As the Shopify ecosystem expands, fueled by the 2021 eCommerce boom, merchants will require a dependable Shopify Plus agency to help them flourish. Most eCommerce firms start with small teams these days. Nevertheless, staying up when your company grows quicker than expected might be challenging, and you’re hurrying to get everything done.

The most successful business owners understand that no one person can do everything independently. Therefore, hiring staff is an excellent way to reduce burnout, but permanent employment can be expensive.
If you’re a Shopify Plus member, a top Shopify Plus ecommerce agency is the ideal answer for reducing your burden and making growth easier to manage.

Let’s get started now!

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Shopify Plus Agency To Partner With

Before choosing a Shopify Plus agency, you must first determine what you need. It contains the general project concept and work expectations ranging from Shopify store setup to content & marketing requirements. Any Shopify Plus developer will require this basic information to flesh out your ideas or desires and develop a proposal for you.

Moreover, when speaking with agencies about your project, a few things to keep in mind will make the selection process much more manageable. Of course, you don’t want to hire an agency just based on price.

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shopify plus agency

Specifically, when you decide on a Shopify Plus agency, keep the following in mind:

  • Consider their communication. Does the agency answer promptly, and are they easy to interact with at first? It might be aggravating to begin a project and then wait for reports or shards to reach the expert you hired to help you get your ambitious vision off to a strong start.
  • Capability to grasp. Do they get what you’re attempting to accomplish? The developer may find it difficult to do the assignment if they do not “understand” you or your company.
  • Assess the agency’s testimonials. Does the Shopify Plus development agency appear genuine, recent, and detailed? Ideally, you’ll be able to uncover testimonials that highlight accomplishments rather than just platitudes regarding the work, team, or agency.
  • Examine the case studies provided by the agency and cross-reference them with the features requested by the customer.
  • Check the agency’s age and previous work. Is it a new agency, or do they have extensive expertise and a stellar portfolio to back up their claims?
  • Evaluate the services, solutions, and previous work history. Are they a suitable fit for your particular project?

Furthermore, the portfolio of an agency will assist you in seeing the quality of their previous work. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask probing questions to ensure that the Shopify Plus agency is suitable for you and can meet your needs. Just because an agency checks off all the boxes on a typical checklist doesn’t guarantee they’re the best fit for you and your project.

There are a lot of Shopify Plus agencies to choose from, and it can be challenging to sort through them all. Thus, we’ve selected some of the highest-rated agency partners below as a starting point for you.

Top Shopify Plus Agencies That Can Assist You in Breaking Sales Records

#1 Charle

Charle - shopify plus development company

👍 Best For: UK online food store

Charle was founded to improve direct-to-consumer techniques by fusing the most innovative design with cutting-edge technology. As a famous Shopify partner, the Shopify Plus agency collaborates closely with ambitious brands to develop and construct result-driven eCommerce stores that engage, convert, and grab your customers’ imagination.

Furthermore, they provide services to cater to merchants of all sizes and shapes. Besides, they have a variety of experiences ranging from startups to significant businesses. Not only does the agency design and create custom Shopify stores, but they also work with merchants monthly to provide optimization, design, and development when the customers need it the most.


  • Create an on-site experience that delivers products precisely at the appropriate time, with intelligent product recommendations and several touch-point upsells.
  • Provide specialized internationalization services, such as support and optimization, as needed on your globalization path.
  • Featured projects: Doisy & Dam, Candy Kittens, HIPPEAS. Rude Health, etc.

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#2 BSS Commerce: Top Shopify plus design agency

BSS Commerce - shopify plus agency

👍 Best For: All-sized online business with flexible cost

BSS Commerce Shopify, as a Shopify plus partner agency since 2019, can help you create user-friendly, sales-driven, and robust online storefronts. Indeed, over 11,000 B2B and B2C eCommerce organizations rely on their solid Shopify apps, and Shopify development services.

BSS Shopify Plus Development Service stands out in the market because of its commitment to innovation. They are constantly striving to accomplish more and do it better. The team is continually working on fine-tuning brand identity and creating an experience that reflects their client’s voices, cultures, and values.

BSS Commerce - shopify plus store development agency & shopify partner

This trusted Shopify plus agency extensive case studies and intensive resource center for eCommerce firms demonstrate that they are constantly exploring methods to improve user experience and stimulate business, both on their site and for their clients.


  • Conversion-focused apps: To empower Shopify stores and provide apps with eye-catching features for B2B and B2C sellers. There is no coding necessary.
  • Shopify Plus development store: Make every effort to assist merchants with everything from Shopify store setup to third-party system integration.
  • I‍n addition, Customer Service: Whether you’re seeking business advice or troubleshooting, you’ll get a quick response. There is no time zone barrier.
  • Featured Works: Optical 88, FOLIENDEALER, Skintrends, 2WDistribution, etc.

#3 Eastside Co.

Eastside Co. - Shopify plus agency

👍 Best For: Whether you’re a small-scale business or a huge corporation.

Eastside Co has been creating beautiful and robust eCommerce solutions for some of the most influential brands at the forefront of digital innovation since 2012. The Shopify Plus developer doesn’t simply develop online stores in Birmingham, UK, and Hamburg, Germany; They create customer experiences and platforms for corporate success.

Besides, they assist online businesses to grow by utilizing specialists in all areas of eCommerce, ranging from developers and designers to seasoned marketing strategists.

Eastside Co’s Shopify Plus agency certification indicates that it has in-depth knowledge of the platform and how to use it. As a Shopify Partner agency, they get exclusive access to beta test new features and products, giving us an advantage over other agencies. This allows them to integrate them on merchant sites sooner, allowing their clients to stay ahead of the competition.


  • A blend of in-depth eCommerce discovery audits, beautifully designed, user-friendly Shopify websites, results-driven marketing strategies, and best-in-class applications.
  • Featured projects: Boxclever Press, Wild Deo, etc

#4 BVAccel

BVAccel - Shopify Plus store development

👍 Best For: Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands.

BVAccel is a full-service Shopify Plus agency offering a comprehensive solution suite, giving eCommerce retailers a one-stop shop for all their needs. They combine design, development, and marketing to give merchants everything they need to increase earnings and build client loyalty.

In addition, BVAccel is an agency to consider if you require launch assistance and project management, platform updates to Shopify Plus, design, or marketing. It has a growing staff of over 80 experts in San Diego, Columbus, New York, Santa Monica, and Tijuana.


  • Offer the business’s vision that fits with your beliefs; the storefront experience personally touches you; the product arrives in a gorgeous package with a handwritten message and your brand loyalty increases.
  • Incubate and build DTC companies you love as the largest and leading Shopify Plus agency.
  • Featured Works: Rebecca Minkoff, Native, Chubbies, etc.

#5 Ranosys

Ranosys - shopify plus partner

👍 Best For: It makes eCommerce selling easier with Shopify Plus.

Ranosys is a Shopify Plus Partner specializing in developing high-growth, futuristic eCommerce stores. With the help of Shopify Plus, an enterprise eCommerce platform, you can create scalable, next-generation, personalized, flexible, future-driven, and conversion-oriented online stores.

Specifically, Ranosys can help you develop tailored customer shopping experiences, improve income, and sell anywhere with custom Shopify Plus web storefronts. As a Shopify Plus Solution Partner, their engineers apply their platform expertise to assist you in taking the lead in a crowded eCommerce market.

Plus, their broad perspective and inventive approach enable them to create tailored digital commerce solutions for their merchant clients with a global presence in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates.


  • Provide digital commerce, product engineering, and digital transformation.
  • Leading brands, including Fortune 500, have trusted Ranosys, such as Charles & Keith, Dior, Victoria’s Secret, Pedro, etc.
  • Featured Works: Steve Madden, Delifrance, Amazin’graze, Furama, etc.

#6 Metizsoft

Metizsoft - Shopify Plus development company

👍 Best For: Technology stores

Do you require a Shopify Plus development store? Metizsoft has been a Shopify Plus agency since 2012, and its portfolio shows how they have successfully built over 500+ Shopify stores for clients worldwide.

They have constructed several huge and successful websites and stores with Shopify Plus, aiding businesses to ascend to the top of the success ladder.

Moreover, Metizsoft understands the heart of Shopify Plus since we discussed it with Tobias Lütke at the Shopify Unite event. They can help you discover Shopify Partners or Shopify Plus Partners in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else in the world; they have done it for over 2500 clients.


  • Have a fantastic staff of Shopify professionals.
  • Provide Shopify setup, design, development, and Shopify API creation and maintenance.
  • Excel at offering first-rate Shopify store development services.
  • Featured Projects: A Digital Health Scale App, Ezcheckinn, Smart Digital Printing App, Heat Management System, etc.

#7 OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra - Shopify Plus development and Shopify Partner

👍 Best For: High-volume eCommerce stores

Shopify Plus – a platform is best suited for high-volume e-commerce sites. Utilize Shopify Plus’s features to take your ecommerce store to the next level.

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Are you seeking a Shopify Plus agency to help you realize the platform’s full potential? OrangeMantra is a trustworthy organization. Indeed, they have a fantastic portfolio of Shopify Plus Stores Development. As a premier Shopify development firm, the agency has built worldwide clients. Their staff comprises seasoned Shopify plus specialists who understand this cutting-edge platform’s principles and can use its capabilities to create the most stunning e-commerce shops.


  • Assist E-commerce firms in empowering their stores to achieve the highest levels of performance and earnings by utilizing the finest that Shopify Plus offers.
  • Help clients with design through development, integration, migration, marketing, and Shopify PlusSupport.
  • Outstanding Projects: Medsindia, DS Group, Motopoto LIP, Beatmysugar, etc.

#8 Avex

Avex - shopify plus development agency

👍 Best For: US online store

As one of the leading Shopify Plus agencies, Avex created and optimized totally unique, on-brand eCommerce user experiences driven by Shopify Plus. Their themes are scalable, fast, and conversion-optimized, allowing you to control your brand’s consumer experience while expanding your business.

Furthermore, their in-house team of UX specialists and eCommerce web developers will produce wireframes and mobile-first design prototypes before developing your Shopify Plus website. Shopify Plus lets you launch your store 50% faster than other corporate platforms. Their staff will securely transfer your data to Shopify Plus, set up 301 redirects, and ensure no downtime.

Last but not least, Avex Shopify plus ecommerce agency converts Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Miva, and other platforms to Shopify Plus. Their developers will securely and seamlessly move product, customer, and order data.


  • Increase business development with data-driven UX design, Shopify Plus eCommerce Development, and Klaviyo Email Marketing.
  • Avex can integrate Shopify Plus into your ERP, CRM, WMS, and other 3PLs to improve back-office processes, back-end operations, marketing, and customer experience.
  • KITH, O’Neill, Marchesa, Undefeated, TomboyX, and many other high-growth brands rely on Avex to help them scale their businesses on Shopify Plus.

#9 Createur

Createur - Shopify Experts

👍 Best For: All kinds of business

Most agencies can meet the needs of small to medium-sized eCommerce retailers. The problem arises when merchants undergo exponential expansion and suddenly find themselves at the business level.

Createur is a validated Shopify Plus ecommerce agency and an independent digital expert in Sydney, Australia. They specialize in working with complex business retailers who require simple systems and user experiences that promote sales.

Their case studies, which provide concrete results and success indicators, explain why they’ve earned a spot on our recommended list.


  • With the end-user as our primary emphasis, the Shopify Plus agency mix creative vision, marketing strategy, and technological skills
  • Offer user-friendly online and mobile concepts with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Featured Works: Tigerlily Swimwear, amaysim, Cracka Wines, Harris Farm, Cables & Sensors, etc.

#10 WeMakeWebsites

WeMakeWebsites - Shopify Plus Agency

👍 Best For: Fashion & accessories stores

Even though other devs and design firms exist, WeMakeWebsites has grown extremely popular as the go-to Shopify Plus agency. One feature that distinguishes WeMakeWebsites is its ability to manage enterprise-level stores and projects while maintaining a small agency approach (lower build costs and dedicated levels of service).

While many design and development firms work with various eCommerce platforms, WeMakeWebsites specializes in Shopify and just Shopify.

Although the design is their specialty, they have a broad spectrum of aptitude and experience. The teams based in London and New York can also work on eCommerce strategy development, marketing, competitive analysis, re-platforming, warehouse and ERP integration, and other tasks.


  • Develop smooth, user-centric designs that highlight your brand and boost revenue.
  • Using the power of Shopify Plus, create online stores that convert visitors to customers and are ready to scale.
  • Featured Works: Pangaia, Eyewear by David Beckham, Paul Valentine, Alessi, Jigsaw, etc.

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#11 The Genie Lab

The Genie Lab - Shopify Plus Agency

👍 Best For: Clothing stores

The Genie Lab collaborates with many Shopify Plus customers, allowing them to work together to achieve rapid growth. Shopify Plus is distinct from the other Shopify plans in that it focuses on mid-to-large-scale eCommerce. Scalability, expanded API capability, migration tools, account administration, Shopify support, Shopify Account Manager, faster checkout, and additional tools and capabilities are all accessible.

Additionally, TheGenieLab is committed to achieving eCommerce success for your project through its rigorous strategy and execution, having completed over 400 projects for over 200 clients. They innovate quality solutions using APIs, Apps, and cross-platform interfaces with highly qualified front-end/back-end developers. The Shopify Plus agency is also motivated and tenacious in its pursuit of success, evidenced by a 5-star rating as Shopify Experts.

In general, their knowledge is applied to your business through competence technologies while remaining mindful of your budget.


  • The Shopify Plus developer is a professional in app development, tools, custom API integrations, eCommerce site design and Shopify Plus development store.
  • Moreover, the multinational workforce is hardworking, skilled, and passionate, with ethical standards founded on openness, responsibility, and integrity.
  • Featured Projects: Colony Co., ICO Uniforms, Shotkam, Tatami Fightwear, etc.

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Bottom Line

Many online businesses assume that using Shopify Plus means you already have all the necessary and advanced features for your store. However, making your store professional, user-friendly and unique is another story. That’s why you need a Shopify Plus agency to make a Shopify Plus store.

The above-certified leading Shopify Plus development company offers bespoke eCommerce services worldwide. As a professional and proficient Shopify E-commerce firm, they all have the necessary skills and talents to provide effective and dependable Shopify Plus design, development, customization, integration, and maintenance services.

As a result, your job is to consider the criteria you need and your budget to choose the most suitable agency. I hope this article has been of great help to you!