Without Right Magento 2 Redirect, Your SEO Will Be Hurt Badly

Magento 2 Redirect extensions

Without Right Magento 2 Redirect, Your SEO Will Be Hurt Badly

Have you ever checked your URL redirection?

There is a case in which several URLs of your Magento 2 sites are broken or not active, but you forget to fix them. At that time, customers feel eager enough to click on your URL and quickly find out an error 301, 302, or 401. Without a doubt, they quit immediately, which results in a high bounce rate. Google finds such a metric a bad sign and might rank your site low.

Don’t worry! This common SEO mistake is easy to fix with the following available FREE Magento 2 Redirect Extensions.

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What is Magento Redirect and How It Affects SEO Juice?

Defined by Moz, “Redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested.”

Usually, Magento 2 URL redirect is required when:

  • You change your URL for any reasons;
  • URLs are broken or dead because the destination page or site doesn’t work any longer;
  • You move to a new website and want to send users to the new instead of the old site.
  • The webpage is in temporary maintenance so you want to make a detour so that your customers will not undergo an interrupted experience, etc.

If you fail to make Magento redirect for your site, you might pay a heavy price on SEO. On the one hand, customers are not directed to the right place, meaning you lose lots of traffic and potential consumers.

On the other hand, if customers are annoyed about the broken links and instantly leave, time on page is low while the bounce rate is very high. Considering improving UX as the key factor to the ranking of a website on the SERPs, Google finds it a bad sign for SEO.

3 Common Types of Redirect

Before going into our main topic “Magento 2 Redirect Extensions,” you should know about main redirect types first:


CHEK OUT this Magento SEO guideline and tutorial for more information regards how to optimize redirects!

Review on 3 Available Magento 2 Redirect Extensions on The Market

If you are tech-savvy, you can rewrite the URL with a .htaccess file. If not, just increase a Magento 2 Redirect extension and let it do the rest for you: automatically and smoothly.

P/S: Magento 2 Redirect extension are listed here all FREE.

Magento 2 SEO Redirect extension by Mageplaza

This FREE extension allows you to keep customers interact with the changed URL instead of sending them away forever with an annoyed 404 Not Found page.

Magento 2 Redirect Extensions

Highlight features of this Magento 2 Redirection extension:

  • Auto redirect users to the homepage rather than Error 404 page
  • Support 2 common redirect types: 301 Permanently and 302 Found
  • Show popup on deleting product reminding to redirect the URL

Though all functions are quite basic, they are enough if your site is not too large. Not only can you immediately download Magento 2 Redirect extension by Mageplaza but you can also enjoy lifetime update and 365-day support.

Magento 2 404 Error Logger extension by Ravey Infosys

Though its name seems different from that of Mageplaza, this is also a Magento 2 Redirect extension that allows you to find and fix every 404 error that hinders your visitor experience, then to improve SEO values.

Magento 2 Redirect Extensions

Features you shouldn’t miss:

  • Record 404 Error Page (page found, URL, IP address, etc.)
  • Shows how many times a URL is visited, ending up to 404 error page
  • Provide Magento 301 and Magento 302 redirect to fix the 404 error

Since you have already know how redirect affects your Magento 2 SEO and customer experience, you will find Magento 2 Redirect extension by Ravey a good choice during your migration from one server/domain to another. Please note that this FREE module is only compatible with the CE, not EE.

Magento 2 301 Redirect extension by Mage Array

As its name, this module supports one and only basic features to perform 301 redirects. However, what we feel confused about this Magento 2 Redirect extension is that there is neither screenshot nor demos. Hence, it is hard to look insight of how the feature works in action.

Magento 2 redirect extensions

Anyway, this 301 Redirect for Magento 2 extension is free to download so you can try it later. A free lifetime update is included. In case you want to hire an installation service, it costs you $50.00 – somewhat expensive.

Final Thoughts

Above we give a brief review of the importance of Magento redirect to your site as well as how to perform it with FREE Magento 2 redirect extensions.

“Small Efforts Can Make Big Changes”

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Magento 2 SEO Extensions Combo

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