10 reasons why Magento is good for your online store

10 reasons why Magento is good for your online store

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The rapid speed of Internet development supplies us with an ideal newcomer of methods purchasing products. Nowadays, e-commerce is no longer strange in people’s lives. As a result, the race among e-commerce providers is much more intensive.

Magento, however, is the world’s biggest e-commerce platform which has been chosen by over 200,000 retailers worldwide.

So what is Magento?

The Magento Company, they themselves, define that: “Magento is a highly customizable e-commerce platform and content management system that you can use to build online storefronts or websites for selling merchandise. Magento provides common e-commerce features, such as shopping carts and inventory management, and encourages extensive customization to meet your organization’s specific goals.”

What makes Magento popular with e-commerce web users? Considering the remarkable benefits Magento e-commerce platform has been offering, it is noted for being one of the most reliable among online shopping cart website owners considering the ROI it generates.

Free & Open Source

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Magento Community which is an open-source software is free for users to use. This excellent feature allows admins to add extra needed features through their available sources of extension.

Utmost Flexibility

The Magento community offers shop owners visual-based page editor on the purpose of enabling admins to control the features, configuration, and functionalities of their own accord. Magento users can choose either modifying the features and functionalities of their website on the fly or using pre-built Magento products to design their websites. The optional choices create total convenience for shop owners.

Mobile friendly configuration

Up-to-date Magento is always ready to keep pace with technology changes. The high speed of the development of mobile phones requires Magento provide optimized versions of a website that is easy for both shop owners themselves and their customers. This is Magento’s success to receive users’ trust accounting for the number of customers who visit Magento based websites continuously being on an upward trend.

Excellent filtered search for customers

Product search in Magento is considered as grease for clients’ searching process. With general information according to multiple images of a product displayed, web admins attract more visitors who are potential customers.

Innumerable Extensions

One more advantage of Magento is providing a wide range of extensions that can be integrated at ease depending on business requirements. Furthermore, all of the useful features are set at reasonable, even free prices. Moreover, Magento extensions are obtainable for different conditions, so one can get massive help from community/developers and get their needed extensions.

Powerful and spacious

The ideal capacity Magento provides for each website can host an unlimited number of products up to 500,000 going along with the capability for processing 80,000 per hour. This allows admins to handle with greater work amount and more finished invoices in a shorter time.

Advanced SEO techniques


Not just stop at being an open source which satisfies users when modifying interface and inserting extension without difficulties, Magento is well-known for myriad SEO & Marketing features in their source. Some of the marketing features are free for admins to have exciting experiences such as free shipping, exclusive pricing, and exclusive coupons. Moreover, admins receive total permission to control URLs and Meta information.

Smart marketing features reduce admins’ effort to attract more customers and satisfy not only shop owners but also customers with the conveniences the techniques offer.

Third Party Integration

Magento furnishes users strong integration with other partners such as eBay, Paypal, QuickBooks, etc. Thus, admins are brought into a win-win situation with such partners when mutually advertising and helping each other to develop. This platform aid admins to insert Google Analytics and other such third-party integrations to their sites.

Provide customization security permissions

One of Magento’s responsibility is keeping admins’ sites secured and manage internal access with options to customize various stages of security permissions. PCI Data Security comes standard, login screens are CAPTCHA-equipped, and a secondary password appears containing one more defense against unwanted penetration.

Time and Money Saver

Multiple favors referring to SEO & Marketing, Configuration, Third Party Integration, etc. can be considered as the right hand of any admins.


Bringing up the rear, Magento deserves its reputation for gaining the trust and satisfaction of admins and clients because of its amazing benefits mentioned above.

Has your online store joined in Magento yet?

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