The Shopify team builds Shop Pay as a new online payment option. It’s a quick process to purchase products on your favorite websites without repeatedly typing in your credit card details. So what is Shop pay, how it works, is Shop pay reliable, and does it benefit your business? Let’s get more details on our Shop Pay Review below.

What is Shop Pay?

Shop Pay App is owned by Shopify

Shopify is one of the most favorite eCommerce platforms worldwide. Over 1.7 million global merchants use it to sell their items online. Shopify introduced Shop Pay app as the fastest online checkout solution for customers and businesses in 2017. When enterprises utilize Shop Pay, they can accept purchasers’ payments on other channels like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

shop pay review

While with online consumers, they can connect to social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook to order goods or services directly.

With Shop Pay from Shopify, businesses and customers could quickly and conveniently save their credit card information, email, shipping location, billing info, and autofill checkout forms on following visits to a website.

Shop Pay’s sustainability

Shop Pay, like other payment options, aids in environmental sustainability. Every time a consumer clicks the Shop Pay to progress with their purchase, they assist the community in decreasing their delivery’s environmental effects at no extra charge. They will assess the quantity of carbon dioxide emitted by each driver and figure out the number of trees required to counter this amount of carbon dioxide. Shop Pay users can discover these statistics in the Sustainability section of their Shop Pay app.

Shop Pay’s sustainability objective for this year is to plant 4.6 million trees by 2022 in an effort to restore the Casamance Mangroves in Senegal, Africa, in collaboration with WeForest. In the last year, all Shop Pay locations worked together to preserve 123.6 million trees from destruction in Peru’s jungle.

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Shopify Shop Pay Installments Review

Once you’ve installed your Shopify store, it is simple to install Shop Pay. It may already be activated if you are already utilizing Shopify Payments. If you need further clarification, proceed as follows. 

Shopify lets businesses activate Shop Pay on Desktops, iPhones, and Android. Here is the instruction to activate Shop Pay!

There are steps to start Shop Pay on Desktops:

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Payments.
  • In the Shopify Payments section, click Manage.
  • In the Shop Pay section, check Shop Pay.
  • Click Save.

Shop Pay review

Source: Shopify

However, there is the same method to start when activating Shop Pay on iPhones and Androids.:

  • From the Shopify app, go to Store > Settings.
  • Under Store settings, tap Payments.
  • In the Shopify Payments section, click Manage.
  • In the Shop Pay section, check Shop Pay.
  • Click Save.
  • Now, your buyers can check out at your store by applying Shop Pay.

Shopify Shop Pay Deactivate

During the time-using, if there are some troubles that you want to cancel Shop Pay. You can follow the steps here:


  • From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Payments.
  • In the Shopify Payments section, click Manage.
  • In the Shop Pay section, uncheck Shop Pay.
  • Click Save.

iPhones and Androids

  • From the Shopify app, go to Store > Settings.
  • Under Store settings, tap Payments.
  • In the Shopify Payments section, click Manage.
  • In the Shop Pay section, uncheck Shop Pay.
  • Click Save.

How does Shop Pay work?

Shop Pay review

Source: Shopify

Payment details are stored and encrypted on Shop Pay’s PCI-compliant servers. Users only need to type this information once, and the platform will fill it in for them on subsequent visits. Shop Pay enables one-click checkout, which might attract customers to come back and purchase more.

As explained in the previous section, Shop Pay offers online customers and businesses different features. Let’s begin with the attributes of online customers when using Shop Pay.

How to use Shop Pay?

Online customers: Shop Pay’s key features

Shop Pay review

#1 Tracking your orderings and auto-logging transaction

Shop Pay keeps track of all your previous orders, so you may check your purchase history to see all the specifics of the items you purchased on the platform. Everything from the items and their prices to the merchants who offer them will be at your fingertips.

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The history section conveniently organizes all of your orders. You may also utilize the “filter” and “quick search” options to identify details immediately coupled with total receipts of the purchases.

#2 A Smart Shopping Filler

The main goal of Shop Pay for online clients is to speed up the checkout process. As a result, customers only need to input their payment information once. The platform will recognize your profile whenever you visit one of the Shop Pay-enabled online stores.

All the billing information you provided before is stored in encrypted data by the platform. To finish the checkout process, you only need to click the “Buy Now” button once. Furthermore, if you use the same device for your next purchase, you may skip confirming the Shop Pay code.

Purchasers can save up to five payment card numbers and shipping addresses on Shop Pay. You can change such information at checkout or in the application.

Shop Pay review

Source: Shopify

#3 Pay in installments or as the whole

One of the most helpful parts of Shop Pay is that it allows you to pick how you wish to pay for a purchase. You can pay in full at checkout or divide your purchase into regular billing with Shop Pay Installments. Installment solutions differ per business and can be utilized on orders above $50, covering discounts, shipping, and taxes.

Shop Pay Installment Acceptance

At the checkout, online customers can pick from the following installment payment options:

  • Four biweekly, interest-free payments for items ranging from $50 to $999.
  • Monthly payments for products range from $150 to $17,500. Monthly installment purchases are interest-bearing and can be completed in three, six, or twelve months, depending on the purchase amount.
  • No extra fees or interest rates are applied to purchases divided into four biweekly installments. Purchases made in monthly installments may be subject to interest.
  • You can pay off your debt early without penalty.

The software computes the billing period and your installment payment amounts automatically.

After selecting Shop Pay Installments, you must choose a debit/credit card to make the initial and subsequent installment payments. While the site does not check credit scores, you must complete an identity verification procedure to avoid fraud.

When you agree to the “Terms” and approve your payment using Shop Pay, you’ll receive a six-digit verification number to input to finish the process.

Note: Items denied are some goods that are not eligible for Shop Pay Installments purchases, including, but not limited to:

  • Advances on cash.
  • Items and actions that are illegal.
  • Weapons and their components and accessories.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, and drug paraphernalia are examples of controlled substances.
  • Money, including cryptocurrencies.
  • PayPal, Venmo, and other payment services.
  • Payments on loans and credit cards.

Shop Pay review

Checkouts Steps to Pay Orders via Shop Pay Installments

To pay for an item with Shop Pay Installments, a purchaser must first complete the following steps:

  • Put products in their shopping cart.
  • Pays with Shop Pay.
  • Pick installment payments.
  • Considers all of the installment payment choices available to them before selecting.
  • At checkout, let’s check the order and make your initial payment.

The remaining payments are automatically charged to the customer’s card based on their selected payment plan. Before authorizing each payment, customers receive an email reminder. After the transaction, they will be paid in full for the order, minus the cost of utilizing Shop Pay Installments.

Shop Pay review

👉 Checkout experience for customers using Shop Pay

#4 Customer Support for Shop Pay

Shop Pay is not affiliated with any online store you visit because its primary goal is to assist online consumers. However, it allows you to immediately access the online resources of the shop you are currently purchasing.

As a result, you may access them if the merchant provides customer support links, FAQs, or other resources to assist customers. The app allows you to accomplish everything, from requesting the seller for a return and clarifying your questions through a quick chat to seeing the shipping policy.

Shop Pay review

Source: Shopify

#5 Shipping Functionality

Another ideal way to customize your feed is to use the Shop Local feature. You may use this feature to mention the local firms from whom you prefer to make purchases or to search for them. You could buy things from the merchant’s online store and pick them up in-store or deliver them to your home.

Shop Pay review

#6 Customized Shopping Offers

Based on their online activity, every online consumer receives a wide range of buying recommendations, which frequently include spam and push advertisements. Shop Pay also offers shopping recommendations, but they are generated differently.

The platform uses data from your shopping behavior and your inputs, such as your favorite merchant. And according to Shopify, they never track your behavior illegally to display more adverts or send spam.

You will get a simple, personalized news feed of recommendations. The promotions include from your favorite shops, referrals, and trending goods that you might be interested in shopping.

Shop Pay review

Source: Shopify

Online Merchants: Shop Pay’s key features

#1 Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the most critical elements that assists enterprises in finding potential customers and automating the steps of nurturing those led to sales-readiness.

While typical Shopify checkout modules provide many marketing choices, Shop Pay checkout modules supply various marketing automation at the following high level.

Firstly, because consumers will already install Shop Pay on their devices, businesses can easily send automated marketing messages along the customer journey. Moreover, the company could

  • Notice how items
  • Introduce post-purchase offers
  • Reports of shipment tracking, as well as connections to related products
  • Notifications of new arrivals

If you’re looking for a simple way to increase conversions and repurchase from consumers – Shop Pay would be a must-have E-commerce App!

Shop Pay review

#2 Shop Pay Installments

To enable Shop Pay Installments, you must be located in the United States, sell in USD, and have both Shopify Payments and Shop Pay authorized. Shop Pay Installments are accessible via the Shopify Payments settings on your store’s Payments page.

Affirm enables Shop Pay Installments. After you set up Shop Pay Installments, Affirm will check your online store regularly to ensure that you are not violating their banned business policy. If you break the policy, you will get a notification in your admin indicating that your Shop Pay Installments account has been suspended.

Note: There are some of the reasons your Shop Pay Installments account may be suspended, as follows:

  • You must first create a password to gain access to your online store.
  • The online store’s main currency is not USD.
  • Your online store’s primary language is not English.
  • The store does not have an internet site.
  • Your company mainly provides Business-to-Business (B2B) services.
  • Your service supplies gambling, financial services, or another service that Affirm does not support.
  • When selling regulated goods like alcohol, cigarettes, or drug paraphernalia.
  • Selling illegal items like adult toys, currency, or guns.

When your Shop Pay Installments account has been suspended, contact Shopify support for further information or request an appeal.

#3 Customization of the entire store and checkout process

Shop Pay gives businesses control over the checkout process and the products available to customers.

You may also select to share recommended products with consumers, show specific items to them, and have a section where customers can review their order history. In addition, Shop Pay enables the business to modify contact methods, customer support, and the business description related to the store design you want to develop for the brand. For example, the store’s cover image and logo.

Let’s see How Shopify Plus Store Design and Development Services bring to you

#4 Performance Tracking

Shop Pay tracks a variety of variables to assess merchant performance. Everything from how frequently a consumer purchases from your business to how your conversions rise and how soon you can deliver items. Shop Pay offers monitoring features to both customers and companies. Tracking messages are happening in response to the following actions:

  • A retailer sends out orders
  • Order tracking numbers are generated
  • Receiving orders

Shop Pay review

#5 Set up for pickup or local deliveries

You may provide distinctive, local delivery options when consumers are near your business. This can shorten your shipping time and enhance the consumer experience.

However, before the business can set up local pickup, they need to complete the following steps before they can offer local pickup, according to Shopify pickup and local delivery guide.

Shop Pay review

Source: Shopify

Here is the introduction video to set up local pick up: How to set up local pickup || Shopify Help Center


Product suggestions, curated checklists, and local shopping possibilities are primary ways online firms market their items to prospective buyers.

Shop Pay review

Source: Shopify

#6 An Attractive Shop App

You can easily manage all parts of your company with the Shop Pay merchant app. Moreover, the brands should deliver a friendly and attractive application to consumers, which will contribute to ensuring their satisfying buying experience throughout the entire process.

Shop Pay review

#7 Shop Pay: A Dedicated Button For Sellers On Social Media Platform

Businesses could integrate sales via multiple channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

They should enable Shop Pay’s dedicated button to attract large numbers of consumers with a one-click checkout service via Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The Shop Pay button is Shopify’s recommended marketing plan. The reason is that Shop Pay’s quick checkout tool can help enterprises improve the shopping experience, encouraging more customers to buy items on their platforms.

Note: Please be aware that in order to utilize the Shop Pay button on your store, your online business must be hosted on Shopify.

Is Shop Pay different from Shopify Payments?

The concept of Shop Pay has been clarified. But have you ever questioned the distinctions between Shop Pay and Shopify Payments? Let’s compare Shop Pay with Shopify Payments. BSS Commerce hopes this comparison resolves all misconceptions about Shop Pay versus Shopify Payments.

  • Purpose: Shop Pay’s primary mission is to boost the checkout button with fast processing. While Shopify Payments supplies the online shop payment process
  • Features: Shopify Payments and Shop Pay are distinct. Shopify Payments is a built-in payment processing solution. It allows small businesses to use credit cards and other payment methods after registering a Shopify account and activating the function. Regardless, Shop Pay lets online customers utilize it as the front-facing checkout.
  • Significantly, the key difference between Shop Pay and Shopify Payments is that although Shopify Payments performs as an independent application, Shop Pay demands Shopify Payments to work.

A quick look at the difference between Shop Pay vs Paypal

Is Shop Pay safe?

Shop Pay review

All data passing via Shop Pay is secured from beginning to end. Shopify stores the information on PCI-compliant servers, an industry-recognized excellent payment data protection method.

In addition, to increase security, this payment service requires a Shop Pay code for verification. This code is a six-digit code that will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number. Customers must submit this Shop Pay code to verify their payment in order to move forward with the Shop Pay checkout. This Shop Pay code may decrease the chances of hackers messing with your data.

Shop Pay Review: Is Shop Pay the ideal answer for you?

How you can get benefits from Shop Pay and some key notes for stores and customers before using it.

Shop Pay review

Shop Pay pros:

  • While many customers fill up their shopping carts as shopping online, others do not check out because it is time-consuming. The checkout process is too long and complicated. Even there needs to be adequate payment selections. Thus, Shop Pay could help businesses resolve the cart abandonment problem by making the checkout journey simpler and quicker for customers, whether on desktop or mobile.
  • Shop pay’s quicker checkout process over other e-commerce boosts the higher conversion efficiency of enterprises and increases consumers’ loyalty.
  • There are many supportive online forums, a center with FAQs, and chat and email functions to address any problems for users.

Shop Pay cons:

  • Customers must sign in, follow steps in certain situations, and submit a one-time digital code through SMS.
  • It could be impossible that the customers’ details could be invalid. Thus they need to adjust the information on file at any moment using the tool.

Shop Pay Review Conclusion

Shop Pay review

Shop Pay app is an online merchant’s one-click checkout solution. This technique is beneficial if you have many regular customers who often return to your business to make related purchases.

A technology like Shop Pay lowers complexity throughout the ordering process. It saves time to complete an order, which undeniably benefits the company.

It enables an automated experience that increases customer loyalty and gives customers a positive image of your business. As a result, Shop Pay app can give you frequent solid revenue that you can utilize to push your business ahead.

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