated product photos is immediately updated.
  • Make it simple for websites to integrate with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Modify location-based trending keyword capabilities

Smart SEO

best Shopify SEO apps Smart SEO

Best For:

If you only require essential SEO functions or have a limited SEO budget, this app is an excellent solution. Furthermore, if you have a shop in many languages, you should use this app.

Sherpas Design’s Shopify Smart SEO was created to reduce your time and increase productivity Shopify on-page SEO. Instead of manually creating meta tags and ALT tags for all objects, you can simply relax while the program handles it for you.

You can modify your store sitemap, including adding and removing any sites not supported by Shopify. Furthermore, the app’s developers ensure that all of your broken links are discovered. As a result, you may take prompt action to correct them and reinstate your shop to the search engines’ preferred list.

Overall, time-saving is a significant aspect of Smart SEO. This top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection claims to help users save up to 80% of the time.

Highlight feature:

  • Optimize your store’s on-site SEO.
  • Generate new meta descriptions and ALT tags for all items instantly.
  • Give you complete management over the store’s sitemap.
  • Be able to add or remove web pages.
  • Find all invalid backlinks quickly.
  • Organize data in the form of JSON-LD.
  • Meta description compatibility for many languages

Plug In SEO

best Shopify all in one SEO apps Plug in SEO

Best For:

Plugin SEO is a good option if you need an advanced SEO solution. It also has excellent and extensive SEO instructions for newbies. So you do not need to be concerned about your lack of experience in this area.

Shopify Plugin SEO by SureSwift Capital, which is used by over 30,000 retailers worldwide, will be the following app of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

This Shopify SEO tool can inspect, repair, and enhance Shopify SEO, allowing your Shopify website to rank higher in Google search results.

In addition, the software provides unique themes that allow you to adjust SEO content for up to a variety of items in seconds. Furthermore, you can monitor your Shopify shop’s rankings and organic traffic data using the built-in Google Search Console.

Highlight feature:

  • Provide comprehensive and concise analysis on the SEO, weblog, and speed efficiency of your business. One of Shopify loading speed optimization apps
  • Identify the issues that are worthy of your attention to investigate. Examine all SEO areas such as site names and headings, performance, structure, and content freshness.
  • Include redirects for 404 broken link
  • Get code samples and advice for resolving the reported issues.
  • Obtain email reminders about your SEO progress regularly.

SEO King

best Shopify SEO apps SEO King

Best For:

SEO King allows you to make bulk edits and quickly upload thousands of product images. Therefore, this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection is perfect for stores with large catalog sizes.

Shopify SEO King by Engage Apps, as the name suggests, offers you effective SEO techniques to increase traffic and revenue.

The program will do all critical tasks, such as improving page loading performance and optimizing photos. You have access to numerous functions that allow you to crop, rotate, and compress item photographs without sacrificing quality. Logotypes can also be used to safeguard your pictures from stealing. 

Highlight feature:

  • ALT Manager of texts, meta titles, and descriptions
  • Include JSON-LD and a sitemap manager
  • Improve your product photography for search purposes
  • Examine your store for flaws.
  • Analyze and optimize keywords
  • To avoid photo stealing, disable right-click.
  • Provide affiliate program

SEO Plus

top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection SEO Plus

Best For:

SEO Plus allows you to customize according to code modifications because if you are confident with your coding skills, this application will be highly suitable for you.

SEO Plus provides another effective technique to increase your website in search rank through constant fresh content. Besides, the app with more than 300 5-star reviews from users proves that it is a worth experience.

Because the software allows you to post new material regularly, you can employ organic keyword improvements. Furthermore, you are free to adjust the shown data as you see fit to fit in with your website’s mood.

Furthermore, what distinguishes Shopify SEO Plus is the ability to perform additional code adjustments on your own.

Highlight feature:

  • Automatically update new content for all goods
  • Provide for the modification of the shown data and its look.
  • It works great on a variety of devices.
  • Organic keywords optimization
  • Customization is enabled through the use of extended coding.
  • Include multi-language options

SEO Manager

Shopify SEO apps 2022 SEO Manager

Best For:

The app includes detailed instructions for every feature, so it’s easy to keep up and use, even for beginners.

SEO Manager takes pride in providing all of the SEO tools you require from the comfort of a dedicated app of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

This extension also provides you with a step-by-step overview of the app’s essential features, in addition to a plethora of comprehensive self-help resources. So, don’t worry, there’s lots of help accessible with this app

Highlight feature:

  • All of the SEO functions you’ll require are contained within a single app.
  • JSON-LD structured for improved Google search engine rankings
  • Detect and instantly correct broken links
  • Give immediate feedback on your Seo strategies.
  • Provide a step-by-step instructional session to help you navigate 20 functions.

SEO Onpage ‑ Increase Traffic

Shopify SEO apps 2022 SEO Onpage

Best For:

The app is suitable for almost any store. However, if your primary purpose is finding the Shopify SEO image optimization apps, please note that this application does not compress images on the homepage.

Once SEO issues have been raised to your notice, you may use the tools offered by SEO Onpage – Increase Traffic to correct them. SEO Onpage is a simple-to-use program that doesn’t demand any programming. This top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection exposes all of your SEO concerns with a single click.

Highlight feature:

  • Increase traffic by increasing on-page SEO.
  • Recommend appropriate website content for SEO.
  • The importance of content to SEO cannot be overstated.
  • Quick Setup: Each system’s launch handbook. There is no coding necessary
  • SEO-friendly website design. 
  • Examine the daily SEO analytics.

SEO ‑ All in One & Auto SEO

Shopify all in one SEO apps SEO all in one & auto SEO

Best For:

Many SEO capabilities have a bulk-optimization mode, which allows you to optimize your Shopify store in less time thoroughly. So even if you are a large business, SEO – All in one & Auto SEO can still satisfy you.

SEO – All in one & Auto SEO is a highly rated top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection that assists you in identifying potential issues that are affecting your search ranking. You may rank higher, get more customers, and make more revenue by taking the steps suggested by this tool.

This app includes numerous useful features ranging from product enhancement such as meta tags, meta descriptions, product category pages, image alt-text; to keyword ideas, all for a modest monthly fee.

Highlight feature:

  • Assist your store in ranking better in search engine results.
  • Allow JSON-LD, SEO auditing, and analytics.
  • Optimize product photos using SEO-friendly ALT tags that are clever and dynamic.
  • Meta forms and tags that are generated automatically and dynamically
  • Check for any SEO issues on your website.

SEO Pro + JSON LD & Site Speed

top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection SEO Pro

Best For:

If you’re searching for a quick approach to solve your Shopify shop’s on-page SEO concerns, this one of Shopify page speed optimization apps is a great option.

On-page optimization is the process of optimizing Shopify websites so that search engines can locate and index them appropriately. Because of its essential purpose of notifying Google about your existence, the team behind Shopify SEO Pro – JSON LD & Site Speed recognizes its significance and assists Shopify websites in ranking first in search engine results.

Moreover, with the help of this helpful app, you may apply distinct Alt text to all photographs simultaneously. Consequently, your item photographs will rank higher in Google Image Search, resulting in increased traffic to the website.

Highlight feature:

  • Allow for the editing of all item image ALT text
  • Perform a speed test to evaluate the performance of your Shopify website and provide suggestions for improvement. One of Shopify loading speed optimization apps
  • Verify meta tags, stylesheets, and integrated designs instantly
  • Ensure the data structure is in JSON-LD format
  • Analyze and immediately resolve SEO issues


Best Shopify SEO apps 2022 ProSEOTracker

Best For:

This app provides you with more information about your traffic and keywords. So it is ideal for beginners.

ProSEOTracker is yet another top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection specifically developed to assist you with your SEO requirements.

Primarily, you’ll gain access to an SEO audit tool, which makes reviewing the current condition of your SEO considerably simpler, revealing where you now rank on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. This tool makes it simple to repair any on-site problems and boost your chances of rising to the top of search engine rankings.

Highlight feature:

  • To improve your on-page SEO, modify your metadata.
  • Specify keywords to evaluate for SEO issues and swiftly resolve them.
  • Keyword Planner can help you find new keywords for your website.
  • Recognize your SEO’s rank in Google search results.
  • To increase organic traffic, submit your website’s sitemap to major search engines.

SEO Ranger

Shopify SEO app SEO Ranger

Best For:

The app offers a lot of great automated SEO features and is also very easy to use. That’s why I recommend this app to everyone.

SEO Ranger by Uplinkly is a Shopify program developed to assist store owners in increasing their store SEO ranks without spending any money. SEO Ranger brings more traffic from Google, Pinterest, Bing, and many other search engines.

In addition, the app thoroughly analyzes your entire store with a single click to find and correct any significant hidden SEO issue, increasing your SEO presence and improving on-page SEO for higher Google visitors.

Highlight feature:

  • With a single click, you can comprehensively evaluate your entire store website.
  • Fix important hidden SEO issues to boost your SEO exposure.
  • Optimize your on-page SEO to get more Google traffic.
  • Increase the number of visitors from search engines.
  • There are no upsells or restrictions

Ultra SEO

SEO apps Ultra SEO

Best For:

Although not an application that provides too many features, Ultra SEO is just enough for those just starting to get acquainted with SEO and small online stores.

Ultra SEO is a straightforward and essential program. Although it isn’t the most feature-rich Shopify SEO plugin, it covers the essentials. This top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection is an excellent option for business owners inexperienced with SEO.

Using this tool can help you quickly grasp the fundamentals of on-page SEO. You will start to take SEO by following the suggestions and discovering how to optimize your headings, tags, descriptions, and photos for your target keywords.

Highlight feature:

  • Do not change the code of your website.
  • You may now improve your store’s meta tags in addition to titles and descriptions.
  • Provide complete control over your shop’s meta description.
  • You can change your meta tags whenever you need.
  • Increase your search engine traffic.


best shopify SEO apps 2022 FavSEO

Best For:

This app is an all-arounder. Thus it is appropriate for everyone.

FavSEO is a Shopify tool with a variety of features that can help you improve the SEO performance of your website. The program ultimately searches your store and audits all of your commodities. This feature also identifies and improves those that are underperforming in terms of SEO. 

Also, it helps to manage and bulk-edit and bulk-update the title and description for all parts on your website. And yet, once integrated into Google Webmaster Tools, you may also look for fresh keyword opportunities and upload your crawl to Google.

Highlight feature:

  • Assess items that aren’t performing well in SEO and enhance them.
  • Customize and change the titles and descriptions for all parts of your website.
  • Modify the meta title, categories, pages, and weblogs of your items in mass.
  • Look for new keyword options.
  • Upload sitemap to Google

SEO Blog Optimizer

best Shopify SEO apps for blog SEO blog optimizer

Best For:

SEO Blog Optimizer is one of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection. Plus, this is ideal for those looking for a Shopify blogs solution.

SEO Blog Optimizer has created a clever artificial intelligence that will analyze your blog content automatically and instantly provide you with an SEO score to measure your performance. Furthermore, its interface is simple to use, even for non-technical people, allowing you to boost your SEO and bring more visitors to your website.

Highlight feature:

  • Realtime SEO Score: Include your SEO article score in a second and enhance it with our simple interface.
  • Suggestions for Improved SEO: With our expert SEO tips, you can make your blog content SEO-ready.
  • Generate Traffic: With this software, you can finally receive organic visitors and offers to your store.

DropInBlog ‑ SEO Friendly Blog

best shopify seo blog optimizer DropInBlog

Best For:

Besides SEO Blog optimizer, this is another option for those looking for SEO apps for blogs. 

Any Shopify store must empower its store with the BlogFeeder app to retain consumers and get new ones. This program is compelling due to its numerous features. It, for instance, includes robust capabilities such as SEO monitoring and automatically utilizes your store’s style, colors, and fonts. And of course, it also has Shopify SEO image optimization apps features.

Furthermore, this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection allows you to insert products into posts right from the editor easily. Consumers can now add items to their cart straight from your blog entries

Highlight feature:

  • Analyze SEO post
  • With a single click, you can insert your products into any post.
  • Image administration
  • You can easily incorporate YouTube and other video content into your blog entries.
  • There are numerous authors and categories.
  • Following posts should be scheduled.
  • Figure posts that are duplicates
  • Import and redirect your previous Shopify Blog entries.


best shopify seo apps SEOKart

Best For:

If you are looking for an application that provides a lot of new keywords and monitors them regularly, then SEOKart is the perfect choice for you.

It’s a straightforward tool that reports on your store’s SEO effectiveness by tracking keyword placements on Google and emailing you regular reports. SEOKart also informs you about your rivals’ progress, allowing you to keep an eye on them at all times. Moreover, by linking Google Analytics, you may view an excellent and straightforward graph with the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

Highlight feature:

  • Send the reports of up to 25 keywords regularly.
  • Rivals rank checking 
  • Alexa Rank Tracking
  • Excellent panel and analytics that provide a clear perspective
  • Offer free SEO consultation 

SEO Products Optimizer

shopify seo product optimizer SEO product optimizer

Best For:

Since the app is entirely free, it can be used even if your business is just starting.

SEO Products Optimizer is a fantastic program for optimizing your products’ exposure in Google search results. The dashboard displays the SEO score for each item and provides a simple criterion to guarantee that each item listing is adequately optimized.

Highlight feature:

  • Examine your SEO Score, which is represented by a colorful emoji 
  • Include SEO optimizer recommendations to improve your product in real-time.
  • Provide a Google AI to produce tags based on your product’s images automatically.
  • Add ALT text to all of your product photos quickly like all Shopify SEO image optimization apps
  • Generate JSON-LD structured for all of your products.

SPO (SEO Product Optimizer)

SEO product optimizer

Best For:

The app focuses more on keyword optimization than other features. So if that’s your requirement, give it a try.

SillyCube Technology Ltd.’s SPO is a top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection developed to alleviate your stress with item SEO. 

To be more specific, It searches for relevant niche keywords on other shops to assist your niche merchandise to be readily found on search engines. Besides, it helps you select good keywords with high search volume yet low competition, or it gives you hand-picked SEO keyword suggestions from experts. The program also allows you to update the link previews for your products without knowing how to code.

Highlight feature:

  • Without any technical knowledge, you may change the social media link previews for your products.
  • Find specialty keywords to make it easier for your niche goods to get found on search engines.
  • Offer our hand-picked SEO keyword recommendations.
  • Include focal keywords.
  • Choose keywords that have a high search volume yet are not overly competitive.

DH SEO‑All‑in‑one SEO Booster

best Shopify SEO apps DH SEO

Best For:

This all-in-one app is suitable for any Shopify store.

With a single click, the DH SEO innovative SEO optimization application can handle all of the store’s SEO concerns, including many automatic generating capabilities. Besides, the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection makes sure that your shop fully adheres with Google’s search engine, resulting in increased indexing, improved keyword position, and increased organic traffic to the website.

Highlight feature:

  • Include image enhancement like all Shopify SEO image optimization apps.
  • SEO recommendations
  • 404-page redirects
  • Add the Meta element to the page
  • Allows you to choose which pages to include on the map and instantly create an HTML sitemap.
  • Create short URLs one at a time or in bunches.
  • Provide a diagnostic tool that can do an in-depth SEO audit on your store quickly.


best Shopify SEO apps Reload SEO

Best For:

The program is intended to serve all kinds of store owners, particularly new users with almost no past SEO experience, by removing all SEO difficulties by recommending the proper keywords.

ReloadSEO is a 4.7-star Shopify app that claims to be the best all-in-one SEO tool application for e-commerce stores. The tool looks after your site’s SEO wellness by thoroughly scanning it for flaws and instantly resolving them. It also examines your rivals’ content to compare your store’s SEO performance to theirs.

Highlight feature:

  • By recommending the best keywords, you may reduce the complexity of SEO.
  • Improvement of speed performance like Shopify page speed optimization apps
  • In the SEO performance panel, you can monitor your SEO outcomes.
  • Evaluate the content of your rivals
  • Examine your site thoroughly for faults and automatically remedy them

SEO Content Blocks

SEO for Shopify store SEO content blocks

Best For:

The application is beneficial for store owners who want to add additional content to their website.

SEO Content Blocks enables users to simply add SEO-optimized material blocks to the page’s head, sides, or foot. Because Shopify does not allow you to add more content blocks, this is a handy tool.

Highlight feature:

  • You can easily add and change HTML content blocks such as the homepage, top of the collection, the bottom of collection pages, product pages, standard pages, and blogs in the easy-to-use part.
  • Content blocks, content sliders, a FAQs section, and other features are being added.
  • On the product page, there is manual text.

SEOMetriks Marketing Tools

best Shopify SEO apps SEOMetriks

Best For:

SEOMetriks is both integrated with many SEO features and focuses on social media. So if your store is doing strong on social media or wants to reach a social network, use this app.

One of the most underappreciated in the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection is SEOMetriks Marketing Tools. It’s reasonably priced, and it’s loaded with capabilities that go beyond standard on-page recommendations.

It’s also one of the few Shopify SEO software related to social media, affecting your search success. The data provided by this software in the panel are highly in-depth and beneficial, especially for people who are new to SEO and would like to gain as much knowledge.

Highlight feature:

  • Recommend valuable keywords that are analytical.
  • Obtain alerts and valuable recommendations for your website 
  • Allow visitors to report and clean up dangerous connections
  • Maintain your brand’s reputation and maintain your store fashionable.
  • Assist in keeping your competitors at bay.

Site Booster

Shopify apps for boosting website Site Booster

Best For:

If you want to reach more traffic sources, use Site Booster.

Site Booster is trusted by more than 800,000 businesses to reach more traffic. Also, Site Booster distributes your company’s information to all appropriate web locations. Primarily, your company may appear on several search engines, review websites, maps, mobile applications, and other online sources with just a few simple steps.

Highlight feature:

  • Showing up where clients are looking will bring you more eyes and foot traffic.
  • Display your company’s address, hours of operation, and mobile number in areas including Google Maps, Yelp, FourSquare, Bing Places, and much more.
  • Promote your company in popular mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Pinterest, Vine, and others.

BentoSMB Recipes

best Shopify recipe apps BentoSMB recipes

Best For:

The app is suitable for anyone looking for a recipe application style but still includes powerful SEO optimization features. 

BentoSMB Recipes allows you to easily showcase recipes on your online store and includes nutrition information, directions, photographs, summaries, and even connections to your items. The top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection also supports Pinterest Rich Pins. It has a responsive style that makes it accessible with mobile devices, is SEO-friendly, and has built-in social share buttons.

Highlight feature:

  • Quickly create recipes by including photographs, summaries, instructions, ingredients, nutrition information, and more.
  • Add multiple content headers, as well as product and collection links.
  • Google, Bing, and other search engines rely on complete and accurate structured data.
  • Rich pins are fully supported for sharing to Pinterest, ensuring that your recipes appear fantastic on Pinterest.
  • All of your recipe data is kept in your shop and processed directly in your online store theme, designed for speed (Shopify page speed optimization apps) and accuracy.

SEOGuru On-Page SEO Optimize

best Shopify SEO onpage apps SEOGuru Onpage

Best For:

This all-in-one app is suitable for any Shopify store.

The SEOGuru On-Page SEO Optimize provides you with complete control over your SEO optimization and improves the SEO of all your pages. Decide how you want them to appear in search engine results, and use bulk content SEO to save time on the lengthy optimization procedure.

Highlight feature:

  • Edit all website metadata in bulk from a single view.
  • 404 errors redirects
  • Offer JSON-LD
  • Use the target keyword in the proper position Image 
  • Optimization of image, URL, and page speed.
  • Include sitemap page

Rabbit SEO

best Shopify SEO apps 2022 Rabbit SEO

Best For:

The top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection offers powerful features in terms of control and analytics, so if you want to monitor your store daily, this is the app for you.

Rabbit SEO is a Shopify app that will help your app get greater visibility on Google, Bing, Pinterest, and other browsers. The system also identifies your landing page completely and gives details on the individuals that visit your site and how they got there. 

In addition, the software not only delivers more traffic to your website by using the proper phrases but also examines and watches your competitors obtain real-time insider info. All data and suggestions for improvement will be compiled into a report that will be emailed to you regularly.

Highlight feature:

  • Evaluate your landing page thoroughly.
  • Give details on the people who visit your site and how they got there.
  • Increase the number of new keywords on your site to increase traffic.
  • Research and track your competition to obtain real-time insider info.
  • Give daily updates with suggestions for enhancements.

Automizely Traffic & Ads

best Shopify automatic SEO apps Automizely Traffic & Ads

Best For:

The application is suitable for stores that want to save marketing costs and do not mind the advertising exchange.

Automizely & Aftership is one of the famous developers on the Shopify AppStore, which includes products for product review, mobile app, page builder, and more, including apps for Traffic & Ads.

In addition to the usual free traffic attraction features, the app can display your products in other stores and vice versa. In other words, this is a way to promote products on partner stores and win-win.

Highlight feature:

  • Display advertising campaigns beautifully
  • Provide ads exchange feature to increase free traffic
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Includes analytics on ad performance and SEO campaigns
  • SEO-friendly

Handle SEO

best Shopify SEO apps 2022 handle seo

Best For:

Handle SEO is one of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, which is a convenient program for store owners who prefer to develop products by copying current ones from my store or frequently updating the description.

Handle SEO thoroughly scans all of your goods to find inconsistencies between the title and the handle and then helps you correct these discrepancies with a simple click. In addition, if your store’s consumers have already saved the original product’s URLs, the program allows you to make item URL redirection. It also allows a background setting, which repairs everything in the background and sends you the results.

Highlight feature:

  • Thoroughly examine all of your merchandise.
  • Determine any discrepancies between the title and the handle.
  • With a single click, you may correct title-handle incompatibilities.
  • Set up product URL redirects
  • Enabling background setting solves everything in the background.

Instant SEO

best Shopify SEO apps instant seo

Best For:

Great app if you want to be more strategic about how your Google snippets look, how those components are optimized, and so on.

Instant SEO by Sputnik is one of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection that allows you to improve your pages with a single click. It not only increases Google, Yahoo, and Bing visitors and revenues, but it also reduces the time it takes to optimize your SEO webpages. In addition, the plugin generates a call to action (CTA) for Google search snippets.

Highlight feature:

  • Reduce the time it takes to optimize SEO pages
  • Create AdWords advertising directly from the app
  • Increase traffic and sales on search engines
  • With a single click, you may conduct keyword research
  • Create a CTA for Google search snippets.

Express SEO

best Shopify apps for increasing sales express seo

Best For:

This all-in-one app is suitable for any Shopify store.

This tool empowers store owners to influence how search engines perceive their business and provides real-time feedback on the effectiveness of their SEO efforts.

Highlight feature:

  • Change the title, description, meta, and tags.
  • Keyword suggestions and optimization
  • Examine SEO concerns and make recommendations
  • Provide robust Google page speed from Shopify page speed optimization apps
  • Google mobile-friendliness testing
  • Sitemap administration.
  • Offer analytics from Google Search Console integrated

best Shopify SEO apps for beginners

To summarize the 6 SEO apps your Shopify store needs, check out more about Shopify SEO for Beginners: 6 Best SEO Apps for Shopify Site Optimization. However, if you want your store to be even more professional, don’t miss the apps below in this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

Top Best Shopify SEO Image Optimization Apps

Image optimization can be accomplished by shrinking images, caching them, and compressing their size in various methods.

Shopify SEO image optimization apps

When it comes to SEO, optimizing photos is one of the most critical tasks. To begin with, optimizing images helps boost your website speed, which allows your visitors to engage with your products and services faster. Second, it is evident that faster pages rank higher in search results than slower ones. Image optimization is so critical in this case.

Finally, more people may be reached as the search ranking rises, and more conversions can be accomplished. Image optimization is closely related to SEO ranking and conversions. That’s why you need the top best image optimization apps below.


top best SEO image optimization apps booster seo

Best For:

The app is not only one of the best Shopify image optimization apps but also includes many other powerful SEO features. Best of all, it’s easy to use even for beginners, so it’s suitable for any Shopify store.

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer has been deployed in over 382,000 Shopify merchants since 2015. In actuality, this app by Booster Apps is one of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, which is the most widely used solution for optimizing image and increasing total sales.

To be more specific, the app’s primary focus is on SEO capabilities that will propel your products to the top of search results. In its most recent edition, the software can boost the pace of the search flow, increasing the traffic with an image optimizer (ALT tags). 

Furthermore, another critical aspect is that the program requires no-code installation. The one-click installation allows you to get up and running in a matter of minutes and begin increasing your SEO.

Highlight feature:

  • Check for and resolve Shopify SEO issues regularly.
  • Structure data in a user-friendly manner by utilizing full JSON-LD.
  • Add ALT text for new product photos is immediately updated.
  • Make it simple for websites to integrate with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Update location-based trending keyword functions

AVADA SEO: Image Optimizer

best SEO image optimization apps AVADA SEO

Best For:

For store owners searching for an on-page SEO strategy, especially image optimization, AVADA SEO is the ideal alternative. Because this app is free and straightforward to use, every store owner can benefit from it. Regardless of your store catalog sizes, the on-page SEO elements it offers are still helpful and practical.

Numerous factors contribute to your website loading poorly and ranking towards the bottom of search engine results pages. Maybe your high-resolution photographs are too large to run, your links are faulty, or your social connections to your page are insufficient.

With this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, you can automatically add Alt text to your photos and compress them to improve the website’s loading performance. Further, auto-adding Google structured data assists the search engine in better understanding your website content and prioritizing it on the search engines.

And yet, most importantly, it is entirely free!

Highlight feature:

  • Optimize your images to boost your site’s load time.
  • Auto-addition of Google structural data for high-ranking results is supported.
  • Enhance meta tags with helpful information.
  • Customers might be entertained by redirecting 404 pages.
  • Provide a sitemap that allows users to explore your website effortlessly.

TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps TinyIMG SEO

Best For:

If you hate optimizing your images by hand, consider TinyIMG SEO, as every work will now be done automatically, saving you most of your time, especially with large online stores that have a lot of inventory.

TinyIMG speeds up your store’s loading speed by compressing photos by up to 70% while sacrificing quality. Moreover, it aids in increasing organic visitors to your web store by boosting the SEO form and content of your website!

You can use TinyIMG Image Optimizer’s auto-optimization solution instead of manually optimizing photos. This top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection makes it easy to manage photos automatically, freeing up your time to concentrate on other elements of your business, such as growing sales.

Highlight feature:

  • Image enhancement with no drop in quality
  • Analysis of SEO and shop performance with suggestions of how to resolve issues
  • Metadata enhancement
  • With a single click, you can add JSON LD microdata to your website.
  • Image enhancement by hand using drag and drop feature

Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps Bulk Imgage Edit

Best For:

If you are looking for an app that only focuses on optimizing images and providing the best features, this one of Shopify SEO image optimization apps is the perfect choice for you.

As you may or may not know, many start-ups fail within the first year due to a lack of understanding of golden laws. Aside from deciding the things to market, they must focus on the quality of their image.

And Bulk Image Edit can help you minimize image size with a single click while maintaining image quality. Furthermore, it allows you to show the Shopify store title, item description, product type, and so on in the most optimal way possible. 

Furthermore, Bulk Image Edit can eventually assist you if you wish to resize, edit, or add ALT text to the photo. Also, the demo can then be viewed before the job is completed.

Highlight feature:

  • Reduce picture image size for items and themes without sacrificing quality.
  • With configurable themes, you may change the Alt tags and file names for product photos.
  • Include square photos for the Shopify website and social media.
  • Crop all photographs such that their width and height are the same.
  • Making use of watermarks on product photographs
  • Allow users to roll back or undo any changes they have made.

Minifier SEO Image Optimizer

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps Minifier

Best For:

Minifier is one of Shopify SEO image optimization apps to make your online website load faster and rank higher in Google Search. 

AheadworksV’s Minifier is another top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection. As a merchant, you should be aware that photographs on a website can waste many bytes and slow down the loading time, resulting in low conversion rates, high bounce rates, and a terrible consumer experience. 

Therefore, if you are experiencing these issues, it is time to address them. Minifier can tailor every image and design in your business, compressing them to the minimum size without sacrificing image quality.

Highlight feature:

  • Make each image and design your own.
  • Increase the page’s loading time.
  • Improve SEO traffic
  • Examine the file format
  • Files should be compressed to match the size of your website page.

SEO Image Optimizer Pro ‑ FREE

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps SEO Image Optimizer Pro

Best For:

Although it is free and easy to use, it does not have many advanced features, so that it will be more suitable for beginners than professionals.

This app is designed to give you the best SEO boost possible; it will automatically add alt-text to your photographs, telling Google which keywords your images should rank for in their search results.

Highlight feature:

  • Install and uninstall themes using a single click without affecting the theme’s code.
  • Utilizing proven and proper strategy, you can instantly enhance your store’s organic traffic.
  • Including alt text optimizes your photographs, so they appear in search results.

Alt Text

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps ALT Text

Best For:

Alt Text is one of Shopify SEO image optimization apps that only focus on adding alt text to your images.

Image Alt Text Optimizer syncs automatically every day to ensure that all new goods have SEO-friendly Alt Texts. Even better, it does it without requiring any further effort from you. Simply put the content together and witness how ALT Text (alt tag) improves traffic from all search engines.

Highlight feature:

  • Create a template for ALT Tags. We have a standard for you.
  • Optimize images with a single click

SEO Doctor ‑ Image Optimizer

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps SEO Doctor

Best For:

If you are new to SEO or don’t have much time to devote to performing your site’s SEO audit, you should include this app in your list of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

SEO Doctor is a Shopify app that includes a plethora of advanced tools for automating your SEO analysis. You can “set and forget” with this one of Shopify SEO image optimization apps, which implies you just have to set it up once, and it will address practically every SEO problem constantly since then.

Besides, SEO doctors can examine your website and automatically correct all of your SEO issues. As a result, the software is highly user-friendly and saves you a significant amount of time.

Highlight feature:

  • Examine your store extensively for SEO flaws.
  • Provide simple recommendations for resolving issues that have been identified.
  • Tailor your page title, description, and product photos to improve your ranking.
  • Generate Alt tags for item photos automatically for higher Google Image Search rankings.
  • Intelligent picture compression can help you speed up your website. ‑ Image Optimizer

shopify seo apps for image optimization

Best For:

If your online store is not optimized for photos yet, don’t miss this app from the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection. is another great Shopify SEO image optimization app. Precisely, the software is thought to take your Shopify online store to the next stage. Every image has been specifically optimized to help you conserve data, and the app allows your website to load faster.

Furthermore, long page load times might have an impact on customer retention, enhancing your conversion rates. also allows you to store your original photographs for up to 30 days. After installing it, it can scan through all of your images, improve them, and report how your website works.

Highlight feature:

  • Reduce the size of your photographs to help your site load faster.
  • Optimize your SEO progress.
  • Get rid of your speed concerns.
  • Boost your conversion rates
  • Organize your SEO images


best shopify image optimization apps AI SEO

Best For:

Like Alt text above, AI SEO is one of Shopify SEO image optimization apps that only focus on adding alt text to your images.

Alt-text is a vital component for attracting visitors to your website. Besides, using alt-text on your photos can improve the user experience while also providing apparent SEO benefits. Therefore, AI SEO employs artificial intelligence to assist you in automatically generating alt-text for all products.

Highlight feature:

  • Scan all product photos to determine if one lacks alt text.
  • Use artificial intelligence to produce alt-text for product photos.
  • To generate alt-text for product photos, use the template.
  • Display the process when synchronizing
  • Simple to use

SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer

best shopify image optimzer apps SEO image optimizer & resizer

Best For:

The app is suitable for store owners looking for Shopify SEO image optimization apps with a full range of features.

SpurIT’s SEO Photo Optimizer is among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection that can save you hours physically improving your item photographs. Mainly, it is the only program that provides three functions in one: image size reduction, mass image resizing, and alt image optimization. 

It also dynamically optimizes a subset of your product photos, or all of them, even freshly uploaded ones. 

Finally, the platform allows all image files and unlimited pictures, whether JPEG, PNG, or GIF. You can also arrange everything that you want the application to perform.

Highlight feature:

  • Three functions in one: image size compression, bulk image resizing, and alt image optimization
  • Optimize chosen or all store images, including freshly uploaded ones, automatically.
  • All image formats are supported.
  • An infinite amount of images

SEO Alt Tag Alt Text Optimizer

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps SEO Alt Tag Alt Text Optimizer

Best For:

Jumbo app is an SEO image optimization app that only focuses on adding alt text to your images.

Jumbo’s SEO Alt Tag Alt Text Optimizer can add alt tag/text for you with a single click. If you enable auto-generation for all of your existing photos, Jumbo will add alt-tags to all of your product photographs with: “name of the product – name of the store.”

Highlight feature:

  • Reduce ranking time by auto-generating alt tags and alt text for new photos.
  • You have the option of customizing your alt tag with variables from your business, such as product variants and more.

Picsmize ‑ Image Optimizer

shopify image optimizer Picsmize

Best For:

Picsmize is one of Shopify SEO image optimization apps with a full range of features.

Are you concerned about the slow page loading issue? If so, this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection will solve your problem. Picsmize image compression and optimization will assist you in increasing page loading time and search engine visibility.

Highlight feature:

  • Images can be compressed and processed in both automatic and manual modes.
  • Create a template based on your needs. The app will add ALT text to all product photos.
  • Modifying picture file names in locating relevant connections and items on your website.
  • Process asset photos and carry out the same operations as mentioned above.
  • Syncing pictures and processing them as rapidly as possible after installation 
  • Offer 60-day archive

SEO Pack

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps SEO Pack

Best For:

This app is one of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, ideal for beginners.

SEO Pack is an application developed by myappsmarket. Because the application has just launched, the application is not known to many people and does not have many features. However, the current built-in features of the application ultimately do their job well. In addition, the application is also preparing to launch some new features such as meta title/description, meta tag, and Google snippets.

Highlight feature:

  • Image Alt text is automatically added.
  • Reduce the image’s file size to make the website load faster.
  • Image renaming and optimization for search engines.

Magic Image SEO Optimizer

shopify image SEO optimizer Magic

Best For:

You can consider Magic Image SEO Optimizer if you find Shopify SEO image optimization apps with advanced features. 

Magic Image SEO Optimizer employs compression tools to increase the pace with which photos run on your website and leverage alt text credit for improved SEO optimization.

After installing this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, you will be presented with a list of options to choose from SEO optimize choices and upload to image revert.

Highlight feature:

  • Choose whatever photographs you wish to compress for your website.
  • With a single click, you may reduce all of your pictures for your website.
  • To compress photos, upload them from your local drive.
  • Change the alt tag for all of your pictures or only the ones you want.
  • Revert all of your compressed pictures or selected images to their original state.

All in One Image SEO Optimizer

best Shopify SEO image optimization apps All in One Image SEO Optimizer

Best For:

This one of the best Shopify SEO image optimization apps is suitable for shop owners who want to find a solution to protect the images in the store from being stolen.

All in One Image SEO Optimizer is an application developed by ORSIS. Because the application has just launched, the application is not known to many people. However, it has many built-in features, which ultimately do its job well.

Highlight feature:

  • Photographs of specific items: Put an organization logo or brand name on your images to prevent them from being copied.
  • Improving your item images can help you speed up your site.
  • Increase the web index score of your images by adding item names and tags to your item photographs.

Top Best Shopify Page Speed Optimization Apps 

Page speed is when it needs to show all of the material on a particular website or the time required for a browser to get the first byte from a web server.

Besides, page speed is a vital ranking component, as Google’s Algorithm Speed Update has clarified. Nevertheless, velocity can indirectly impact ranking results by raising the bounce rate and decreasing dwell duration. Therefore, using these best Shopify page speed optimization apps will help your store SEO more efficiently.

SEO page speed optimization

If you want to optimize the page loading speed, you can’t help but know these 8 Easy Tips To Improve Page Speed.

Page Speed Booster

best Shopify page speed optimization page speed booster

Best For:

If you are looking for page speed optimization apps that help your website speed up and generate better conversions and profits, don’t ignore Page Speed ​​Booster.

Because search engine rankings are essential, Google claims that page download speed could be one of the most important factors determining a domain’s best.

Therefore, Page Speed Booster instructs your website to use idle time to retrieve or plan to retrieve site data in preparation for the following action taken by the user. For example, while on the home page, the person is currently selecting a product to click. As a result, the product element page may be the following web page. 

Besides, this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection helps make your website’s pages faster and increases your conversion rate.

Highlight feature:

  • Improve the speed of your website.
  • Help boost your conversion rate.
  • Programming skills are not required.
  • Improve the page load speed
  • Boost revenue and visitor numbers

Speedster Page Speed Optimizer

best Shopify page speed optimization speedster

Best For:

It is perfect for every Shopify store owner who wants to increase their speed and boost their SEO.

Speedster Page Speed Optimizer is among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection that increases the speed of a website page.

You may use Speedster to improve the website speed automatically. When you activate the app, it will automatically transfer the data to your website. While this raises your loading speed, your customers will not be stopped while using your service.

Furthermore, by having a website that loads dozens of times faster, Speedster can boost the chances of conversion. Better SEO results in more organic traffic, which is the highest converting potential customers you can receive.

Highlight feature:

  • Improve loading speed time of your website
  • Offer higher conversions
  • Promote your website rank higher in the search engines
  • Increase organic traffics and sales

Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

best Shopify page speed optimization hyperspeed

Best For:

Suppose your store is using many applications simultaneously. In that case, Hyperspeed is rare among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection will help you prevent them from ruining the page load speed of your website.

You may increase your sales by using the Hyperspeed app. It also allows for lower bounce rates and boosts SEO by improving your Shopify store for performance.

With the LazyLoad feature and adaptive photos, you can ensure that the correct images only load once required. Besides, this app checks the programs in your store and caches them, so they are provided by the same fast server hosting your Shopify store. Furthermore, because 3rd party apps may be loaded one at a period from many different hosts and quickly increase your web’s loading pace, this app will bundle and compress them.

Furthermore, this app employs predictive page loading to preload web pages before the visitors click on them, ensuring that your store seems lightning-fast. As a result, you will see an increase in customer and income when you launch this app.

Highlight feature:

  • Only the appropriate photos are loaded.
  • Examine the apps that are taking too long to run in your business. 
  • Make use of predicted page speed.
  • High-quality picture compression is required.
  • History with saved steps can be undone.

AiSpeed | Speed Up Your Store

best Shopify page speed optimization Aispeed

Best For:

You can consider AiSpeed if you find Shopify page speed optimization apps with advanced features. 

AiSpeed is Arctic Grey developer’s most avant-garde app to present. Something remarkable happened after decades of growth. They made a significant achievement by developing an artificial intelligence administrator that focuses on loading speed.

Highlight feature:

  • Monitor which third-party apps may be interfering with performance and provide you with the information necessary to make wise choices.
  • Using artificial intelligence to precaching and preloading and you open websites faster.
  • Offer LazyLoad to minimize the page weight.
  • Minify is included, which minimizes file size and heavy JavaScript and cleans up your site code by removing unnecessary elements.
  • It dramatically reduces the file size of your photographs while preserving apparent picture quality.

Page Load Magic

best shopify seo apps 2022 page load magic

Best For:

If you find Shopify page speed optimization apps with a robust preloading feature, this app is perfect for you among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection. 

Page load magic is a Shopify preloading tool that improves the perceived page loading time in your shop. Because this app is one of the Kaleido networks, users can use it for free.

It has either site preloading or links hovering capabilities that you may utilize to increase the pace of your websites.

Highlight feature:

  • Preloading the page to which the link points and offering script and image optimizations once clicked.
  • It works well even if the design is clunky and website loading metrics do not provide the most outstanding results.

Page Speed Optimizer: PI Speed

best shopify seo apps 2022 PI speed

Best For:

Among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, this app includes an all-in-one solution for page speed.

Page Speed Optimizer: PI Speed, developed by SureSwift Capital, is a powerful solution for any eCommerce business owner to enhance the viewing experience of their clients. Like other Shopify page speed optimization apps, this tool allows you to optimize your script and minimize loading time without altering existing scripts or altering how your websites look and work. In addition, it gives you a unique customized panel to observe how the software has benefited your shop.

Highlight feature:

  • Enhance your photographs without sacrificing quality.
  • Allow for code optimizations to improve loading time.
  • Within 30 days, restore all pictures to their original state.
  • Check out the enhancements to the customizable panel.
  • Do not change your existing scripts or the design of your website.

SEO Image Optimizer‑Page Speed

best Shopify page speed optimization SEO Image Optimizer‑Page Speed

Best For:

Page Speed Boost is completely code-free and works with all Shopify themes. So you can find it easy to use even for beginners.

This application provides excellent website speed optimization and includes other SEO support features such as image optimization, watermark, fast image upload support, and more.

Highlight feature:

  • Image SEO may be optimized automatically.
  • After each modification, inspect the new photos and manually optimize them.
  • Compression of Images
  • Insert image ALT tags
  • Provide a customizable watermark to protect and strengthen your brand.
  • Convert a PNG image to a JPG and apply a watermark.
  • Increase the Speed of Your Website
  • Preloading a page immediately before a user clicks on it to increase the speed of your website

Jumbo ‑ Page speed optimizer

best Shopify page speed optimization jumbo

Best For:

If you are looking for an application that can optimize all links instead of analyzing the entire website, choose Jumbo among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

Jumbo improves page speed by preloading pages as soon as your customers linger their mouse over a link.

This app enables you to implement near-instant page load throughout your website, leading to lower bounce rates and improved conversion rates.

Highlight feature:

  • Increase the page’s speed.
  • Improve the conversion page speed.
  • Increase the speed of your home page for free.

Swish: Page Speed Booster

best Shopify SEO page speed optimization swish

Best For:

The app is entirely free, and the users have good reviews about it. Therefore, with the available features, it is suitable for small and medium stores.

According to Google’s recent core update, page speed is one of the most critical SEO factors. That is why you should take advantage of Shopify page speed optimization apps.

Nonetheless, Swish can assist you in enhancing your page speed and basic web vitals, which will tremendously benefit your SEO and conversions.

Highlight feature:

  • Powerful page speed optimization
  • Easy to use
  • Quick support team

Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode

best Shopify page speed optimization Loadify

Best For:

In addition to the above features, the application also provides a variety of pre-selected gifs. So if that’s what you’re looking for, Loadify is the intelligent choice for you.

This top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection contains a turbo mode function that instantly introduces your shop when you set a loading picture. Once your client hovers their mouse over a link, it begins loading the next page, preparing it when the customer taps there.

Highlight feature:

  • Include a dropdown menu with 15 gorgeous pre-selected images under 300KB in size for speedier processing.
  • Allow you to upload custom photos, such as your business logo or an image that fits your store well.
  • Support for mobile devices

Superspeed ‑ Free Speed Boost

best Shopify SEO page speed optimization superspeed

Best For:

If you need Shopify page speed optimization tools that preload pages, SuperSpeed is an excellent option for you. It is also free, so you will not have to spend anything.

Superspeed is a relatively new Shopify preloading system that utilizes Google Analytics models to forecast what your customers would do next and prompts the browser to begin caching specific product web pages. In other words, it is a unique app among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

It has a DNS prefetch function, which is one of its distinguishing features. Besides, it can download the IP addresses of pictures, CSS files, and JavaScript from every page to speed up page loading.

Highlight feature:

  • Include preload pages, which can result in a 30% drop in total download speeds for customers.
  • Predicting page prefetch, link-hover prefetch, and DNS prefetch improvement are all included.
  • It is a one-click installation — you can begin preloading your web pages with a single click.
  • No code is required.

FlashFy ‑ Page Speed Optimizer

best Shopify page speed optimization apps flashfy

Best For:

This one of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection is ideal for beginners.

FashFy is a new preloading plugin that is now accessible in the Shopify app store. It will retrieve and store websites depending on the options you’ve selected.

Highlight feature:

  • Increase organic traffic, conversion rate, and revenues
  • Decrease bounce rate, abundant shopping carts by optimizing page speed
  • Manage data smartly

Top Best Shopify SEO Apps For AMP

Google began experimenting with the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) in 2017 to make mobile pages run better. Also, Google has prioritized loading time by prioritizing mobile sites individually through its “mobile-first” program. That’s why I mention these AMP apps in addition to Shopify page speed optimization apps.

AMP by Ampify Me

best Shopify SEO AMP apps Ampify Me

Best For:

AMP by Ampify Me is among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection suitable for all kinds of stores.

This app is used by more than 15,000 Shopify stores. Their solution is a collection of AMP themes for your store that can take the material you already have and format it for mobile visitors. There are over 7 AMP themes in the free tier and over 100 altogether.

When you use one of their themes, your site will load faster, which will result in more conversions and higher audience engagement. As a result, whether you’re a bit drop shipper or a central multi-vendor marketplace, your profits will rise.

Highlight feature:

  • Offer a Shopify style editor to help you edit pages more efficiently.
  • Improves conversions and earnings by speeding up your website for mobile users.
  • Work for any size store, from a dropshipper working from a home office to a multi-vendor marketplace in a large warehouse.
  • Improves your site’s ranking on search engines such as Google and others

Fire AMP

best Shopify amp apps Fire AMP

Best For:

AMP Fire is an excellent choice among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collections if you need a simple app that ensures absolute mobile phone optimization.

AMP Fire will take your site and generate AMP pages, making it load faster for mobile customers. This feature will boost your store’s conversion rate, ROI, and potential profitability. Besides, it only takes a few mouse clicks to accomplish this. There is no need to know to code or employ a developer. 

In addition, you can use the program to convert any store page into AMP format. This function has a lovely header, footer, and style. You will also see a lower bounce rate and a higher rating on Google and other search engines. 

Highlight feature:

  • With a single click, your page is given the AMP makeover.
  • Increases website performance and user experience.
  • The system is simple to use; no programming or technical skills are required.
  • Improves the conversion rate, ROI, and revenue of the business.

AMP by Shop Sheriff

best Shopify SEO apps 2022 AMP by Shop Sheriff

Best For:

This app can be used by all Shopify stores.

Like other Shopify page speed optimization apps, AMP by Shop Sheriff helps your store load faster. Most of all, this app is not only for computers but also can assist you in making your home page a mobile-friendly page. 

Moreover, it can also assist you in creating landing pages to grow your mailing list. These landing pages may load instantly, providing a better user experience and converting visitors into purchases.

You can also change the AMP sidebar links to help clients navigate your site. These can be done in such a way that they correspond to your desktop site. You can also have customizable footer links relevant to your AMP pages and comply with the EU’s GDPR.

Highlight feature:

  • Comply fully with all legislation, including the GDPR of the EU
  • You can put a sticky add to cart button to the bottom of any AMP page and skip the cart page.
  • It improves your site’s performance with outstanding functionality and can also have excellent SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Enhance their Google and other search engine rankings.

Page Speed Image Optimizer AMP

best Shopify AMP apps Page Speed Image Optimizer AMP

Best For:

Among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, this app is full of page speed features. So even professionals will be satisfied.

Page Speed Image Optimizer AMP is one of the best page speed optimization apps on Shopify AppStore. It offers a novel strategy based on reliable tools such as Google Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, and Pingdom to optimize regularly used apps and analytics and speed up store performance.

Highlight feature:

  • Provide image optimization
  • File optimizer & compress with minification & deferral of unnecessary JavaScript (JS)
  • Preloading speeds up next-page navigation.
  • Offer recommendations from experts.


best Shopify SEO apps Rocket AMP

Best For:

You should use this app if you want to increase the mobile user experience and improve conversion rates.

RocketAmp can instantly speed up your site by up to four times the speed of a desktop site. This app helps you to improve the consumer experience and, as a result, increase conversions and sales in your store. 

Specifically, the program will instantly integrate your store with AMP and work with Google to get your site indexed so that customers can find it. RocketAMP also will allow you to compete with all major shops, including eBay.

Highlight feature:

  • Keep your website’s social aspects on your AMP site.
  • Enhance the performance of your website for phone devices.
  • Able to assist you in ranking higher on Google.
  • Improve your site’s conversion rate by providing a better customer experience.

PWA, Mobile app & Web Push

best Shopify SEO PWA apps PWA, Mobile app & Web Push

Best For:

If your expectation is Shopify page speed optimization apps friendly with mobile, this app is for you.

PWA is a supplementary app for individuals who want to use another of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collections on the list. This app allows you to increase your mobile sales. Besides, it converts your website into a PWA that customers can save to their home screen on their mobile devices. Also, the plugin enables them to shop on their phone at any time.

Highlight feature:

  • Turn your website a PWA for a better user experience.
  • Help in tracking the effectiveness of beneficial insights.
  • You can receive an unlimited number of push alerts.
  • There is a free plan available.

Superchargify AMP & more

best Shopify SEO apps Superchargify AMP

Best For:

Superchargeify includes a full-service mobile solution for your store to increase revenue, customer engagement, and search visibility.

Superchargeify is one of Shopify page speed optimization apps. It is also accomplished through obtaining higher positions on Search engines such as Google. You will see increased traffic from your business as a result of the enhanced mobile speed. This feature is critical because the more visitors you have, the more consumers you will have and the more muscular your brand’s strength.

Highlight feature:

  • Increase conversions by using an AMP and PWA-enabled site.
  • Improves the loading time of your website on mobile devices.
  • Serve to protect your non-AMP webpage from loading issues, ensuring that it loads as quickly as your AMP webpage.
  • There are numerous customizing options.

best Shopify SEO themes

👉 Explore more Best Shopify Themes For Each Store Model, which is both SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly

Top Best Shopify SEO Apps With Advanced JSON-LD

JSON-LD provides a more straightforward method for generating machine-readable information from pages to boost search results. In some cases, you can also understand this feature as the equivalent of rich snippets.

Also, JSON-LD gives users who produce and retrieve information on the internet more power. It makes it easier for people to read and write, and it establishes a network of standards for machine-readable information from sites to facilitate the indexing process.

Therefore, with JSON-LF structured data, developers can better convey the content of their websites to search engines. While search engines also understand your website content more effectively and highlight it accordingly.

SEO, JSON‑LD, Schema

Best Shopify SEO Apps With Advanced JSON-LD SEO, JSON‑LD, Schema

Best For: 

If you are looking for an app that includes a lot of rich snippets and can integrate with many third-party apps, this is the best choice for you out of the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

SEO, JSON-LD, Schema program adds rich snippets to your shop, items, product reviews, blog posts, and social network accounts. It also enables search engines to include relevant snippets in their search results, making your business stand out from the crowd.

Not only do Rich Snippets increase click-through rates, but the visitors you drive will be more suited as well. These customers make an informed choice since they know your pricing, stock availability, and analyze records.

Highlight feature:

  • Include many rich snippets that can help you rank higher on Google.
  • Increase the number of visitors. By displaying relevant rich data in search results, you can increase your click-through rate.
  • Integrate with a variety of other third-party apps.
  • Provide product reviews in search ẹgines.


best shopify json-ld for seo apps

Best For:

This app is the most secure, simple, and efficient method to acquire Rich Results for your Shopify store. So this app is suitable for everyone from beginner to professional.

JSON-LD for SEO by Little Stream Software is designed to help your store increase organic Google search traffic and conversion rates by displaying product details such as prices, images, inventory, and customer reviews immediately on search engine results. Thanks to its rich snippets and results capabilities, you don’t need to struggle for better ranks on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

Moreover, JSON-LD for SEO, which integrates with 17 review apps, Google Merchant Center, and various other programs, will dynamically construct everything Google requires from your structured data.

Highlight feature:

  • Increase organic Google search traffic.
  • Improve conversion rates by directly displaying product information in search results.
  • Refresh your SEO data automatically.
  • Insert data in the form of microdata or JSON-LD data code blocks to particular areas in your HTML.

Rich Snippets for SEO

Best Shopify SEO Apps With Advanced JSON-LD Rich Snippets for SEO

Best For:

Like the other JSON-LD apps on this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, you can quickly increase your conversion rates, click-thru rates, and search engine rankings.

Rich Snippets for SEO is an app that allows you to add Rich Snippets to your store, items, product reviews, blog posts, and social network profiles.

It enables search engines to include data snippets in their search results, making your business stand out from the crowd.

Highlight feature:

  • Show customers the value of your goods right away, and they’ll be more able to interact and click-thru to your site.
  • Setting Rich Snippets enables your store to provide helpful info to search engines, then integrate it into search results to help it stand out.
  • Maintain your store up to date on the latest Rich Snippets developments.
  • When customers search for your store, Rich Snippets will include your social profile information.

Hello Rich Snippets for SEO

best shopify schema apps Hello Rich Snippets for seo

Best For: 

Like the other JSON-LD apps on this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, Hello Rich Snippets for SEO provides value features for beginners and professionals. 

Hello Rich Snippets for SEO is a fantastic Shopify rich snippets software that will display rich results or snippets on Google utilizing JSON LD to outperform other outcomes. The JSON LD format used here is a lightweight linked data format that is a simple approach to retrieving machine-readable information from websites to improve search results by giving search crawlers more indexable material.

Highlight feature:

  • Display additional information such as product rating, price, and stock level, among other things.
  • Increase the CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • Increase the amount of organic traffic to your website.
  • Reduce paid marketing expenses to increase revenue.

SEO Get Clicked! SEO Tools

best shopify seo apps 2022 SEO Get Clicked!

Best For:

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, don’t be afraid to download this software because it includes instructive lesson videos to help even the most bewildered users.

SEO Get Clicked! by Adolab is among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection that includes a slew of SEO tools aimed at helping your business and products rank higher on all search engines. 

Besides, the program thoroughly examines your page for any SEO issues and gives solutions to help you swiftly resolve any discovered issues. 

Like other Shopify page speed optimization apps, it also performs tests. It then delivers a score based on your website’s performance and smartphone compatibility, as well as recommendations for how to enhance these results. 

Highlight feature:

  • Scrutinize your page for all SEO issues.
  • Give you the capabilities you need to resolve any difficulties that arise quickly.
  • Run the test and offer a rating that reflects the velocity and mobile compatibility of your website.
  • Improve the structure of your website’s data.
  • Offer fantastic service with a video of a feature guide.


best shopify json-ld apps TurboSEO

Best For:

Besides the structured data feature in JSON-LD, the app also provides most of the parts needed for a complete SEO campaign. So you can also use TurboSEO as an all-in-one SEO solution.

TurboSEO by Eastside Co is among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection that improves your shop’s Seo performance by providing search engines with more available details about your business. 

Specifically, it enhances the design of the search engine listings, which allows Google, Bing, and Pinterest to understand your store more efficiently, increasing your click-through rates substantially. It also provides mark-up to your website’s script for SEO purposes. Last but not least, all of this could be done with no existing coding skills and experience.

Highlight feature:

  • Improve SEO ranks by providing more relevant material to search engines.
  • Boost your click-through rates significantly.
  • Improve the appearance of your search engine results
  • For search engine optimization, include mark-up in your website’s script.
  • There is no need for any coding skills or experience

SEO JSON‑LD Boost by Verge

best shopify seo json-ld boost apps SEO JSON‑LD Boost by Verge

Best For:

Among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, this app will assist search engines in presenting better search results by utilizing structured data.

Verge Studios’ SEO JSON-LD Boost is a Shopify tool that improves the findability of your store and products throughout the web. It offers a variety of SEO tools to help you boost your Google search results with a single tap: The program adds JSON-LD structured data to your page dynamically. This information is fed into your shop via Javascript, which does not affect your designs directly.

Highlight feature:

  • Offer various Seo techniques with a single tap to optimize your Search engine results.
  • Integrate JSON-LD structured data to the page automatically.
  • Utilizing Javascript, insert JSON-LD data into your shop.
  • Do not make immediate changes to your layouts.
  • Ensure your theme files are secure because we will not touch, view, change, or append to them.

Schema Plus for SEO

best shopify schema apps Schema Plus for SEO

Best For:

SchemaPlus is the only schema software that sends Google the content of your reviews. When Google is aware of your review wording, it can better comprehend your items.

SchemaPlus, created by former Google software developers, is the most highly automated schema platform globally, with far more functionality and searchable web components than most other Schema apps in the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection. Also, the Schema Plus app improves your web’s search engine traffic.

Plus, Google’s latest FAQ schema and Breadcrumbs schema are available via SchemaPlus. You may quickly create a FAQ structure on your shop or blog sites.

Highlight feature:

  • Google will rank your shop higher if you use Schema mark-up.
  • Offer schema that is completely Google compliant for your information.
  • Google’s latest FAQ schema and Breadcrumbs schema are provided.
  • There is no need for coding or development time.

JSON‑LD Express for SEO

Best Shopify SEO Apps With Advanced JSON-LD JSON‑LD Express for SEO

Best For:

This app is a good choice if you are looking for a simple JSON-LD application that does not change your store’s templates.

JSON-LD Express for SEO incorporates JSON-LD mark-up into your script, making it easier for search engines to understand your Shopify account, extract critical data, and present it in search results. 

Furthermore, JSON Express for SEO mark-up allows Google to see features of your products like ratings, pricing, and inventory levels. This information can subsequently be provided as rich snippets on search results pages, offering your store more visibility and authority on the listings page and driving click-through to your shop.

Highlight feature:

  • Install structured data to make your content and websites more accessible than ever before.
  • Automatically add JSON-LD structured data to sites and contents.
  • Providing an enhanced look helps with visibility on the listings page

JSON‑LD:Rich Snippet in Google

shopify rich snippets apps JSON‑LD:Rich Snippet in Google

Best For:

Among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, if your theme does not support JSON-LD or you want to get higher rankings and increased clicks, then you should use this JSON-LD: Rich Snippet in Google.

Because JSON‑LD: Rich Snippet in Google by Reginapps is still new in the Shopify App store, many store owners do not know and use it. However, for now, the app is completely free and gets quick support from the support team. So, with what the application commits to, I believe this is an option worth experiencing among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection.

Highlight feature:

  • Give generously Rich Snippets (JSON-LD) 
  • Eliminate the requirement to update store themes or deal with programming.
  • Indirect SEO benefits are generated by making your page more easily indexable and more accurate and targeted metadata.

Top Best Shopify Apps For Sitemap Builder

In layman’s terms, a Sitemap is an XML file that contains the URLs for each of your unique pages.

In addition, while XML sitemaps are not typically recognized as an SEO strategy, they verify that a webpage is appropriately ranked inside a search results page. The search engine will use information from the site map, which is located in a specified location. 

And yet, the sitemap is significant since there are potentially numerous sites to filter through, and you want to ensure that you are not undermining your website by omitting a sitemap builder app.

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Best Shopify Apps For Sitemap Builder Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Best For:

This plugin will assist you immediately if you prefer to share high-quality images of your products or if you want to establish strong brand recognition in the eyes of your clients.

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager provides greater control throughout your NoIndex, NoFollow, and Shopify-produced sitemap. This tool can hinder search engines from indexing your business, which can be advantageous in certain instances.

Furthermore, you can delete URLs from the sitemap for items, categories, websites, blogs, and other things. This app is helpful if you have alternate models on the very same page.

The program can also assist you in resolving duplicate information problems. This feature is vital if you run a daily blog site with articles related to other websites but don’t want Google to penalize you for that.

Highlight feature:

  • Manage NoIndex and NoFollow 
  • Control XML sizes for clothing.
  • Enable the use of URL form
  • Help with the SEO feature
  • Several pages and pagination are supported.


Best Shopify Apps For Sitemap Builder sitemapper

Best For:

If you are looking for an application that improves SEO, increases traffic, and helps you retain customers by optimizing navigation, Sitemapper is the choice for you.

Sitemapper by Shopinet allows you to maintain a well-organized web store while also marketing it. The application makes it quicker and easier for clients to browse the items they want by establishing a sitemap page for your shop, so they won’t have any trouble buying your merchandise.

By the way, Sitemapper increases the search ranks of your online store and its items on various search engines like Google and Bing to ensure that your shop is not overlooked.

Highlight feature:

  • Make it easier to find desired products.
  • Increase the store’s and items’ SEO rankings
  • All modifications to pages, goods, and blog entries are automatically synced.
  • Create a page for the store’s sitemap.
  • Assist in increasing store visitors and profitability.

SEO Sitemap Builder #1 Sitemap

Best Shopify Apps For Sitemap Builder SEO Sitemap Builder #1 Sitemap

Best For: 

This app provides the ability to customize the sitemap according to your wishes. So you’ll be free to tailor it to your store.

SEO Sitemap Builder by Adolab is the best Shopify sitemap builder among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection for quickly creating an HTML sitemap. This ordered search landing page allows consumers to explore and find things they’re seeking conveniently. 

Most of all, you may also alter the headline, description, and design of the sitemap with a simple click to make it match the style and theme of your store. Finally, the program also improves your SEO by ensuring that the HTML sitemap is recognized by Google, allowing your items to appear in search engine result pages.

Highlight feature:

  • With an organized search landing page, you can make it easier for clients to explore and browse for what they’re seeking.
  • Create an HTML sitemap for Google crawlers to analyze.
  • Assist in improving the visibility of your items in search engine result pages.
  • Allows you to alter the headline, content, and layout of your sitemap with a single click.
  • Fit in perfectly with your current store’s style and concept.

SEO HTML Sitemap

Best Shopify SEO Apps For Sitemap Builder SEO HTML Sitemap

Best For:

This app provides the ability to customize the sitemap according to your wishes. So you’ll be free to tailor it to your store.

Union Works Apps’ SEO HTML Sitemap is an SEO optimization solution that focuses on improving your sitemap. The program creates an HTML Sitemap page for your shop to improve SEO rankings on search engines. 

Also, this sitemap page is designed to auto-update every hour for fresh or withdrawn items. Last but not least, you may easily modify your sitemap template, as well as the number of products shown, to best suit your store’s concept and appearance.

Highlight feature:

  • Create an HTML Sitemap webpage instantly for improved SEO rankings.
  • Hourly updates for new updated or withdrawn goods are made to the HTML Sitemap page.
  • Customizable HTML Sitemap layouts and styles make it easier for consumers to explore and browse for the things they’re hunting.
  • Tailor your HTML Sitemap Page by changing the outlook view and the volume of goods shown.

Simple Sitemap

best shopify seo apps for sitemap simple sitemap

Best For:

If you are looking for a completely free application that still includes the above features, then Simple Sitemap will satisfy you. However, because the application is new, it will be difficult for you to consult the reviews from users.

Simple Sitemap improves your SEO position by creating an HTML sitemap of your section. In seconds, you can add a complete sitemap. There is no need for programming or setup. It operates right out of the box and has a plethora of configurable, customized features.

Highlight feature:

  • Create an HTML sitemap for your business in a second.
  • Create different categories, items, and other information on the sitemap webpage constantly.
  • Modify the title, content, or design of your sitemap page without writing any code.
  • Display all categories, items, web pages, and blog posts.
  • Remove any data from your sitemap webpage.

Image Sitemap

best shopify seo apps for sitemap image sitemap

Best For:

Image Sitemap, like Shopify SEO image optimization apps, lets you improve photos, but Shopify merchants can obtain full transparency surrounding indexed images.

Among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, Image Sitemap is one of the rare apps with unique qualities. Firstly, Image Sitemap represents a vast area for submitting photographs of dozens of objects. 

Furthermore, the program allows you to change and crop these photographs without affecting their resolution, so your store will not struggle with an overloaded issue. Secondly, you can add a short comment or explanation to your image to enlighten buyers about your items.

Highlight feature:

  • Installation of code is not required.
  • Upload images from your blog and photos for indexing.
  • Result in more sales by improving store design.
  • Reach more people.

Top Best Shopify SEO Apps For Redirects

A redirect is a method of sending visitors and search engines to a different URL than they intended. Besides, 301, 302, and Meta Refresh are the three most widely used redirects.

It is critical that when you put up redirects, you would not lose or impair your SEO performance. If you have a professional website that you need to redirect for one reason or another, it would be disastrous if it was not correctly put up and you lost everything you had worked hard for. Consider 12 apps below in the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection for finding your best option.

SEO Site Audit, fix SEO issues

best shopify seo audit apps SEO Site Audit, fix SEO issues

Best For:

It can be challenging to determine where you need to make changes and how your store compares to others. Recognizing this, SEO Site Audit, fix SEO issues is here to help.

E-commerce SEO improves your Shopify store’s exposure in Google searches. Nonetheless, it might be challenging to determine where you need to make changes and how your store compares to the industry. The SEO Site Audit app thoroughly analyzes your website, revealing what performs and what doesn’t. Additionally, the app notifies you of any sites that are not performing well in terms of conversion.

Highlight feature:

  • Create a dependable online store.
  • Make available guides in the form of actionable goods.
  • Evaluate and analyze the website instantly for several goals such as advertising, financial, e-commerce, and technical.
  • Have a passionate support crew on hand to facilitate a seamless setup.

Easy Redirects by ESC

Best Shopify SEO Apps For Redirects easy redirects by ESC

Best For:

Choose Easy Redirects if you’re looking for an app that’s free and has excellent redirects.

Easy Redirects by Eastside Co is among the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, providing numerous benefits to your web store. To begin with, it makes it simple to migrate your shop from another system to Shopify. Moreover, to avoid lost sales, this program automatically resolves broken links.

Further, Easy Redirects correctly and quickly resolves 404 problem pages through Google Search Console. As a result, you didn’t have to think about clients asking for outdated links. Lastly, you can use this plugin to import mass URL redirects into Shopify.

Highlight feature:

  • Transfer from another platform to Shopify. simply
  • To prevent possible sales loss, repair broken connections.
  • Import a large number of URL redirects into Shopify.
  • Google Search Console can be used to resolve 404 error pages.
  • Redirects for old links should be added.

Geo: Pro Geolocation Redirects

Best Shopify SEO Apps For Redirects Geo: Pro Geolocation Redirects

Best For:

This application is suitable for international stores or often has preferential programs by geographical location.

This program can be used to divert customers to your local store or to restrict unwanted visitors depending on their geography (location, nation) or IP address.

To become more exact, it may generate an endless amount of customizable geolocation redirect policies based on the client’s premises (region, nation, or IP address). Switch them immediately, or show a redirect window or banner.

Highlight feature:

  • Provide robust geolocation redirection choices
  • Unwanted visitors might be blocked based on their geography or IP address.
  • Domain re-directions
  • Design is adaptable.
  • Color changes are possible.
  • Include straightforward API.

GeoIP Country Redirect

best shopify SEO apps for country redirects GeoIP Country Redirect

Best For: 

It is a considerable advantage if your store supports multiple languages, indicating an online presence in more than just one country.

The Spice Gems team built GeoIP Country Redirect, a required addon for all Shopify eCommerce companies to successfully attract more customers by redirecting people to different store pages based on their IP addresses.

As a shop owner, you can define numerous criteria for the process of redirecting, which means you can also block one or more of those restrictions. Additionally, the GeoIP Country Redirect program enables users to share the redirection notice text in a Model Box and freely personalize its appearance.

Highlight feature:

  • Allow for the creation of an unlimited number of redirection rules.
  • The customer should be sent to the local shop.
  • Set a personalized redirect message in the form of a modal box.
  • Enable the use of fallback options on a given rule.
  • Prevent rules-based triggers on an IP address from occurring.

Broken Link 404/301 Redirect

best shopify broken link redirect apps Broken Link 404/301 Redirect

Best For:

The plugin will assist you in identifying and redirecting all 404 pages on your website, lowering bounce rates while also maintaining traffic, allowing you to preserve your search engine rating and avoid losing sales.

This application was developed by Giraffly, a developer known for specialized SEO applications. Suppose in the Shopify page speed optimization apps, SEO Image Optimizer‑Page Speed ​​helps you optimize images and page load speed. In that case, this application enables you to scan broken links and immediately redirect them.

Highlight feature:

  • Automatic real-time 404 error detection and send you daily report.
  • Add URLs to redirects from a CSV or XLS file quickly and effortlessly.
  • Edit 404 errors in bulk
  • Include your site’s URL recommendation

Geolocation Redirect

best shopify geolocation redirect apps

Best For: 

Geolocation Redirect might be a helpful technique in dealing with this issue to boost your targeted marketing strategy. 

Install this app will identify your traffic’s geolocation and reroute them depending on your settings. You have the option of redirecting them to any site as long as you want. Furthermore, this app provides global redirection with an endless amount of nation redirects. 

Furthermore, you may add a notice box to the top of your page with this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection so that your customers can select the store location of their choice.

Highlight feature:

  • Recognize and redirect visitors based on their location.
  • All countries should be able to benefit from redirection.
  • Capable of redirecting within site or to another site
  • It is simple to include a toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • It is possible to modify the banner and its text.


best shopify seo apps for redirects redirector

Best For:

If you have two stores for different regions, the Redirector will help you redirect and deal with a single set of rules.

Redirector enables you to design complicated rules that redirect clients or show localized data based on location and browser language. Moreover, Redirector has an HTML editor, allowing you to build attractive ads and welcome potential clients in their mother tongue or with special local incentives. You can also route users to any site in your store or any other outside address.

Highlight feature:

  • Visitors should be redirected to geographic location or language.
  • Redirect to the store or outside URLs
  • Generate rich text ads that are customized based on the traffic’s location.
  • Use the item handle in the destination URL to redirect all items with a specific law.
  • Check your rules carefully without implementing them.


best shopify seo apps for redirects redirectify

Best For:

Like other redirect apps on the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, Redirectify will be one of the good options to help you detect and redirect broken links. 

The 404 errors do not affect your web’s overall SEO rankings. Yet, if formerly high-ranking pages/products now return a 404, you potentially lose a valuable source of the traffic to your shop. Redirectify allows you to redirect clients to appropriate and truly useful sites, ensuring that your visitors can always get what they’re searching for and that you retain a positive user experience.

Highlight feature:

  • Improve SEO and resolve 404 errors before they become an issue. Redirectify monitors 404s in real-time on your website and maintains a list of removed sites.
  • As you type, recommendations will appear.
  • Automate typical redirection using criteria to prevent manual efforts, such as sending removed items to their core category.

Location Redirect

best shopify location redirect apps

Best For:

This application is on the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection for a redirect suitable for international stores, which serve customers from two or more regions.

If you offer items in many countries, you can easily direct clients to the appropriate local retailers. So you can reduce fake orders, restrict costly refunds, and save money on delivery and customs charges. Additionally, you may boost conversions by instilling more faith and credibility in clients who prefer translated sites.

This software also allows you to provide your customers with an immediate reroute. As a result, your clients will find no difference, and their visit will be flawless. Finally, this one does not rely on third-party code; therefore, it will not slow down your business.

Highlight feature:

  • Allow for redirecting based on the traffic’s nation of origin.
  • There is no need to be concerned about IP addresses.
  • Simple to use.
  • Rapid response to the client’s premises; the customer will not perceive a change.

Magic Redirect

best shopify redirect apps magic redirect

Best For:

Magic Redirect will be one of the good options for store owners to detect and redirect broken links.

When consumers or search engines such as Google encounter a broken link on your shop, this software will detect it. The app will scan that link structure and recognize it as an item URL, for instance. Afterward, the app will automatically build a URL redirect to the proper page based on your wholly customized automated settings.

Highlight feature:

  • Make your redirects
  • View all of your redirects in one location.
  • Configure automated settings in minutes, with recommended choices available with a single click.
  • Modify, browse, filter, and control all of your redirects in bulk.
  • Resolve SEO problems

Multi‑Store Hreflang Tags

best shopify seo apps for redirects Multi‑Store Hreflang Tags

Best For:

This one is not quite a redirects application, but it gives the same results as geolocation redirects. So you can use this app if you own multiple stores.

If you have several or more Shopify stores for the same brand that serve various regions or languages, bad SEO may be costing you visitors and revenues.

The hreflang element instructs search engines like Google which version of the webpage to serve customers from which shop. The mark also protects against duplicated content fines caused by similar material appearing on numerous marketplaces.

Highlight feature:

  • Include notification to prevent duplicate content penalties of Google
  • Appropriate hreflang tags allow Google to show the most suitable shop to users in search, making it easier to purchase on the right store.
  • Integrate with an infinite number of stores.


best shopify seo apps for redirects Transportr

Best For:

Besides the redirect features, the application is also efficient with marketing campaigns. So, this is a rare app on this top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection that meets all advertising needs.

For starters, this software can detect 404 problems in your store instantaneously. In other words, it will easily monitor your online business to detect errors and correct them as soon as they occur. This app guarantees that your shop typically generates every time. 

Transportr’s capability to repair mistakes ensures that your URL links are always up to date. Further, it keeps your consumers from accessing URLs that are no longer valid. As a consequence, outdated links are no longer available. 

Lastly, this software generates URLs for email campaigns and media advertising, allowing you to capture your consumers’ interest and improve sales.

Highlight feature:

  • Identify and fix 404 errors
  • Keep consumers from seeking URLs that are no longer active.
  • Make URLs for promotional campaigns.
  • Allows you to use the appropriate target URL.
  • Switching from another software to Shopify is simple.

shopify seo apps for inscreasing user experience

Is the best SEO application enough to make your Shopify store the most powerful and professional? Especially for beginners, when the brand reputation is not strong, besides good products, the user experience will be what keeps customers for you. Discover the Top 10+ Must-Have Shopify Apps for a New Store.

Final Verdict: Our Selection Of Top 100+ Best Shopify SEO Apps 2022 Collection

To select the best Shopify SEO app from the top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection, you need to analyze your present issue with your Shopify store. Furthermore, to make the most outstanding selection, you must consider your current understanding of SEO. Although each software has its unique selling feature, they are all beneficial in resolving your present SEO difficulties.

top 100+ best Shopify SEO apps 2022 collection

Besides, we also provide Shopify tutorials to help your e-commerce store grow more.